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2008 PPM Revisions


Section 380-80, Elder and Dependent Abuse, 12/19/08.
Updates reporting procedures.

Section 380-81, Child Abuse, 12/19/08.
Updates reporting procedures; updated department names.

Section 290-85, Electrical Safety, 12/18/08.
Editorial and structural changes for clarity; provides additional information regarding lockout/tagout; describes student responsibilities; updates department names; provides additional information regarding combustible containers; restricts work within electrical panels or load-rated switchgear to Facilities Management; provides contact information for additional information.

Section 350-17, Use of Agricultural Field Support Services, 12/2/08.
Reorganizes the section for additional clarity; updates department name and position titles throughout; provides contact information for further information; adds references and related policies.


Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures, 11/2/08.
Includes Primary Care Network Clinics as part of the system; updates name of Joint Commission, Governance Advisory Council, titles of Vice Chancellor--Human Health Sciences/Dean--School of Medicine, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Medical Officer; removes reference to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor as the governing body and provides reference to UCD DA 500 to identify the governing body; updates reference to Regents Bylaw 12.7(i).


Section 290-10, Smoke-Free Policy, 9/17/08.
Increases non-smoking areas to within 25 feet of entrances or outdoor gathering areas to meet LEED certification requirements; minor structural updates for clarity.

Section 200-05, Academic and Administrative Calendars, 9/5/08.
Academic year 2011-12
Academic year 2012-13
Academic year 2013-14
Academic year 2014-15
Academic year 2015-16


Section 290-32, Minors in University Facilities; Exhibit A, Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement; Exhibit B, Project Checklist for Minors Performing Research in Laboratories, 8/25/08.
New; outlines policy and procedure governing minors in University facilities where hazardous chemicals, biohazards or infectious materials, radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment are used or stored or where physical hazards exist (i.e., compressed gasses, high voltage, extreme temperatures, excessive noise, lasers, etc.).

Section 290-70, Controlled Substances; Exhibit A, Controlled Substance Transfer, 8/18/08.
Technical update: Updates unit names, phone numbers and web addresses in the policy and exhibit to reflect the transfer of oversight of the controlled substances program from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).

Section 390-15, Emergency Alert Notification, 8/11/08.
New; provides the policy and procedures for activation of the emergency alert system and the circumstances under which the system would be activated.

Section 220-03, Anatomical Specimens, 8/9/08.
Technical update: Updates policy to prohibit transportation of anatomical specimens by private vehicle on campus, and restricts manner of transport in University vehicles; adds approval requirement for using specific methods of transportation on specific projects.

Section 340-09, Sales and Reimbursement of University Supplies and Services, 8/8/08.
Technical update: Removed a reference to initiating a Business Agreement Request and Data Sheet (BARDS), and updated to initiating a DAFIS Requisition document; updated contact information for the Business Contracts office.

Section 260-25, Gift Processing and Acknowledgement Procedures, 8/5/08.
Major update; structural and editorial changes for clarity; provides needed definitions; clarifies requirements for gift acknowledgement; updates categories of gifts and specific procedures to follow for acceptance; provides additional contact information and references; removes exhibits.


Chapter 390, Emergency Management and Campus Security has been created and the following sections have been renumbered (7/18/08):

  • Section 290-04, Maintenance of Order has been renumbered 390-20.
  • Section 290-05, Campus Emergency Policy has been renumbered 390-10.
  • Section 290-07, Suspension of Individuals During Declared State of Emergency has been renumbered 390-25.
  • Section 290-08, Terrorist Acts Targeting Research has been renumbered 390-35.
  • Section 290-09, Violence, Threats, and Disruption in the Workplace has been renumbered 390-30.
  • Section 290-20, Fire Safety has been renumbered 390-40.

Preface, 7/2/08.
Technical update: Updates name of Administrative Policy Unit.

Section 240-01 has been renumbered--see 220-05.

Chapter 240 has been renamed Research Involving Human Subjects.


Section 350-26, Acquisition of Computers, Computing Equipment, and Commercial Software, 6/30/08.
DELETED: Policy section obsolete. Information on departmental purchases can be found in Section 350-21 or Section 350-25. Information regarding computer software licenses can be found in Section 250-03.

Section 380-56, Staff Emergency Loan Fund; Exhibit A, Staff Employee Emergency Loan Request, 6/27/08.
Responsibility transferred from Human Resources to Accounting and Financial Services; specifies that this program is for staff employees, and refers academic appointees and students to other emergency load fund programs; establishes a $5,000 limit on loan amounts; updates procedures for application and approval of emergency loan; structural and editorial updates for clarity.

Section 230-04, Approval Requirements of The Regents and Office of the President, 6/16/08.
Organizational and editorial changes for clarity; removes requirement of Regental approval for proposals with an annual budget exceeding $2,000,000 in direct costs, matching funds in excess of current campus operating levels, or proposals for more than seven years; removes requirement of Office of the President approval for acquisition of computer equipment; clarifies role of Office of Research in review of proposals; provides contact information for further information; provides references and related policies.

Section 230-05, Individual Conflicts of Interest Involving Research; Exhibit A, Procedures for Reporting, Reviewing, and Managing Conflicts of Interest in Research, 6/16/08.
Removes information regarding select officials; removes Conflict of Interest Committee’s additional monitoring of select officials (designated officials are already subject to disclosure under PPM Section 380-16); clarifies that a proposed management plan may not be required in all cases; clarifies that it is at the Vice Chancellor--Research’s discretion to appoint a monitor or management sub-committee for oversight; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 300-31, Davis-Berkeley Intercampus Bus, 6/9/08.
Reorganized for clarity; prohibits transport of hazardous, flammable, infectious, or explosive materials; updates reservation procedures; changes cancellation requirement to 8 hours prior to reservation; clarifies that tickets must be purchased before boarding the bus; provides information regarding allowable carryon items and available cargo storage.


Section 280-20, Voluntary Campus-Based Student Fees, 5/21/08.
New; contains information formerly in Section 280-15 regarding establishing, changing, eliminating, and allowable uses of voluntary campus-based student fees.

Section 280-15, Compulsory Campus-based Student Fees and Referendum Elections, 5/21/08.
Updates title to more accurately reflect content of section; removes information regarding voluntary campus-based student fees (now in Section 280-20); includes information regarding percentage of fees required to be set aside for need-based financial aid; provides information regarding referendum that will fund construction or renovation of a campus facility; updates information regarding required voting pools; updates information regarding required separation of ballot measures; updates references; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

Section 360-15, Art in Public Places, 5/12/08.
Provides definitions of zone 1 and zone 2 at the beginning of the policy; reorganizes section to provide clear policy statements; updates membership of the Art in Public Places Work Group; reorganizes section to highlight responsibilities; splits acquisition and siting procedures into separate headings; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 220-02, Human Stem Cell Research, 5/8/08.
Technical update: Modifies description of responsibilities and corrects contact information to reflect transition of stem cell research oversight process from the IRB to Research Compliance.

Section 210-75, Preparation of Manuscripts and Theses, 5/5/08.
DELETED: Policy section obsolete.


Section 260-15, Solicitation and Acceptance of Private Support, 4/28/08.
Updates definitions; updates policy statements to refer to Presidential delegation of authority 2011, provide information on gift fees, and discuss the University's legal obligations in administering support; reorganizes policy to highlight procedures for solicitation and acceptance and corresponding responsibilities; clarifies that authority to solicit or accept gifts is delegated through DA 2011; requires solicitation materials to be reviewed by the Development Office; clarifies that gifts acquired through the online automated gift acceptance process must still be submitted to University Relations for formal acceptance; updates department names and titles; updates references; removes exhibits.

Section 260-35, Donor Recognition, 4/28/08.
Clarifies that policy applies to private support; updates department names; removes requirement that Gifts Acceptance Office review rosters prior to publication; clarifies that published rosters must be consistent with official records maintained by Advancement Services; removes required that media announcements are restricted to specifically defined special gifts; requires media announcements to be in compliance with Section 310-40; required college/school and University Development approval for announcements of gifts of $100,000 or more; provides references and related policies; organizational and editorial changes for clarity.

Section 330-57, Departmental Cashiering Operations--Cash Collections, 4/21/08.
Technical update: Updates the source for official endorsement stamps from Central Storehouse to Internal Control.

Section 380-71, Independent Contractor Agreements, 4/15/08.
Technical update: Removes Human Resources from the review procedure for pre-hire determinations; updates the title of and link to the pre-hire worksheet.

Section 350-20, Procurement and Use of Tax-Free Ethyl Alcohol; Exhibit A, Conditions of Use of Tax-Free Alcohol, 4/11/08.
Reassigns authority over conducting user record audits from Environmental Health and Safety to the Controls and Accountability Division of Accounting and Financial Services; requires storage in flammable liquid cabinets; provides reference to the Fire Department for best practices on storage; requires labels on tax-free alcohol stored in containers other than the original; clarifies prohibitions on selling tax-free alcohol; requires departments to obtain authorization for purchase from Central Storehouse rather than Environmental Health and Safety; provides information regarding disposal of empty containers; provides additional information regarding record keeping; updates references; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 200-06, 2008-09 Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 4/7/08.
Provides deadlines for various reports and materials required throughout the 2008-09 year to help personnel plan for possible workload fluctuations.

Section 370-40, University Liability for Personal Property, 4/2/08.
Provides additional procedural information regarding filing claims for damages; updates contact information; updates references; minor editorial and organizational changes for clarity.

Section 320-30, Legal Notices, 4/2/08.
Modifies definition of subpoena; provides clear policy statement; clarifies that items previously identified as guidelines are required procedures; updates contact information; updates information regarding acceptance of subpoena duces tecum; updates references; organizational and editorial changes for clarity.


Section 270-21, Sales, Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, 3/18/08.
Organizational and editorial changes for clarity; changes section title to reflect scope of information provided lists additional facilities where permits may be obtained; clarifies differences between licenses and permits and provides additional procedures for applications; updates references.

Section 290-27, Hazardous Substances Communication Program, 3/18/08.
Updates definitions; updates policy statements; makes department heads responsible for maintenance of Chemical Inventory System for their areas; requires supervisors or principal investigators to complete annual Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) self-audits and to provide access to appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for hazardous substances in their areas; requires Environmental Health and Safety to submit required chemical inventories to Yolo and Sacramento counties; provides procedures for hazardous chemical inventories and CUPA self-audits; provides option for obtaining MSDSs by fax; clarifies information on the maintenance of MSDSs; updates information on labeling hazardous substance containers; updates references and related policies.

Section 220-02, Human Stem Cell Research, 3/14/08.
Removes definitions; clarifies that the policy applies to all stem cell research regardless of type; removes review authority of the IRB and provides authority to the Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee; provides conscientious objector information; removes role of Vice Chancellor--Human Health Sciences in appointing committee members; clarifies responsibilities of IRB; provides role and responsibilities of SCRO Committee; updates responsibilities of PIs; removes responsibilities of HASTOC; provides information regarding violations of policy; updates contact information; updates references.

Section 310-22, UC Davis Cyber-Safety Program; Exhibit A, UC Davis Security Standards, 3/5/08.
Technical update: Revises definition of personal information at I.E. Personal Information, to comply with a change in state law and University policy.

Section 200-45, Development and Review of Administrative Computing Systems, 3/3/08.
Technical update: Updates links at V.C., Review Process and at VI., Further Information.


Section 260-40, Memorial/ Commemorative Funds, 2/27/08.
Provides additional definitions for terms used in policy; provides clear policy statement; adds policy statement regarding commemorative benches or trees; reorganizes policy to provide sections describing the types of memorial funds and procedures for establishing and reporting contributions to funds; updates contact information; provides references and related policies.

Section 260-20, Fund Raising for the University, 2/19/08.
DELETED: Campus, college, and school specific campaigns were replaced by the initiation of the "one campaign." Information regarding the "one campaign" is available from University Relations. Information regarding general solicitation is covered by Section 260-15.

Section 330-15, Documentation Required in Support of Financial Transactions, 2/6/08.
DELETED: Information regarding record retention is available in Section 320-10 and in the UC Records Disposition Schedules Manual.


Section 330-12, Departmental Check Distribution; Exhibit A, Authorization for Release of Check to an Agent and Agent's Receipt for Check, 1/29/08.
Clarifies that a valid government-issued photo ID is the proper identification required to verify identity; editorial and structural changes for clarity.

Section 310-22, Exhibit A, UC Davis Security Standards, 1/10/08.
Technical update: clarifies information regarding providing personal information to private or government agencies; provides updated information regarding firewalls.

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