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2004 PPM Revisions

November 2004

Section 290-90, Animal Control on Campus, 11/18/04.
Administrative update: Provides definitions of assistance, guide, hearing, and service dogs; clarifies that dogs in training may enter campus buildings with the department's approval.

Deleted 11/18/04: Section 200-45, Administrative Computing Systems, 7/1/99.
This section no longer reflects the new process established; it is currently under revision.

October 2004

Section 330-09, Agency Account Services, revised 10/29/04.
Technical update: Removes Exhibit A, Request for Agency Account, and links to the new form on the Accounting Web site; updates position titles and unit names.

Section 310-16, Electronic Communications Policy and Exhibit D, Request to Inspect, Monitor, or Disclose Records--Access Without Consent, 10/5/04.
Provides an email address for the UCD designated agent who receives the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notifications of copyright infringement; provides for review by Counsel of requests for nonconsensual access electronic records; updates Exhibit D (request for nonconsensual access) consistent with UC policy.

Section 200-05, 2007-08 Academic and Administrative Calendar, 10/4/04.

September 2004

Sections 300-10 through 300-26, travel policies (listed in 300-10, Overview), 9/15/04.
Streamlines and simplifies; separates the single policy into 17 sections by topic; removes exhibits and forms and links to Web sites; includes information from directives, if not already included; edited for clarity.

Section 200-06, 2004-2005 Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 7/1/04 (posted 9/28/04).
Provides UCD personnel with list of deadlines for various academic, administrative, and fiscal reports required during 2004-05 so they may better plan for possible workload fluctuations.

Index, 9/22/04.

Section 310-21, Computer Vulnerability Scanning Policy, 9/17/04.
New (replaces UCD Directive 03-101); establishes that computers, servers, and other devices connected to the campus network must be free of critical security vulnerabilities.

July 2004

Deleted 7/23/04: Section 380-05, Temporary Personnel Services, 4/30/98.
The information in this section is on the Web at http://www.hr.ucdavis.edu/Emp/temporary_staffing/ and in Personnel Policies for Staff Members, UCD Procedure 3, Notes 8 and 9.

Deleted 7/1/04: Section 340-07, Campus Assessment, 5/20/99.
Eliminates the campus assessment on certain income from non-University sources. Those campus units that were assessed will (1) advance the UC Davis vision by allowing individual programs to retain and invest financial resources to advance and improve the services they provide, and (2) in response to this time of fiscal austerity, provide a mechanism to offset cost increases and mitigate rate increases to the extent possible, and eliminate an administrative process.

Section 380-77, Seasonal Farm Labor, revised 7/7/04.
Wages must be at least one dollar per hour more than minimum wage; seasonal farm laborers are eligible for overtime, meal, and rest periods; seasonal farm laborers who exceed the $1,500 annual maximum must be converted to the applicable staff title code.

June 2004

Section 290-60, Occupational and Preventive Medicine, 6/24/04.
Streamlines and simplifies; updates department names, phone numbers, web addresses, and references; adds list of activities for which exposure monitoring is required; exposure records must be retained by the employing department and by Environmental Health & Safety; changes the authority to Employee Health to determine whether medical monitoring is required; modifies language about employee safety concerns to conform with union contract language; streamlines the process for obtaining medical records; adds information on how to obtain medical monitoring services; adds requirement that UCDHS employees who have animal contact participate in both the campus and the UCDHS programs.

Section 340-20, Billing Procedures of Service Activities, revised 6/10/04.
Clarifies that all service units must accept both the billing ID and the abridged full accounting unit (AFAU).

Section 310-19, Email for Official Communications with Students, 6/9/04.
New section; establishes email as a method for official communications from UC Davis to graduate, professional, and undergraduate students.

May 2004

200-05, Academic and Administrative Calendar, 2005-06 (9/12/03, revised 5/26/04).
Changes Picnic Day from April 8, 2006, to April 22, 2006.

Section 310-18, Mass Electronic Messaging, 5/20/04.
New section; addresses the appropriate uses of the electronic communications systems for mass electronic messages at UC Davis.

Section 320-20, Privacy of and Access to Information, and Exhibit A, Authorization to Disclose Personnel Record Information to Third Party, Exhibit B, Record of Disclosure, and Exhibit C, Rules of Conduct for University Employees Involved with Information Regarding Individuals, 5/14/04.
Incorporates Sections 320-23 and 380-25 into this section and deletes them from the manual; eliminates detailed sections that duplicate various UC and UCD policies and substitutes cross-references; adds records of prior non-UC employment to the list of nonpersonal information (II); adds option to refer a request to the Information Practices Coordinator instead of responding directly (requires this when the request involves extracting from a database) (III.D); eliminates the rule that information received in confidence can be released only by the Provost or Associate Vice Chancellor-Human Resources (V.B); accuracy disputes are included in the record of disclosure, and corrections forwarded to persons who received disclosures (V.C); new section on records misuse (VI).

Section 270-16, Fund Raising on University Property, 5/4/04.
Includes fund raising via the Internet; changes "Memorial Union" to the term "Campus Unions," which includes the Silo Union; updates references; updates unit names and position titles; editorial changes for clarity.

April 2004

Section 290-09, Violence, Threats, and Disruption in the Workplace, 4/22/04.
Excludes UCDHS, which now has a separate policy; shortens and simplifies definitions of workplace violence; adds a "reasonable person" standard if free speech issues are involved; adds summary of state law regarding weapons on UC property; adds requirement that supervisory employees report threats or actual violence to their supervisor and the Workplace Violence Response Team; updates department names, phone numbers, web addresses, and references; deletes reference to discipline of organizations.

Section 380-40, Death of an Employee, 4/23/04.
Technical update to conform with The Regents' Standing Order 103.8, which was updated 1/15/04 to add domestic partners to the survivor categories and to change the categories to be more consistent with the life insurance/retirement regulations; updates Web links.

March 2004

Section 290-56, Chemical Safety, 3/12/04.
New section; outlines policy and procedure governing the safe use of chemicals at UC Davis.

January 2004

Section 300-10, Exhibit D, Mileage Reimbursement Rates for Privately Owned Vehicles and Aircraft, 1/1/04.
Updates the University mileage reimbursement rate increase for use of a private automobile from 36 cents to 37.5 cents, effective 1/1/04, consistent with IRS standard mileage rate. This was previously announced in UCD Directive 03-144.

Section 310-16, Electronic Communications Policy, rev. 1/1/04.
Removes paragraph on unions regarding incidental personal use; adds that regular or voluminous personal messages delivered via lengthy email lists are impermissible.

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