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PPM Revisions


Section 270-21, Sales, Service, and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, 12/10/09.
Technical Update: revises department name to Campus Event Services (CES); updates Silo Pub to Gunrock Pub; updates position titles of Associate Vice Chancellor--Campus Planning and Community Resources and Vice Chancellor--Administrative & Resource Management.

Section 390-30, Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace, 12/6/09.
Renames the policy section; updates purpose and clarifies that reports of sexual harassment or discrimination will be handled under the appropriate policy; provides definition of behaviors that constitute disruptive behavior; updates reporting procedures and University response to reports of disruptive behavior; provides information about the workplace violence hotline; clarifies roles and responsibilities; updates references.

Section 390-25, Suspension of Individuals During a Declared State of Emergency, 12/2/09.
Updates references to related policies; provides direct reference and link to UCD DA 600, which delegates authority to impose emergency suspension; updates position title of Vice Chancellor--Administrative and Resource Management; structural and editorial changes for clarity; no changes to Exhibit A.


Section 290-80, Diving Safety Program, 11/17/09.
Updates responsible department to Bodega Marine Laboratory; updates all references from Director--EH&S to Director--Bodega Marine Lab; changes reporting of Diving Safety Officer and Diving Control Board to Vice Chancellor--Research.

Section 290-60, Occupational and Preventive Medicine, 11/10/09.
Updates unit name to Occupational Health Services; updates reference to the Request and Authorization for Medical Services form; minor editorial changes.


Section 290-06, Safety Standards and Interactions with Regulatory Agencies, 11/2/05; reissued 10/15/09.
Policy reissued with minor update to position title.


Section 360-35, Security Alarms, 9/25/09.
Updates name of Facilities Management; removes provision for the chief of police to meet with departments regarding alarm system requests; provides for departments to request a meeting with chief of police when alarm request is not approved; lists documents and information required prior to activating alarms; provides additional information regarding police department response to activated alarms; provides additional contact information.

Section 290-75, Radiological Safety--Health Physics, 9/23/09.
Technical Update: replaces reference to Director--Environmental Health and Safety with Associate Vice Chancellor--Safety Services.

Section 350-50, Classification of Inventorial Equipment, 9/18/09.
Increases acquisition value of inventorial equipment to $5,000; provides additional information for reporting of inventorial equipment under a contract or grant with a value less than $5,000; provides information regarding add-on parts; makes supplies and noninventorial accessories acquired with initial equipment purchase and required to make the equipment useful inventorial; allows spare parts acquired at the time of initial equipment purchase to be included in the price of the equipment; clarifies that departments are responsible for both inventorial and noninventorial equipment; removes category of inventorial theft-sensitive equipment; provides additional guidance and recommendations on monitoring and control of noninventorial items; removes list of items that are noninventorial regardless of cost; removes specific list of building parts not normally classified as inventorial; provides additional contact information and references.

Section 330-11, Departmental Financial Administrative Controls and Separation of Duties, 9/10/09.
Clarifies that Post Authorization Notifications are Web-based; removes option to review General Ledger accounts on paper; editorial changes.

Section 330-90, Collection of Accounts Receivable; Exhibit A, Sample Dunning Letter to Students; Exhibit B, Sample Dunning Letters to Employees, Former Students, and General Public.
Adds definition for uncollectible; clarifies that departments are responsible for collection procedures for all accounts maintained in DaFIS; adds information regarding litigation; reorganized for clarity; updates references; adds information to final dunning notice that an individual may request an administrative review of a delinquent account.

Section 360-55, University Airport, 9/10/09.
Updates list of services provided, removing those services that have been discontinued; includes references to federal and state agencies whose regulations impact the airport; revises reference to noise abatement regulations to clarify that they are advisory procedures; removes restriction on ultralight aircraft and hang glider use of the airport; clarifies that overnight fees apply to use of tie-downs; updates references.

Section 390-40, Fire Safety, 9/10/09.
Updates references from UCDMC to UCDHS; updates UCDHS emergency call number; requires off-site facilities to contact the Fire Department after they contact local emergency responders; removes reference to Associate Vice Chancellor--Safety Services; provides reference to Fire Nets for information regarding permits; updates references.

Section 300-31, Davis-Berkeley Intercampus Bus, 9/10/09.
Technical Update: revises procedures for reservations.

Section 380-12, Sexual Harassment; Exhibit A, Complaint Form; Exhibit B, Sexual Harassment Procedures Flow Chart; Exhibit C, UC Davis Complaint Resolution and Grievance Procedures Information; Exhibit D, Disciplinary Procedures Information, 8/28/09.
Major revision; provides the primary procedures for students, faculty, staff, or others to report allegations of sexual harassment, and procedures for responding to such reports.

Section 200-10, UCD Administrative Organizational Chart, 9/1/09.
Updated to reflect current campus organization and leadership.


Section 330-86, Course Materials Fees; Exhibit A, Departmental Request for Materials Fee Waiver, 8/21/09.
Clarifies that proposals are submitted by the dean to the Course Materials Fee Committee; requires dean to request elimination of a course materials fee for an entire course section prior to the start of the term; removes automatic exemption of course materials fee for Pell Grant eligible students; requires student to seek waiver through the department by the 20th day of instruction; updates unit and committee names; structural and editorial updates for clarity and consistency; updates references; adds Exhibit A.

Section 380-16, Conflict of Interest, 8/19/09.
Technical Update: adds suggested language to be included in recruitment materials for designated officials; removes reference to PPSM UCD Procedure 82 from Exhibit A.

Section 210-15, University Extension Programs--Distribution of Concurrent (Open Campus) Course Income, 8/14/09.
Scheduled update; clarifies that the Concurrent Program is also known as UC Davis Open Campus; removes obsolete references; structural updates.

Section 210-06, Continuing Education, 8/14/09.
Scheduled update; removes obsolete references; removes exemption for programs for which no fee is charged from definition of continuing education program; minor editorial and structural changes.


Section 320-20, Privacy of and Access to Information, 7/8/09.
Technical Update: corrects allowable charge (10 cents) for photocopying records requested pursuant to the Information Practices Act. This update does not affect the allowable charge (20 cents) for photocopying records requested pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

Section 360-05, Parking Regulations, 7/1/09.
Technical Update: revises regulations on acquisition and use of retiree parking permits.


Section 290-95, Pesticide Applications, 5/20/09.
Moves definition of pesticide from initial policy statement to definitions section; clarifies requirements for personnel to obtain cholinesterase level readings; clarifies that a Restricted Materials Permit is not required when material is being used for experimental purposes; adds information about the use of genetically engineered/modified organisms for research and experimental applications; removes requirement that unregistered use of pesticides be reported to EH&S 24 hours in advance; adds references and related policies; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

PPM Index, 5/19/09.
Extensive updates to reflect current policies.

Section 270-05, Campus Organizations, 5/18/09.
Scheduled review; provides description of Campus Recreation Student Organizations in place of Sports Clubs; updates names of currently registered student organizations; updates names current support groups; updates references and related policies.

Section 310-55, University Stationery and Business Cards, 5/18/09.
Technical Update: removes references to notepads; changes procedures to require requests for exceptions to be submitted to University Communications.

Section 310-22, UC Davis Cyber-Safety Program; Exhibit A, UC Davis Security Standards, 5/14/09.
Removes reference to July 2006 start date for reports; updates Exhibit A to require an annual physical security/risk assessment to be completed for rooms containing servers hosting applications with essential or restricted functions or information; removes reference to Level 1 and Level 2 priorities.

Section 350-19, Procurement, Use, and Maintenance of Microscopes, 5/13/09.
Technical Update: Updated contact phone number.

Section 320-20, Privacy of and Access to Information, 5/11/09.
Clarifies that this policy applies to student records except when inconsistent with FERPA; requires the University to provide an estimate for when requested records will be made available; raises charges for copies to 20 cents per page; updates references.

Section 290-16, Ergonomics Program, 5/7/09.
Provides reference to UCDHS policy; clarifies standards for targeting jobs or processes for intervention; includes Occupational Health as a resource for assisting with evaluations; clarifies that employees may use their personal physician for work-related injuries if a Designation of Physician form is on file prior to the injury; editorial changes.

Section 290-90, Animal Control on Campus, 5/7/09.
Scheduled update; revises definition of service dog; updates contact information for reporting animal control issues, pest control issues, and carcass removal.

Section 350-19, Procurement, Use, and Maintenance of Microscopes, 5/3/09.
Provides definitions of departmentally owned microscopes and pool microscopes; clarifies how rental rates are determined; clarifies how rental rates for pool microscopes purchased by exception with departmental funds are determined; clarifies requirements for storage of microscopes during nonuse; allows department to choose payment plan for lost microscopes; requires microscope rental request to be submitted in writing; requires departments to assist Microscope Services in locating microscopes and accessories for inventory; provides contact information; editorial and structural changes for clarity.


Section 330-09, Agency Account Services, 4/16/09.
Technical Update: Changes approval authority for faculty organizations and activities agency accounts from the Vice Provost--Academic Personnel to the Deans.

Section 200-06, 2009-10 Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 4/9/09.
Provides deadlines for various reports and materials required throughout the 2009-10 academic year to help personnel plan for possible workload fluctuations.

Section 390-10, Campus Emergency Policy, 4/2/09.
Major revision; updates definition of emergency; provides definition of critical business functions; provides updated policy statements and responsibilities of emergency responders to maintain a state of readiness to manage emergencies; provides reference to PPSM 46 regarding administrative leave with pay during a declared state of emergency; clarifies vice chancellor/vice provost/dean responsibilities to oversee health and safety in their units; clarifies department head responsibilities in maintaining emergency, safety, and business continuity plans; describes EOC response in an emergency situation; describes procedures during closure/suspension of activities; provides contact information for further information; updates references.

Section 290-86, Hazardous Operations, 4/2/09.
Adds information regarding soldering and brazing; updates Web site links; removes EH&S responsibility for maintaining an inventory of confined spaces; minor editorial/structural changes; updates references.


Section 380-21, Employee Organization Access Regulations, 3/23/09.
Clarifies that references to Employee and Labor Relations refer to either the Davis campus or UCDHS as appropriate; clarifies registration procedures; clarifies definitions of nonwork areas and nonwork status; requires employee organization representative contact department head to verify work status of employees prior to contact; adds student residence halls as a secured facility not open to the public; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

Section 360-21, Space Resource Allocation and Usage, 3/20/09.
Combines sections 360-21, Campuswide Space Allocation and Evaluation, and 360-23, Space Assignments by Department; clarifies evaluative criteria for allocation of space to campus units; simplifies guidelines for academic department assignment of space; updates procedures for requests for additional space; provides Vice Chancellor--Resource Management and Planning with authority to approve requests for additional space under 2,500 square feet; removes annual review; implements space inventory procedures and clarifies that deans/vice chancellors/vice provosts are responsible for ensuring accurate reporting of space inventory; include contact information for further information; provides references and related policies.

Section 360-23, Space Assignments by Department, 3/20/09.
DELETED: Information included in Section 360-21, Space Resources Allocation and Usage.

Section 280-01, Student Conduct and Discipline, 3/9/09.
Technical Update: Updates policy to include information from directive 88-128 requiring students to be enrolled in order to attend class, or to audit with approval of the instructor.

Section 230-05, Individual Conflicts of Interest Involving Research, 3/9/09.
Technical Update: Updates definition of key personnel (removes independently from phrase, ". . . who is independently responsible . . .") to be compliant with systemwide policy.


Section 330-80, Entertainment and Hospitality with University-Controlled Funds; Exhibit A, Rates for Entertainment; Exhibit B, Declaration of Missing Receipt, 2/19/09.
Removes exhibits for exceptional approval; updates definition of official host; defines entertainment that requires additional approval; updates entertainment that requires exceptional approval; clarifies which reports must be submitted electronically and which must be submitted via paper EEV; updates procedures for submitting both electronic and paper reports; clarifies process for submitting report for entertainment while on travel status; editorial changes to exhibit B.

Section 330-21, Medical and Veterinary Housestaff Budgeting and Enrollment, 2/17/09.
DELETED: Obsolete policy; housestaff enrollment and budgeting is decentralized to deans; ORMP does not use the counts for any policy or resource decisions.

Section 200-45, Development and Review of Administrative Computing Systems, 2/11/09.
Defines domain convener; removes role of ad hoc review group; defines additional responsibilities of Vice Provost--IET; requires project sponsor to respond to reviewer feedback and recommendations; replaces role of Administrative Computing Coordinating Committee with Administrative IT Governance Board and removes certain responsibilities; makes the project sponsor and Administrative IT Governance Board responsible for appointing oversight committee; clarifies procedures in review process; provides information regarding conceptual proposals; adds references.

Section 380-16, Exhibit A, Specialized University Policies, Guidelines, and Regulations Related to Conflict of Interest, 2/9/09.
Technical Update: Adds reference to UC Policy on Health Care Vendor Relations.

Section 310-30, Directives, 2/3/09.
Updates procedures to reflect changes to approval and distribution; removes definition of and references to announcements; refines definition of directives; requires policies modified by directives to be updated within 12 months of issuance; clarifies that issuing department is the office of record; establishes that only two years of directives will be maintained online to comply with the records disposition schedule; removes reference to electronic communications representative; removes reference to directives listserv; removes requirements for addressing directives to reflect that all directives are distributed to every employee; includes deadline for submitting directive for approval in time for Friday distribution; updates posting and distribution information; removes option for hard copy distribution; provides contact information for University Communications; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

Section 240-30, Data Safety Monitoring Plans, 2/2/09.
New; provides the policy and procedures for developing a data safety monitoring plan (DSMP) to provide a mechanism for ensuring subject safety and the validity and integrity of research data.

Section 350-22, Purchasing Cards, 11/21/07, rev. 2/2/09.
Technical Update: Clarifies that lost or stolen purchasing cards shall be reported to the account manager, and that theft of the card shall be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency; clarifies that unauthorized transactions shall be reported to the bank and account manager; clarifies that purchasing cards must be turned over to the account manager if the cardholder leaves the department or University; clarifies that improper governmental activities must be reported to the LDO as described in Section 380-17; clarifies that University employees must cooperated with investigations into suspected fraud or improper governmental activities.

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