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2006 PPM Revisions

December 2006

Section 230-03, Indirect Costs, 12/19/06.
Updates position titles; updates information on authority to negotiate rates and approves exceptions based on current OP delegations of authority; updates procedures for requesting exceptions; minor structural changes for clarity; updates references; deletes Exhibits A and B.

Section 230-06, Advance Account Request (formerly "Expenditures of Commitment of Funds Prior to Receipt of Award"), 12/19/06.
Restructures section for clarity; cites DA 0666 as source of authority for approval of expenditures and commitment of funds in advance of receipt; updates criteria for approval; removes Exhibit A and provides link to form on Office of Research Web site; clarifies that requests are forwarded to Sponsored Programs but must be approved by the Vice Chancellor--Research as required by DA 0666; provides information regarding responsibility for cost overruns and disallowances; updates references.

Section 350-80, Disposition of Excess and Surplus Property, 12/12/06
Technical update: revises procedures for cannibalization of equipment items to be consistent with retirement procedures for other salvage disposals.

November 2006

Index, 11/20/06.

Preface; Exhibit A, Structure for Policy and Procedure Manual Sections; Exhibit B, Policy Writer's Checklist, 11/15/06
Includes information regarding 4-year review cycle for policy sections; clarifies procedures for publishing a policy section; provides specific information regarding initiating new policies, reviewing existing policies, and annual call reviews; provides additional information regarding standard policy section structure; includes Policy Writer's Checklist as an exhibit.

Section 330-86, Course Materials Fees, rev. 11/17/06
Technical update: Course Materials Fees (CMF) cap raised to $50 per course; CMF cap to be reviewed every two years.

Section 350-24, Equipment Screening and Sharing, 11/9/06.
Clarifies that Principal Investigators are responsible for completing applicable sections of the specified forms when purchasing DOD industrial plant equipment or NASA centrally reportable equipment costing $1,000 or more; removes references to data processing equipment consistent with the cancellation of DFARS 239-73; specifies that purchases of equipment to be used in a clinical environment at UCDMC must be approved by the UCDMC Clinical Engineer manager; updates references; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 360-55, University Airport, 11/9/06.
Removes references to charter program formerly coordinated by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; updates policy references.

Section 310-40, University Communications: Publications, Graphic Standards and Media Relations, 11/2/06.
Combines former Section 310-35, Publications and 310-40, Public Information and Media Relations into a single policy; presents information regarding the planning, coordination, and implementation of communications programs and publications; defines the role of University Communications; defines the role of the Publications and Marketing units in establishing and maintaining graphic, editorial, and marketing standards for printed and electronic media, and ensuring that campus publications conform to policy and standards; defines the role of the News Service as the official voice of UC Davis to local, regional, state, national, and international news media.

Section 310-35, Publications.
DELETED: 11/6/06. Information can be found in Section 310-40.

October 2006

Section 350-22, Purchasing Cards, 10/24/06.
Restructures and simplifies policy section to clarify roles, responsibilities, and separation of duties related to purchasing card transactions; provides policy statements that guide procedures and basis for separation of duties; provides reference to Separation of Duties form to help illustrate proper separation; requires department head to complete Separation of Duties form for each purchasing card holder and submit to the purchasing card administrator or Controls and Accountability to ensure proper separation of duties.

Section 290-35, Environmental Protection, 10/20/06.
Minor correction in III.L. Department verifies that policy does not require update and should be reissued as is.
Section 330-11, Departmental Financial Administrative Controls and Separation of Duties, 10/20/06.
Clarifies policy statement; adds information regarding duties of roles defined in central administrative systems; more clearly identifies procedures; requires departments to maintain attendance records; updates procedures for reviewing ledgers; updates terminology; editorial and structural revisions for clarity.

Section 310-55, University Stationery and Business Cards; Exhibit A, University Letterhead Model Formats; Exhibit B, Interdepartmental Memorandum Letterhead Model Format, 10/10/06.
Updates policy to reflect changes in business card styles; allows for department/clinic cards to be printed without requiring exception to policy; revises envelope return address information for UCDMC departments to comply with HIPAA; clarifies that business address/phone numbers are required for business cards; allows for telephone country code to be printed on cards used during travel; allows graduate and professional student cards to include either expected year of graduation or graduate student designation on the title line; clarifies that requests for exception to policy must include the business need for the exception and samples of the stationery; clarifies that requests to change fonts, colors, and placement of information on the standard business card will not be considered; updates references; editorial and structural changes for clarity.

Section 200-10, UC Davis Administrative Organization Chart, 10/2/06.

September 2006

Section 270-45, Ticket Sales, 9/29/06.
Expands policy to encompass both Mondavi Center and UC Davis Ticket Office ticket sales; outlines policy regarding ticket sales through the Mondavi Center Ticket Office or the UC Davis Ticket Office, and procedures for ordering event ticket setup and reporting sales for events held on University property.

Section 270-60, UCD Support Groups, 9/7/06.
Updated to make consistent with UCOP policies; requires signed statement that cash-handling practices are consistent with UC policy; requires groups to provide IRS Form 990 if tax-exempt; requires an annual list of external bank account information to be submitted; clarifies support group roles in the offering of courses; requires that gift funds received by tax-exempt groups be transferred to The Regents or UC Davis Foundation within five working days; clarifies policy on acceptance of planned gifts; requires groups to provide accounting records regarding fundraising campaigns to the Chancellor annually; clarifies policy on use of external bank accounts; requires Chancellor to provide annual report to the President regarding support groups; editorial and structural changes for clarity.

Section 310-26, Distribution of Periodical Publications; Exhibit A, Agreement to Distribute Periodical Publications; Exhibit B, List of Student Affairs Operated Facilities, 9/7/06.
Revises policy to focus on time, place, and manner restrictions governing the bulk distribution of periodical publications on University property; provides policy statements based on recent legal rulings; specifically prohibits the denial of distribution agreements and disposal of publications for the purpose of censoring content; updates offices responsible for entering into license agreements with publishers/vendors; provides details regarding content of license agreements; removes list of distribution locations as specific information will be provided on the license agreement executed with the vendor; includes specifications for acceptable racks and containers; adds Exhibits A and B.

August 2006

Section 310-70, World Wide Web Standards; Exhibit A, Web Page Privacy Policy, 8/30/06
New--This section defines UC Davis policy for the use of electronic communication (EC) resources for World Wide Web communications and applications. This section supplements Sections 310-23 and 310-24 regarding campus electronic communications policy, and applies to all Web pages and Web-based services that use University-owned or -operated electronic communication resources.

Section 360-5, Parking Regulations, 8/17/06
Prohibits overnight parking as stated in the campus Traffic and Parking code; reestablishes the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee; provides options for purchase of permit; provides parking restrictions for students living in campus housing; includes information regarding permits for limited employees; updates name of PAF to IDOC; adds new housing complexes; revises information on retiree permits, courtesy permits, remote lot permits, disabled permits, and visitor permits; updates information regarding UCDMC visitor parking; updates names of Student Disability Center and Disability Management Services; adds prohibition of tampering with immobilization devices; clarifies that the Parking Services and the UCD Police Department can only enforce the sections of the Traffic and Parking code under their areas of jurisdiction; structural and editorial changes for clarity; provides references.

Section 330-09, Agency Account Services, 8/1/06
Provides new definition of principal; clarifies definition of authorized approver; excludes Associated Students from organizations who can establish an agency account; provides information on the responsibility of the approver for the different types of agency accounts; includes use of Purchasing Card and contracting of goods and services through CEVS in list of agency account services; clarifies that purchasing through the Purchasing department, UCD Buy, and use of payroll services require exceptional approval; clarifies that the policies and procedures of all associated services must be met if used; prohibits University funds from being deposited into agency accounts; provide information regarding abandoned accounts; updates procedures for establishing or changing an agency account; updates department names, position titles, and contact information; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

July 2006

Section 310-22, Exhibit A, UC Davis Safety Standards, 7/20/06
Updates campus cyber-safety standards revised by the Security Standards Workgroup.

Section 350-27, Furniture Program, 7/13/06.
New; replaces Section 350-15, General Rental Service; outlines the use, rental, and inventory policies governing the campus Furniture Program and procedures for ordering, billing, inspecting goods, and obtaining credit or exchange.

Section 350-15, General Rental Service.
DELETED: 7/13/06.

Section 350-29, Nonstandard Furnishings, 7/13/06.
Scheduled update; updates procedures to reflect introduction of UCD Buy; updates department names; updates references to include new Section 350-27.

Section 310-25, Distribution of Information and Literature, 6/12/06.
Removes information regarding posting on campus (moved to Section 310-27); provides additional background in policy statement that explains reasons for procedures; updates locations at which hand-distribution may take place on campus; removes requirement that distributed information identify organization or individual distributing; updates references and related policies.

Section 310-27, Posting of Information, 7/13/06.
New policy section containing information previously included in Section 310-25; outlines the policies and procedures regarding the posting of information on UCD properties; allows for organizations or individuals in violation of policy to be fined for the cost of clean-up or damage to property; updates references and related policies.

Section 200-20, Establishment or Revision of Academic Units; Exhibit A, Flow Chart--Approval Process for Academic Units, 7/13/06.
Revises section to describe the formal steps to be taken in preparation, transmittal, review, and implementation of proposals for the establishment or revision of an academic unit; removes information regarding academic programs (moved to Section 200-25); removes previous exhibits and adds flow chart of procedures as Exhibit A.

Section 200-25, Establishment or Revision of Academic Degree Programs; Exhibit A, Flow Chart--Approval Process for Academic Programs, 7/13/06.
Revises section to describe to formal steps to be taken in preparation, transmittal, review, and implementation of proposals for the establishment, transfer, or revision of an academic degree program; removes information regarding academic units (moved to Section 200-20); adds flow chart of procedures as Exhibit A.

Section 200-50, Name Changes for Campus Units, 2/8/05, rev. 7/13/06.
Technical Update: Removes information regarding name changes for academic units (moved to Sections 200-20).

Section 330-63, Expenditure Adjustments (Cost Transfers), 7/3/03, rev. 7/10/06.
Technical Update: Revises criteria for cost transfers to be completed within 120 days of the original charge; updates reference to Section 230-06.

June 2006

Section 260-50, Gift Fee: Assessment and Distribution, 7/25/05, rev. 6/29/06.
Technical Update: Removes reference to detailed gift fee procedures and provides information regarding proper use of gift forms to ensure that gift fee payments are assessed according to policy.

May 2006

Index, 5/17/06.

Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures, 5/16/06.
Adds references to CMS Conditions of Participation; updates position titles for Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor--Human Health Sciences/Dean--School of Medicine, and Chief Executive Officer--UCDMC.

Section 350-18, Acquisition of Government Excess and Surplus Property, 5/11/06.
Updates section title to more accurately describe purpose of section; provides additional restrictions regarding surplus passenger vehicles and equipment worth more than $5,000; updates procedures for acquisition; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

Section 370-20, Workers' Compensation, 5/11/06.
Provides definition of first aid; updates procedures for completing Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness and claim form; removes statutory penalties for failure to file claims; updates contact information for Employee Health Services and for Workers' Compensation unit; updates references; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 350-16, The Storehouses, 5/11/06.
Updates procedures to reflect changes in services due to introduction of UCD Buy; updates ordering and billing processes; editorial changes for clarity; updates contact information, references, and related policies; removes Exhibit A.

Section 290-70, Controlled Substances; Exhibit A, Controlled Substance Transfer, 5/11/06.
Adds definition of authorized custodian, temporary receiver, and end user; permits authorized custodian to use controlled substances; teaching removed as a dispensing restriction for pharmacies; revises procedures for procurement and receiving; clarifies information on procurement of Schedule I, Schedule II for human research, and substances for use at remote site procurement information; adds information on training; revises information on inventory; editorial and structural changes for clarity.

Section 310-23, Electronic Communications--Allowable Use; Exhibit A, Acceptable Use Policy, 5/9/06.
Divides former policy Section 310-16 into separate sections; Scope statement integrated into Purpose statement; removes definitions for electronic communication resource, holder (both defined in UC EC policy), and user (described in policy); modifies definitions of authorizing official and record to describe local specifications; simplifies definition of system administrator; adds definition of restricted personal information to implement CA Civil Code 1789.29; includes policy statements that guide remainder of section; structural and editorial changes for clarity and streamlining; modifies termination of affiliation provisions to provide for unlimited forwarding of email with biennial renewal of service; simplifies section on copyright infringement and references Section 250-05; updates references and related policies; includes information regarding protection of restricted personal information in Exhibit A; removes Exhibit B.

Section 310-24, Electronic Communications--Privacy and Access; Exhibit A, Request to Inspect, Monitor, or Disclose Electronic Records--Access with Consent; Exhibit B, Request to Inspect or Disclose Electronic Records--Access without Consent, 5/9/06.
Divides current policy Section 310-16 into separate sections; Scope statement integrated into Purpose statement; references Section 310-23 and UC EC policy for definitions; includes policy statements that guide remainder of section; structural and editorial changes for clarity and streamlining; provides additional information on when records can be accessed without consent; provides references to applicable policies regarding privacy protections; updates information regarding system monitoring and provides requirement for system administrators to report improper activities they witness; integrates authorization information into procedures; removes information on records management and notification for inclusion in more appropriate policy sections as needed; updates references and related policies; updates Exhibit B to provide more clear instruction regarding use and requirements.

DELETED 5/9/06, Section 310-16, Electronic Communications Policy, and corresponding exhibits.
Information can be found in Section 310-23 and 310-24.

Section 300-17, Transportation Expenses--Automobile, 9/15/04, rev. 5/4/06.
Technical Update: Removes reference to use of scrip tickets for bridge tolls. State bridges no longer accept scrip tickets.

April 2006

Section 200-06, Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 4/19/06.
Deadlines for the 2006-07 academic year.

Section 350-10, Procurement Authority, 9/3/05, rev. 4/14/06.
Technical Update: Revises procedures for review of unauthorized purchases.

Section 330-24, Budgeting for Employee Benefits, 4/13/06.
Provides policies and practices regarding responsibility for estimating, budgeting, and funding employee benefits associated with salary expense; provides procedures used to establish campus budgets that will ensure sufficient funding to cover the employee benefit costs associated with salaries.

March 2006

Index, 3/29/06.

Section 330-26, Funding of Staff Salary Actions, 3/17/06.
Revised to streamline section and reflect current policy and procedures; removes definitions and provides links to sources for definition; updates policy on unexpended funds; clarifies differences between salary actions for positions funded by core funds and non-core funds.

Section 200-05, Academic and Administrative Calendars, 3/14/06.
Academic year, 2007-08
Academic year, 2008-09
Academic year, 2009-10

DELETED 3/13/06: Section 320-15, Records Retention and Disposition.
Information can be found in Section 320-10.

DELETED 3/13/06: Section 320-25, University Archives Program.
Information can be found in Section 320-10.

Section 320-10, Records Management, Retention, and Disposition, 3/8/06.
Combines PPM Sections 320-10, 320-15, and 320-25 into a single section; describes the University Records Management Program and establishes procedures and responsibilities for the retention, disposition, and archive of records, assuring compliance with laws governing privacy and access to records.

Section 380-76, Honoraria and Other Additional Compensation, 3/6/06.
Scheduled update; updates INS to USCIS; clarifies that nonresident aliens receiving payment must complete a Statement of Citizenship Status; clarifies approvals required for honoraria; updates phone number for Accounts Payable; updates references.

Section 350-25, Procurement Through the Purchasing Department, 3/06/06.
Adds reference to Federal regulations; updates procedures; eliminates exhibits and provides links to forms online; editorial changes for clarity; updates references and related policies.

Section 350-21, Departmental Purchase Delegations, 3/6/06.
Incorporates higher $2,500 open vendor (OV) purchase delegation as defined in Directive 02-035; updates list of OV order restrictions; recognizes purchasing card program and UCD Buy as other types of purchase delegations; clarifies that revolving credit card applications are considered a vendor agreement that departments are not authorized to sign; describes department responsibility for the separation of purchasing, receiving, and reviewing financial report functions; provides that blanket requests must be submitted whenever a department spends more than $50,000 annually for a repetitively used commodity; increases petty cash purchase limit to $100 per vendor per day; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 380-17, Improper Governmental Activities/Whistleblower Protection; Exhibit A, Improper Activities Report Form; Exhibit B, Retaliation or Interference Report, 3/6/06.
Provides updated specific procedural guidance for filing reports of improper governmental activities (whistleblower complaints) or whistleblower retaliation or interference complaints at UC Davis; reports of activity characterized as misuse of University resources, formerly addressed in Section 330-95, now covered by these procedures; editorial and structural changes for clarity.

DELETED 3/7/06: Section 330-95, Misuse of University Resource.
Policy and procedure regarding misuse of University resources is covered in Section 380-17.

February 2006

Section 350-30, Lease, Rental, and Lease-Purchase of Equipment, 2/14/06
Adds reference to lending companies as potential source for financing a purchase; removes outdated information on financial reporting; editorial revisions to procedures for clarity; updates references.

Section 310-15, Mail Services, 2/14/06.
Reorganization and editorial changes for clarity; updates student housing locations; emphasizes that University mail service can be used only for official mail and that employees cannot send or receive personal mail through campus mail service; adds information regarding "One Shields Avenue" street address; removes information more appropriately supplied on Web site (hours of operation, specific fees for services, mail preparation information) and provides Web address for Mail Division; removes Exhibits and provides Web addresses for forms; updates information on requesting recharge IDs; updates contact persons at Mail Division; provides contact information for Risk Management services; updates references.

Section 320-22, Collection and Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers, 2/9/06.
Updates name of section; provides additional background regarding amendments to California Civil Code Section 1798.85; revises structure for clarity; updates approval authority as the Information Practices Coordinator; removes information regarding Social Security numbers on Student ID cards; provides information regarding confidentiality of Social Security numbers and general prohibitions regarding their use; updates contact information and references.

Section 380-30, Rehire of Retirees, 2/5/06.
Adds age 60 exception to rule against discussing post-employment reemployment before 30-day break in service; updates references.

Section 360-22, Land Assignments, 2/1/06.
Updates work group name; updates unit name; removes references to Agricultural Services Office; specifies that ORMP keeps records, coordinates with the Long Range Development Plan, and maintains information on current land assignments.

Section 380-16, Conflict of Interest and Exhibit A,Specialized University Policies, Guidelines, and Regulations Related to Conflict of Interest, 2/1/06.
Updates office for Conflict of Interest Coordinator; adds section on employee responsibilities regarding conflict of interest; updates list of references and related policies; updates list of policies provided in Exhibit A, removes summaries of policies and provides updated references to applicable local policies and procedures.

January 2006

Index, 1/25/06.

Section 380-06, Employment Eligibility Verification, 1/20/06.
Updates name of INS to USCIS; clarifies that departments must verify new employees' identities; includes information regarding retention period for I-9 after separation and procedures for reverification of former employees; requires departments to verify nonsalaried employees' eligibility to work within the U.S.; updates name of Payroll Services; updates procedures for filing completed I-9; updates references; removes Exhibit A.

Section 290-75, Radiological Safety--Health Physics, 1/9/06.
Clarifies that lasers, laser systems, and high intensity light sources are subject to this policy; updates members of the UCD Radiation Safety Administrative Advisory Committee; revises name of Crocker Nuclear Laboratory Radiation Use Committee to Campus Cyclotron Radiation Use Committee; removes information regarding McClellan Nuclear Safety Committee; clarifies that PI may be named on RUA, MUA, or LUA; clarifies responsibilities of EH&S; adds information and responsibilities of the Director of Health Physics Program; adds references and related policies; editorial changes for clarity.

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