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2005 PPM Revisions

December 2005

Correction to Section 330-86, Course Materials Fees, 12/6/05.
Information under IV. Procedure for Fee Proposal, was missing from version posted on 12/1/05.

Section 360-35, Security Alarms, 12/5/05.
Updates department names; adds requirement that subscribers must update billing and emergency information as soon as a change is made; requires UCDHS Security Subcommittee to approve removal of alarm service for UCDHS departments before service can be discontinued; instructs subscribers to follow procedures for new alarms when transferring or activating inactive alarm; removes exhibits and provides link to Crime Prevention Unit Web site for forms.

Section 290-65, Hazardous Chemical Use, Storage, Transportation, and Disposal, 11/30/05.
Updates name of UCD Fire Department; provides information regarding the online chemical inventory system; provides Web site for labels and forms; specifies type of refrigerator or freezer required for storage of flammable materials; requires consideration of specific purification systems when distilling flammable solvents; provides new information regarding the use of chemical fume hoods and biological safety cabinets; prohibits handling of contact lenses in areas where hazardous chemicals are used or stored; updates references and related policies.

Section 330-86, Course Materials Fees, 11/30/05.
Adds information regarding the approval of professional school course materials fees; gives the Course Materials Fee Committee Chair responsibility for notifying the Registrar's Office and Student Accounting of approved fees; clarifies process for fee exemptions; updates composition of committee; requires departments to request renewal of fees every three years.

Section 350-90, Employee-Vendor Transactions, 11/30/05.
Revises policy to comply with recent changes in the State's Public Contract Code, Sections 10515 through 10524, with regard to employee-vendor transactions; defines domestic partners and their relatives as an employee's near relatives; allows the University to enter into a contract with an employee who has teaching or research responsibilities only after a determination has been made that the goods or services are not available commercially or from the University's own facilities; updates references; editorial changes for clarity.

November 2005

Section 380-56, Employee Emergency Loan Fund and Exhibit A, Employee Emergency Loan Request, 11/18/05.
Streamlines and simplifies; clarifies definitions to ease restrictions on transportation costs and utility bills; adds right to appeal decision of loan committee; adds provision allowing use of an existing denial of credit; adds requirement that Payroll monitor separation check requests and deduct emergency loans if outstanding; updates application form.

Section 380-55, Acceptance or Offering of Gifts and Gratuities by University Employees and Exhibit A, Sample Letter Describing University Policy on Gifts, 11/05/05.
Provides guidance regarding items considered to be gifts and items that are specifically excluded from the definition of a gift; includes information on gifts that must be reported by designated officials; includes information on gift limits and disqualification of officials in University decision-making; refers department heads to Conflict of Interest Coordinator or Campus Counsel's office for further information; adds Exhibit A to inform outside vendors of the University policy on gifts; updates references.

Section 290-06, Safety Standards and Interactions with Regulatory Agencies, 11/2/05.
Adds information requiring EH&S to inform Employee and Labor Relations of inspections and investigations of facilities; explicitly includes employees’ children as visitors to whom access to non-public areas is restricted; requires Labor Relations to notify collective bargaining unit representatives and allows them to attend inspections as appropriate; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 350-51, Identification of Equipment, 11/2/05.
Clarifies that policy applies to all equipment in University custody; identifies department responsibility for entering loaned and gifted equipment into CAMS; identifies steps taken for noncompliance; specifies that identification and marking on government noninventorial equipment is dependent on terms of contract or grant; updates value of equipment requiring decals and engraving.

Section 360-16, Display of Flags, 10/31/05.
Updates locations of flagpoles; updates Public Communications to University Communications; updates department phone number.
Section 330-62, Direct Costing Policy, 11/2/05.
Changes name of section from Basic Costing Policy to Direct Costing Policy; minor editorial changes; updates references.

Section 350-55, Care and Control of Equipment, 11/2/05.
Defines department head; restructures policy for clarity; updates responsibilities of department heads and principal investigators; requires departments to designate a department asset representative; describes biennial equipment certification process; requires CAMS records to be updated to ensure equipment can be located for inspection within 24 hours; updates methods of reporting changes in departmental equipment inventory; updates related policies; editorial revisions for clarity; adds references to specific UCDHS policy sections; updates location of Equipment Loan Agreement.

October 2005

Section 310-65, Use of the University's Name, Seal, and Other Trademarks, 10/20/05.
Revises purpose statement to better summarize policy; provides background information; requires Campus Counsel concurrence on commercial and noncommercial use of name; clarifies that all on-campus sales, including Web sales, are the exclusive right of the UCD Bookstore; permits exceptions to allow departmental sales under special conditions if approved by the Commercial Activities Work Group; provides contact information for questions regarding trademarks; updates list of references; editorial revisions for clarity.

Section 310-20, Printing and Duplicating, 10/17/05.
Updates the purpose statement for clarity; updates references to Repro Graphics to Repro Graphics/Quick Copy; clarifies policy regarding use of services on other UC campuses; changes reference from Editorial Design office to University Communications; streamlines procedures for utilizing Repro Graphics services; provides Web site for accessing Repro Graphics forms; adds information and contact information regarding copyright issues; updates list of references and related policies.

DELETED 10/6/05: Section 330-20X5, Clinical Teaching Support (CTS) for Human Medicine.
Information regarding clinical teaching support is available in UCDHS Policy Section 1890.

DELETED 10/6/05: Section 330-20X7, Management of Parking Revenues.
Parking revenues follow normal campus budget and rate processes.

Section 380-70, Consultant Agreements, and Exhibits A, B, & C, 9/30/05.
Specifies that section does not apply to facility planners or engineers; adds information regarding determination of independent consultant and employer-employee relationships; adds information regarding conflict of interest; revises procedures for selection of consultant to reflect RFP processes for agreements over $15,000; provides additional detail for consultant agreement processing procedures; updates procedures for payment; provides contact information for agreements processed through UCDHS Business Contracts; provides additional references and related policies; removes Social Security number from required information for consultant proposal in Exhibit B; adds notice that SSN or FIN must be supplied before the execution of an agreement in Exhibit B.

Section 380-14, Employment of Aliens (Noncitizens), 9/27/05.
Updates agency names and acronyms; adds requirement that job applicant have an employment offer letter to apply for a Social Security number; updates references.

Section 380-64, Conditions of Visas for Alien (Noncitizen) Students, Scholars, and Visitors, 9/27/05.
Updates agency names and acronyms; updates information regarding allowable honoraria for B-1 and B-2 visa holders, and individuals under the WB and WT visa waiver program; updates the manner in which Canadian and Mexican citizens can enter the country under TN status; updates list of related policies.

September 2005

Section 340-25, Recharge Activities, 9/14/05.
Technical update, clarifies information regarding equipment depreciation for equipment allocated to a facilities and administrative indirect cost pool and equipment replacement through the Replacement and Renewal Fund.

Section 350-45, Shipment of Goods, and Exhibit A, Hazardous Material Information Sheet, 9/12/05.
Updates department names; provides additional information concerning hazardous material shipments; editorial changes for clarity; updates references and related policies.

Section 350-20, Procurement and Use of Ethyl Alcohol, 9/3/05, rev. 9/12/05.
Correct procedure to follow when ordering ethyl alcohol.

Index, 9/9/05

Section 350-20, Procurement and Use of Ethyl Alcohol, and Exhibit A, Conditions of Use of Ethyl Alcohol, 9/3/05.
Revises where to send memos that authorize or change department custodians; adds reference to Section 350-16 for ordering tax-free alcohol from Central Storehouse; updates Exhibit A to be posted in alcohol storage areas.

Section 350-10, Procurement Authority, 9/3/05.
Updates purchasing authority of Director—Materiel Management; adds information with regard to conducting business with consultants, employees, former employees, and independent contractors; information regarding buying products that are energy efficient, comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and/or support sustainability; changes procedures for unauthorized purchases under $500 that would otherwise comply with Section 350-21; updates UCDMC to UCDHS; updates references; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 350-35, Receipt and Delivery of Goods, 9/2/05.
Updates department names; clarifies that patient care equipment and electrical equipment used in patient care areas at UCDMC is certified by Clinical Engineering prior to delivery; updates services available from Special Services; adds section for related policies.

Section 290-07, Suspension of Individuals During Declared State of Emergency and Exhibit A, Notice of Emergency Suspension, 8/31/05.
Updates purpose statement to reflect current policies; removes list of representatives who can impose emergency suspension as authority will be delegated through a separated delegation of authority; clarifies that students follow student discipline procedures to request a hearing; provides related policies.

Section 330-05, Administrative Business Agreements, 8/30/05.
Section revised to reflect the organizational and process changes noted in Directive 04-032; provides references to contracting activities that were moved to other administrative offices; updates policies and procedures for business agreements processed by the Business Contracts office; updated to comply with Public Contract Code,

Sections 10515 through 10524; removes exhibits A and B, and provides links to forms on the Web.

August 2005

Section 350-65, Loans, Gifts, and Transfers of Equipment, 8/25/05.
Updates policy to reflect increase in inventorial equipment threshold to $5,000; reflects changes in processes and procedures as a result of DaFIS implementation; clarifies distinction between approvals and procedures required for the gift or transfer of equipment purchased with federal contract and grant funds, or purchased with non-federal funds; states the required approval for transactions involving loans, gifts, and transfers of inventorial equipment with an original acquisition value of $10,000 or more.

Section 330-06, Short-term Investment Pool Income--Distribution and Uses and Exhibit A, SFGT Table with STIP Distribution Rules, 8/19/05.
Revised to make consistent with current UCOP and UCD policies and practices regarding distribution and allowable uses of Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP) income; organizes DaFIS sub group fund types (SFGTs) in tables according to STIP distribution rules and specifies the allowable STIP use; establishes that the campus may assess a penalty for negative STIP when negative cash balances exceed $5,000; Exhibit A provides complete list of each SFGT and corresponding distribution rule(s).

Section 330-35, Credit and Debit Card Merchants, Exhibit A, Responsibilities and Guidelines for Retail Merchants, Exhibit B, Responsibilities and Guidelines for Phone/Mail Merchants, Exhibit C, Responsibilities and Guidelines for Internet Merchants, 8/11/05.
New section—outlines policy and procedure pertaining to the authorization granted to University units approved to accept credit or debit cards as payment for services performed or merchandise sold; responsibilities specific to retail merchants, phone/mail merchants, and Internet merchants.

Section 330-55, Departmental Cashiering Operations--Policy Overview; Section 330-56, Definitions; Section 330-57, Cash Collections; Section 330-58, Cash Deposits; Section 330-59, Cashiering Equipment and Physical Security; Section 330-60, Accounting and Financial Services and Internal Audit Services Responsibilities--Cash and Cash Equivalents, 8/3/05.
Separates original policy 330-55 into 6 sections to simplify and streamline; specifies cash-handling and processing objectives--accountability, separation of duties, physical security, and reconciliation of accounts; adds UCDMC Ambulatory Care Center Dietary as a major cashiering station; no longer have a night depository located at the northeast corner of the UCD Bookstore; requires all cash-handling employees to have individual lockable cash drawer or drawer insert (no longer only when currency/coin daily exceeds $200); requires cash deposit at least weekly or when collections exceed $500 (no longer distinguishes between currency/coin and checks); updates risk management standards for lockable receptacle and burglarproof/fireproof safes; updates amounts of cash on hand that require alarm systems; no longer requires that ring-up amounts for in-person transactions be visible to the customer and the cashier; no longer requires that copies of specifications for proposed purchases of cash-recording equipment are forwarded to Audit and Management Advisory Services; no longer requires major cashiering stations receiving individual checks for $100,000 or accumulating receipts totaling $500,000 or more to ensure they are deposited in the bank on the day collected to receive credit from the bank.

DELETED 8/12/05: Section 330-20X1, Procedures for Budgeting Repairs and Replacement from Indentured Reserve Funds, 7/19/89.
Section deals with requirements and restrictions that are no longer applicable.

DELETED 8/12/05: Section 330-20X6, Student Government Budget Preparation, 7/20/89.
Student government organizations follow internal policies and procedures for budget preparation.

DELETED 8/12/05: Section 330-20X8, Repair and Replacement of Student Lounge and Lodge Furnishings, 6/8/89.
Student lounge and lodge furnishings are replaced following internal policies and procedures.

Preface, Development and Maintenance of the Manual; Exhibit A, Format for Policy and Procedure Manual Sections, 8/10/05.
Incorporates information previously released through Directive 03-064 and "New Procedures for Publishing Policy and Procedure Manuals;" editorial changes for accuracy of position titles, roles, campus locations, and to clarify format for PPM Sections; updates procedures for publishing policy sections; provides reference to resources on Web; removes Exhibit B.

Section 350-40, Inspection of Shipment and Damage Claims; Exhibit A, Terms of Sale by FOB "Free on Board" Point, 8/3/05.
UCDMC updated to UCDHS; Campus Receiving updated to Davis Campus Receiving.

Section 350-60, Management of Supply Inventories, 7/27/05.
Provides clarification that a lower variable or adjusted markup may be applied to achieve competitive pricing; adds reference to Section 350-80 regarding liquidation of inactive obsolete, and excess stock; clarifies that stocks not considered supply inventories are subject to certain financial and accounting controls and provides references to applicable policies; updates reference list.

Index, 8/1/05.

July 2005

Section 380-12, Sexual Harassment, 7/26/05.
Removes list of examples of sexual harassment and outdated information about third-party harassment; splits program oversight responsibilities between a centralized Title IX Officer and the campus and UCDHS Sexual Harassment Officers; adds new training requirements; increases the number of designated officials who must report sexual harassment; changes time limits for filing complaints; adds requirement to advise Sexual Harassment Officers of complaints and grievances alleging sexual harassment; deletes the informal review procedure and substitutes a more direct approach called “early resolution;” incorporates by references detailed systemwide guidelines on the conduct of investigations; adds provisions on intentionally false reports; increases record retention period from 3 to 5 years; expands information on free speech and academic freedom.

Section 320-21, Disclosure of Information from Student Records, 7/28/05.
Technical update, removes Exhibit H. Social security numbers cannot be used for publicly posting student grades.

Section 340-25, Recharge Activities, 7/25/05.
New policy combines and streamlines Sections 340-05, Non-University Differential; 340-10, Establishment of Service Activities; and 340-15, Rates, into a single policy; expands authority of dean, vice chancellor, or vice provost to approve rate decreases and rates subject to external review; authorizes ORMP to approve rates after endorsed by rate group; clarifies how subsidies, administrative salaries and benefits, and mark-ups operate as cost components; changes NUD rate to be based on Other Sponsored Activities F&A rate; removes reduced NUD option.

DELETED 7/27/05: Sections 340-05, 340-10 and 340-15 have been replaced by Section 340-25.

Section 260-50, Gift Fee: Assessment and Distribution, 7/25/05.
New—the section provides the gift fee policy, specifies broad responsibilities for implementation and ongoing management, and provides links to procedures.

Section 270-50, Alumni Relations Programs, 7/14/05.
Updates definitions of alumni relations programs; changes name of alumni organization to alumni group and updates definition; adds definition of constituency alumni group; makes the Cal Aggie Alumni Association responsible for ensuring that alumni groups and constituency groups are in compliance with policy; requires alumni groups to register with the Association to be recognized; creates policy for the distribution of the assets of a dissolved alumni group; adds policy regarding the recognition and criteria for constituency alumni groups; grants privilege to use the name of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association to groups; removes fundraising privileges; updates references.

DELETED 7/19/05: Section 350-28, Copiers and Digital Copiers/Printers, 7/20/99.
Copier and printer purchases are handled in the same manner as other purchases. See Section 350-21, Departmental Purchase Delegations; or Section 350-25, Procurement Through the Purchasing Department, for more information.

June 2005

Section 310-55, University Letterhead and Business Cards and Exhibits A & B, 6/20/05 (rev. 7/7/05--wrong draft used for final).
Renames section to more clearly identify the information covered; restructures policy for clarity; updates information regarding business card designs and ordering; updates Creative Communication Services to Repro Graphics; removes Exhibit C and includes link to business card designs online; clarifies that business cards are designed for the use of individual employees; adds information regarding UCDHS clinic and unit cards; allows departments to order business cards for graduate and professional students and provides requirements for those business cards; allows departments to order approved personalized notepads; identifies Repro Graphics as the business card provider and removes references to the Purchasing Department; updates references.

Section 380-75, Interlocation Employment Transfers, Appointments, and One-Time Payments, 6/14/05.
Updates consistent with Universitywide policy; adds definitions and responsibilities; includes information on vacation and sick leave, OASDI and Medicare contributions, severance pay plans, and overpayments; adds procedure for Education Abroad Program transfers (administered by UCOP); updates previous procedures; updates references; deletes exhibit and provides direct links to UCOP forms and UCD procedures.

Section 290-50, Protective Clothing and Equipment, 6/14/05.
Updates Web site address; adds use requirement for hearing protection; adds minimum protective clothing required for handling hazardous materials in laboratories; adds procedure for Environmental Health & Safety to conduct noise surveys.

Section 250-01, Copyright, 6/14/05.
Streamlines policy by removing information redundant to existing policies and references; adds basic information regarding copyrights; incorporates information previously included in Section 250-02; replaces references to Business Contracts and Analysis Office to Technology Transfer Center; updates references, including UCOP Copyright Web site, and related policies.

Index, 6/13/05.

Section 250-02, Copyright Registration, 6/6/05.
Streamlines policy by removing information redundant to existing policies and adding references; adds policy regarding notice requirement and format; updates policy and procedures for registering copyrights; replaces references to Business Contracts and Analysis Office to Technology Transfer Center; updates references.

Section 250-03, Use of Copyright-Protected Materials and Exhibits A, B, and C, 6/6/05.
Streamlines policy by removing information redundant to existing policies and references; updates general information regarding the use of copyrighted materials; provides additional information regarding computer software previously included in Section 210-74; updates processes for obtaining rights to use copyrighted materials and to reproduce materials through campus facilities; replaces references to Business Contracts and Analysis Office to Technology Transfer Center; updates references, copy machine notices.

Section 250-04, Distribution of Copyright-Protected Materials Produced under University Auspices and Exhibit A, 6/6/05.
Streamlines policy by removing information redundant to existing polices and references; updates procedures; documents current policy for independent contractors; replaces references to Business Contracts and Analysis Office to Technology Transfer Center; updates references.

Section 250-05, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 6/6/05.
Material on software moved to relevant locations in Sections 250-03 and 250-04; new section describes policy and procedure for complying with Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Section 200-15, Administrative Decision-Making Process, 6/7/05.
Reinstated section--describes the UC Davis administrative plan and the advisory groups that contribute to campus community participation in decision making.

May 2005

Section, 350-22, Purchasing Cards, 5/23/05.
Clarifies roles and requirements for cardholder, receiver, supervisory reviewer, DaFIS Feed Payment Document (FPD) reviewer, and ledger reviewer; reflects new annual refresher training requirements for cardholder, supervisory reviewer, and FPD reviewer; describes new cardholder requirement to maintain purchase log for reconciling bank statements and handling disputes; describes role of supervisory reviewer to receive, review, and approve purchases, complete FPD documents, cooperate with desk and transaction reviews, take or recommend corrective action, review the transactions of no more than 10 cardholders; clarifies required source document information and retention requirements; clarifies process for handling duplicate tax; updates references; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 290-20, Fire Safety, 5/23/05.
Adds information regarding the role of the incident commander; updates references; adds information regarding contacting emergency services on cellular phones; removes information on storage regulations and burning regulations; streamlines the policy, removing outdated information and moving information for clarity; adds information on fire prevention programs, the relationship between UCD and state fire marshal and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development; roles and responsibilities are more clearly defined.

Section 220-02, Human Stem Cell Research, 5/11/05.
New—ensures that all research involving the use of human stem cells is in compliance with all adopted state and federal regulations and compliance standards established by campus committees.

DELETED, Section 330-61 and Exhibits A-E , 5/10/05.
Rules on transfer of funds and rebudgeting of extramural funds are automated in DaFIS. Additional information is available in the UC Davis Administrative Responsibilities Handbook, in DaFIS, and in Staff Development and Professional Services training classes.

Section 300-30, University-Owned Vehicles, 5/5/05.
Prohibits use of university-owned vehicles by registered student organizations; allows academic departments to sponsor student organization use of university-owned vehicles when the activity is related to department curriculum; recognizes specific student organizations eligible to rent university-owned vehicles for student government/University purposes with appropriate approvals; updates references.

April 2005

Section 270-08, Campus Interest Groups, 4/28/05.
Updates the definition of “campus interest group;” updates unit names; refers to Section 270-05, Campus Organizations, for references and related policies; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 310-22, UC Davis Cyber-Safety Program, 4/25/05.
New--establishes minimum security standards for all devices connected to the UC Davis electronic communications network; defines responsibilities of Information and Educational Technology, campus units, and campus administrative officials in approving, enforcing, and reporting compliance with security standards; Exhibit A defines current minimum security standards.

Section 210-15, University Extension Programs--Distribution of Concurrent Course Income, 4/20/05.
Scheduled review; updates unit names.

Section 210-16, Continuing Education, 4/20/05.
Scheduled review; updates unit names.

Section 270-05, Campus Organizations, 4/20/05.
Updates definitions of registered student organization, campus interest group, student; replaces definition of alumni organization with alumni relations program, alumni group, and constituency alumni group; adds information regarding the use of the University name by campus organizations; clarifies that organizations must comply with both University and campus policies; updates references; removes Exhibit A.

New chapters 220, 230, 240, and 250 introduced into manual, 4/14/05.
New chapters contain policies related to research; sections from chapter 210 moved into the appropriate new chapter; policies formerly part of the Sponsored Research Manual moved to the appropriate chapter.

Section 330-05, Business Contracts, 4/14/05.
Technical update, removes Exhibit B and provides links to Davis campus and to UCDHS Business Agreement Request and Data Sheet.

Section 200-06, 2005-2006 Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 4/13/05.
Provides UCD personnel with list of deadlines for various academic, administrative, and fiscal reports required during 2005-06 so they may better plan for workload fluctuations.

Section 290-10, Smoke-Free Policy, 4/11/05.
Updates policy to be in compliance with AB 846; clarifies UC property where smoking is prohibited; prohibits smoking within 20 feet of certain outdoor areas; adds information regarding tobacco-use cessation programs offered to students; provides for "no smoking" policy to be included in new/transfer student orientation programs; instructs departments to contact Facilities--Operations and Maintenance for "no smoking" signs; updates references.

Section 200-10, UCD Administrative Organizational Chart, 4/05.

Section 290-86, Hazardous Operations, 4/8/05.
Revises definition of confined space; adds definition of benching; adds information requiring a fire watch for thirty minutes after the completion of cutting and welding activities.

Section 340-30, Disposal of Agricultural By-Products, 4/7/05.
Departments producing agricultural by-products may retain net income from the sales with prior approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor--Finance; Request for Disposition of By-Products (RDB) form must be approved by the department head, except that the dean must approve the RDB if the department head is the person directly responsible for the by-product; clarifies the process for sales through contracts; streamlines two procedures to one that covers disposal of crops, animals, and animal by-products; Materiel Management provides guidelines for disposal methods.

Index, 4/5/05.

March 2005

Section 290-80, Diving Safety Program, 3/23/05.
Adds information regarding divers-in-training.

DELETED 3/21/05: Section 330-20, Budgetary Savings, 5/10/90.
Savings targets have been permanently assigned to units.

Section 210-80, Sales of Instructional Materials, 3/22/05.
Updates procedures for placing orders for instructional materials; references to teaching aids changed to instructional materials; includes information regarding copyright clearance; removes Exhibit A.

Section 340-09, Sales and Reimbursement of University Supplies and Services, 3/21/05.
Updates policy to reflect that Business Contracts is now in the Materiel Management organization; clarifies the process for sales to non-University users; removes Exhibit A, Special Sale/Service Authorization, and provides a link to the form on the Web.

Section 310-30, Directives, 3/21/05.
Adds information regarding departmental responsibility for establishing an Electronic Communications Representative and distributing information to employees; updates policy regarding electronic distribution of directives; removes reference to announcements in title; adds information regarding approval for directives that go out with the Chancellor’s or Provost’s signature; updates title and office name for Campus Policy Coordinator; reorganizes information regarding distribution lists for clarity; references Section 310-18 for other types of mass mailings; references template to be posted on Web page.

Section 380-65, Income Tax Withholding and Reports of Earnings for Citizens and Resident Aliens, 3/14/05.
Confirms that compensation paid to graduate students that satisfies degree requirements is treated as taxable income, consistent with tax law; removes information on voluntary fellowship withholding, which is no longer allowed, and continues withholding through the payroll system; updates references; edits for clarity.

DELETED: Related Publications, 10/31/97.
The Administrative Manuals Web site (http://manuals.ucdavis.edu) provides links to policy and procedure documents and other documents that are sources of UCD policy.

Section 280-05, Procedures for Student Complaints of Prohibited Discrimination or Arbitrary Treatment, 9/25/98, revised 3/28/05.
Technical update, revises office where students file complaints against faculty, updates references.

Section 320-21, Disclosure of Information from Student Records, 8/1/97, revised 3/22/05.
Technical update, removes procedure that allows student grades to be posted by Social Security number or Student ID number.

DELETED 3/18/05: Section 330-70, Cashiering Services, 7/1/03.
The information on the cashiering services in this section are on the Web at http://cashier.ucdavis.edu.

Section 380-66, Income Tax Withholding and Reports of Earnings for Nonresident Aliens, 3/14/05.
Updates INS to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); removes information about resident aliens; deletes Exhibits A and B and provides Web sites; updates hyperlinks to forms, references, and other information; edits for clarity.

Section 210-31, Anatomical Specimens, 3/11/05.
Establishes a uniform approach and process for procurement, use, transportation, inventory, management, transfer, and disposal of human anatomical specimens.

Section 380-10, Affirmative Action in Employment, and, Exhibit A, Affirmative Action Responsibility, 3/11/05.
Combines Sections 380-10 and 380-11 into a unified policy and improves readability; updates department names, references, and Web addresses; explains effect of Proposition 209 on the UC affirmative action training; affirmative action statements must be included in certain UC publications; federal poster must be displayed in all departments; affirmative action performance must be included in performance evaluations of all managers, supervisors, deans, and vice chancellors; the duties of the former affirmative action compliance officer position are reassigned to the deputy affirmative action officers.

February 2005

Section 200-50, Name Changes for Campus Units, 2/8/05.
Provides reference for name changes by hospital units; provides for notification of administrative department head regarding name change requests; defines the department's responsibility for notifying campus service units of a name change; updates position titles; edits for clarity.

Section 200-51, Naming Properties, Programs, and Facilities, 2/8/05.
Reflects changes to Universitywide policy; clarifies that policy applies to both academic and nonacademic programs; authority is delegated to the President for naming major properties, programs, and facilities and to the Chancellor for minor and other properties, programs, and facilities; adds renaming of structures that have reached the end of their usefulness, naming for corporations, and naming affected by changed circumstances; includes elected officials in the list of those for whom honorary naming requires a waiting period; clarifies that no interval is required when the proposed naming is the condition of a gift; clarifies that University Relations maintains records on naming processes related to gifts; updates procedures and references.

Section 330-10, Approval Authorization, 7/16/03, revised 2/8/05.
Technical update: Adds reminder (III.G) that joint transactions in PPS must be approved and documented by all departments involved.

January 2005

Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital & Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures, 1/21/05.
Adds chronic dialysis service, updates titles and names of committees.

Section 350-80, Disposition of Excess and Surplus Property, 1/10/05
Extensive revisions consistent with current policies, practices, and UCOP delegation to Materiel Management to donate surplus property to approved nonprofit organizations after making every attempt to sell surplus property through Bargain Barn; requires that Bargain Barn review all requests to salvage any University property and Salvage Operations to pick up all inventorial equipment to be salvaged; adds Web address for information on Bargain Barn's internal operating procedures (reduces Bargain Barn sale periods from one month to 14 calendar day increments); gives departments the option of transferring excess property to Bargain Barn for disposal at no cost; stipulates that Bargain Barn and Equipment Management now initiates Asset Retirement documents in DaFIS CAMS for all traded in, sold, and salvaged property; describes procedure for cannibalizing inventorial equipment; updates definitions, references, and unit names; provides DaFIS form names used in procedures; editorial revisions for clarity.

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