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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What types of policies are in the administrative policy manuals?

The administrative policy manuals contain policies and procedures that apply to all of UC Davis, regardless of location. The policies have broad application across the University and are designed to help establish sound, efficient procedures that ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Systemwide regulations.

The Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) provides policy and procedures for the administrative business of the University. The Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) contains information specific to staff employees, including MSP and Senior Management level employees. Directives may be issued to make a temporary modification to a policy until update and approval can take place.

How can I get a copy of a policy?

The policies are all maintained as printable PDF documents.

The responsible department has a different version of the policy posted on their Web site. Which one is the official policy?

This Administrative Policy Web site is the home of the official campus policies. Campuswide "policies" posted on department Web sites are not official. Departments should provide links back to this Web site when referencing official campus policy.

Departments can develop their own departmental policy that may be posted on their own Web sites. Those policies would apply only to the personnel within that department. Departmental policy can be more restrictive, but cannot be more permissive than campus policy.

I work at an off-campus location. Do these policies still apply to me and my department?

Yes, the administrative policies apply to all UC Davis units regardless of location, including the UC Davis Health System.

Where can I learn more about this Web site and the policies?

See Understanding UC Davis Administrative Policies.

Development, Review, and Approval

Who writes the policies?

The Responsible Department listed at the top of the policy page works with the Administrative Policy Office to write the policy section. The Responsible Department is responsible for the content in the document. The Administrative Policy Office provides editorial and organizational assistance to make the document as user-friendly as possible.

Who reviews policies?

The Administrative Policy Office sends the policy sections to major stakeholders for review. Because stakeholders vary from policy to policy, the reviewer group changes based on the content and responsibilities detailed in the policy. The Campus Policy Coordinator works with the Responsible Department to resolve any concerns that arise out of the review process.

Who approves policies?

Each policy is approved by the policy owner/developer, the department head, and the appropriate vice chancellor/vice provost/dean. The policy is posted on the Administrative Policy Web site following approval, and notification is sent to the Policy Updates listserv.

If my unit needs to get a policy into one of the manuals, what do I do?

If you think your proposed policy meets the criteria noted above, contact the Campus Policy Coordinator. The Administrative Policy Office can assist you with the development and drafting of your policy, and can provide additional information regarding the review and approval process that will be required.

Questions and Comments

Can I submit a comment about a policy that has already been approved?

Yes, you can submit a comment about any policy posted on the Web site by emailing policy@ucdavis.edu. Minor changes, such as typos, will be corrected as soon as possible. More significant changes will be discussed with the Responsible Department for inclusion in the next update of the policy.

Who do I call if I have questions about a procedure?

Questions regarding the content of a policy or procedure should be directed to the Responsible Department listed at the top of the policy page. Most policies also have a section titled Further Information, that supplies additional contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses, as well as contact information for other departments who play a role in the process.

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