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Delegations of Authority Information

The UC Davis Delegation of Authority (DA) Web site contains official information about currently active, superseded, and inactive delegations of authority for the UC Davis campus. The Administrative Policy Unit is the office of record for UC Davis delegations of authority.

When the source of the authority is a Presidential delegation, the local redelegation retains the Presidential delegation number. When the source of the authority is any other Presidential document (e.g., Business and Finance Bulletin, letter), the redelegation is numbered with the prefix "UCD DA" and a 3-digit number assigned by the Administrative Policy Unit.

Delegations of authority are always delegated to the position, not the individual.

Addition information regarding delegations of authority is available in PPM Section 200-60.

Redelegations to the Vice Chancellor--Campus Planning, Facilities, and Safety are currently held by the Vice Chancellor--Finance, Administration, and Operations/CFO.


A list of delegations of authority is generated based on the criteria entered in the drop-down boxes. When multiple delegations are part of the criteria, the list is sorted in order of the delegation number, with presidential delegations appearing first, and UCD DAs following.

Lists are organized to show the sequence in which a delegation is passed from one position to another.


Standard reports of the active redelegations within an administrative unit are available for download.

Search Engine

The delegation search engine will search the text of all active delegations of authority. The search engine will not display information regarding retired or inactive delegations.

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