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2003 PPM Revisions

December 2003

Section 210-25, Integrity in Research and Exhibits A, Conducting the Inquiry; B, Conducting the Investigation; and C, Reporting of Violations to Federal Agencies; 12/23/03.
Revises policy and procedures consistent with federal regulations and requirements; provides advice and guidance to UC Davis officials on the methods and principles for assessing allegations of research misconduct, conducting inquiries and investigations related to possible research misconduct, and reporting the results to federal sponsors; applies to all individuals at UC Davis engaged in research, including any person paid by, under the control of, or affiliated with UC Davis. This document will be reviewed within 6 months of its issue date and biannually, or earlier if necessary, by the Research Integrity Officer and the UC Davis Health System Chief Compliance Officer.

Section 350-19, Procurement, Use, and Maintenance of Microscopes, 12/15/03.
Updated per schedule; changed title; made minor editorial revisions.

November 2003

Section 350-51, Identification of Equipment, 11/24/03.
Revises the section for accuracy and clarity; clarifies that assigned asset numbers are recorded on all applicable acquisition, transfer, loan, and disposal documents and other records that are part of the equipment inventory system; adds that equipment acquired with contract or grant funds, for which title vests immediately in the University, is identified with the contract/grant number on the Add Asset document, as well as on the equipment if the contract/grant requires it; for equipment previously owned by the sponsoring agency, the agency's decals/tags are removed and the UCD asset number assigned upon acquisition continues to identify the item in CAMS; updates procedures; explains that component decals bear the equipment asset number followed by a "C"; requires departments to arrange for engraving the asset number on equipment having a value of $1,500 or more if the adherence of the paper decal is not feasible, unless the engraving would cause damage; provides email address to contact Equipment Management.

Section 350-75, Fabrication and Modification of Equipment, 11/24/03.
Reflects the change to the equipment threshold from $500 to $1,500, consistent with UC policy; updates definitions; updates the procedures to include CAMS instructions; requires the fabrication document to be fully approved before DaFIS requisitions/orders are initiated; requires progress report on the fabrication at least yearly; for modification of government equipment, requires departments to obtain prior authorization from the sponsoring agency; updates references; editorial revisions for clarity.

Section 270-20, Use and Reservation of University Properties and Event Arrangements, 11/3/03.
Extensive revisions consistent with current policies and practices; incorporates information from Section 270-23 on reservation of property and event arrangements; updates time, place, and manner regulations for public expression on University properties; clarifies that Recreation Hall staff schedule PE instruction and intercollegiate athletic, intramural sports, and Sports Club programs within the Recreation Hall; adds that Mondavi Center Presents schedules use of the Mondavi Center for public performances, practices, and pre- and post-performance lectures and receptions; permits non-University entities reserve properties under certain criteria; explains the CEVS Scheduling Matrix used for reservations; clarifies that reservation costs include services related to event policy requirements and event management guidance; defines reservation cancellation costs; permits registered non-University caterers for certain events; updates references and unit names; adds Web addresses.

October 2003

Section 200-10, UCD Administrative Organizational Chart, 10/03.

Section 350-50, Classification of Inventorial Equipment, 10/16/03.
Reflects throughout the section the change to the equipment threshold from $500 to $1,500, consistent with UC policy; adds that furniture is inventorial if its acquisition value is $1,500 or more, is free standing, and has a normal life expectancy of one year or more (modular furniture is not considered inventorial); provides an option to departments to track or not track theft-sensitive items in CAMS, but requires departments to monitor and control theft-sensitive items, tracked or not; updates list of theft-sensitive items and provides commodity codes; clarifies that facility changes less than $35,000 are noninventorial; updates Equipment Management Department name.

Section 320-35, Privacy of Health Information, 10/14/03.
New section; explains general legal requirements for the use, maintenance, and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) collected by University employees in the course of patient care activities at UCDHS and other academic and service units that provide treatment, generate, or use PHI, conduct electronic billing using PHI, or otherwise have access to such information in the course or scope of the work of the unit or the individual employee.

Section 320-36, Access to Protected Health Information for Research, 10/2/03.
New section; provides guidance on access to protected health information (PHI) for research purposes in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations.

September 2003

Section 200-05, Academic and Administrative Calendar.
Adds Fall Commencement dates to 2003-04 and 2004-05; provides new calendars for 2005-06 and 2006-07.

Section 100-15, UC Administrative Structure, 9/2/03.
Provides link to UC Office of the President for the most recent UC organizational charts.

Section 380-21, Employee Organization Access Regulations, 9/1/03 (Please note section title corrected 9/11/03).
Reorganized and simplified; updated department names and web addresses; clarified relationship between this policy and the collective bargaining agreements; added statement of the rights of employee organizations and intent of UC to provide access; changed from a definition of "normal working hours" to "nonwork time"; clarified the provisions concerning confidential/secured work areas to reflect past practice; clarified how Sections 270-20, 270-23, and 310-25 apply to employee organizations; departments that schedule meeting rooms outside of Campus Events & Visitor Services must contact Employee & Labor Relations to determine if the employee organization representative is registered; removed limits on non-UC persons addressing meetings; removed rule that employee organizations can only schedule meeting rooms outside of normal work hours; simplified the procedure for distributing literature in department mailboxes; modified the total prohibition on the use of UC supplies and equipment to reflect special HEERA rules for electronic means of communication; simplified the procedures for administration of access rules; deleted payroll procedures that are not consulted outside of Payroll Division; deleted sections that restated HEERA on management, confidential, and supervisory employees; deleted definition of "supervisor" in order to use the definition in Salary Administration Manual 12.0.

August 2003

Section 200-06, Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 2003-04, 8/26/03.
Provides UCD personnel with list of deadlines for various academic, administrative, and fiscal reports required during 2003-04 so they may better plan for possible workload fluctuations.

July 2003

Section 380-50, Employee Non-Cash Awards, revised 7/29/03.
Clarifies that departments may use purchasing cards within the terms and dollar limits in this policy; requires DaFIS Direct Charge document and DaFIS Request for Document Action form for exceptions for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenditures.

Section 300-31, Davis-Berkeley Intercampus Bus, 7/28/03.
Cancels the 9:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. trip; provides online reservation information; deletes Exhibits A and B and provides Web addresses for information.

Section 330-10, Approval Authorization, and Exhibits A, Approvals, and B, Departmental Transactions for Purposes of Delegations of Approval Authority, 7/16/03.
Includes policy and procedure for electronic environments; updates definitions; includes cross-reference to policy on separation of duties; provides recommended qualifications for those delegated approval authority; clarifies the requirements for approval authorization (III.C); provides web addresses for forms; describes responsibilities for service units; updates references and exhibits.

Section 330-11, Departmental Financial Administrative Controls and Separation of Duties, and Exhibit A, Certification Log, 7/16/03.
Extensive revision; includes Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) transactions in policy and procedures; provides DaFIS form numbers; requires documentation of biennial equipment inventory via Equipment Certification form, and annual supply inventory via Representation Letter; clarifies that employees certify their own time and attendance records, the records shall not be returned to the employee after supervisory approval, and separate individuals will be assigned the roles of primary preparer and mandatory reviewer for payroll disbursements and payroll time reporting; updates references; editorial revisions for clarity.

Section 330-70, Cashiering Services, 7/1/03.
Changes returned check charge, effective 7/1/03; refers to UCDHS policies and procedures; removes notary public service from the Main Cashier's Office; adds web links.

Section 330-63, Expenditure Adjustments (Cost Transfers), 7/3/03.
Changes timeframe from 120 days to 90 days for recording adjustment of expenditures in the general ledger; updates types of DaFIS and OPTRS forms used in procedures; refers user to Disposition Schedules; updates procedure for Federal or Federal flow-through accounts; adds that Capital Asset Accounting Division reviews and approves/disapproves transfers involving capital asset projects.

Section 380-77, Seasonal Farm Labor, 7/3/03.
Changes title of section; replaces "casual" with "seasonal" consistent with UC policy; clarifies the use of petty cash funds for payments when (1) individuals hired as seasonal farm laborers are not required to be absent overnight from their permanent place of residence and (2) a Purchasing Department contractor services agreement is not available or practical; explains that if continued employment of the laborer is anticipated, he or she must be hired as a limited or per diem employee; provides examples of seasonal agricultural labor, consistent with Federal and State law; changes the amount that a seasonal farm laborer can earn within the calendar year to less than $1,500; clarifies that payment must be made on the day the work is completed and on site; adds information on insurance coverage; updates unit names; adds web links to pay rates and forms; adds references.

Section 270-21, Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, 7/2/03.
Updates areas where permits may be issued for events that may serve alcoholic beverages; provides exceptions for approval of permits in certain areas (e.g., in open areas or academic buildings) that are not in public view; limits period of service of alcohol, with possible exception if the event consists of distinct components, e.g., reception, meal, and presentations; discourages service of alcohol at events attended by any individuals under 21 years of age, but may be approved based on established factors; adds references and related policy, including Web sites.

Section 330-75, University Payment of Membership Fees, 7/2/03.
Clarifies that membership in an organization must be used primarily for business purposes; states that University funds may not be used for payment of fees or dues to organizations that maintain legally impermissible, arbitrary, or unreasonable discriminatory membership policies or practices; adds responsibilities to the approving authority when determining whether an organization should be approved or renewed; reminds the approving authorities that they must have a DaFIS Approval Authorization or Cancellation form filed and that they shall not approve their own request for reimbursement of membership payments; permits, defines, and limits memberships in social organizations, consistent with Universitywide policy; provides web links for forms; updates references.

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