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PPM Revisions

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2011 Revisions


Section 310-20, Printing and Duplicating; 12/16/11.
DELETED: Information on printing and duplicating services provided by Repro Graphics is available at http://reprographics.ucdavis.edu/.

Section 380-57, Emergency Payroll Payments to Employees; 12/7/11.
Reissued with no changes.

Section 350-29, Nonstandard Furnishings; 12/2/11.
Clarifies ordering procedures for nonstandard furnishings; removes reference to deleted policy.

Section 310-55, University Stationary and Business Cards; 12/1/11.
Streamlines and simplifies policy, removing detailed design information enforced by Repro Graphics; reorganized to clarify information on exceptions, approval authorities, and nonstandard requests that do not require an exception; removes exhibits providing samples (provided on Repro Graphics web site).


Section 270-20, Use and Reservation of University Properties/Event Arrangements; 11/13/11.
Updates list of properties that maybe reserved; updates department names/position titles; streamlines policy, providing reference to those regulations established by UCOP policy; reorganized for simplification and clarity.


Section 230-06, Advance Account Request; 10/27/11.
Minor updates for clarity.

Section 270-05, Campus Organizations; Exhibit A, Constituent Organizations and Student Government; Exhibit B, Registered Student Organizations; Exhibit C, Campus Interest Groups; 10/12/11.
Consolidates PPM Sections 270-05 through 270-08 into a single document; reorganizes and streamlines, providing the general policy that applies to all campus organizations in the main document, and the information specific to Constituent Organizations, Student Governments, Registered Student Organizations, and Campus Interest Groups (e.g., registration information, privileges, financial information) into individual exhibits to the policy.

Section 380-75, Intercampus Employment Transfers, Appointments, and One-Time Payments; 10/4/11.
DELETED: See UC Accounting Manual Chapter P-196-38, Payroll: Interlocation Transfers and
, for information.

Section 390-35, Terrorist Acts Targeting Research; 10/4/11.
DELETED: Procedure obsolete since implementation of Emergency Notification System (see Section 390-15).


Section 330-26, Funding of Staff Salary Actions; 9/27/11.
Reissued with updates to department names and links to references.

Section 360-22, Land Assignments; 9/27/11
Reissued with corrections to department names; minor structural change for consistency.

Section 330-24, Budgeting for Employee Benefits; 9/27/11
Reissued with updates to department name and link to composite benefit rates.

Section 230-01, Private Support of Research; 9/22/11.
Reorganized and streamlined for clarity; adds references to OMB Circular A-21; clarifies that funds may be designated as residual funds only after full F&A rates have been paid on the entire reward, including any funds remaining after completion of the project; clarifies that agreements must be approved by either Sponsored Programs or Health System Contracts as identified in DA 2036; updates references.

Section 250-15, Patents and Material Transfers; 9/15/11
Structural and editorial changes to streamline and for clarity; provides information regarding material transfers and confidentiality agreements; simplifies procedures; updates references and hyperlinks.

Section 330-16, Operating Budget Process; 9/28/11.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete and will be replaced in 2012/13. Current campus direction on the campus operating budget can be found at http://budget.ucdavis.edu/budget-planning.


Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures; 9/7/11.
Technical Update: Modifies phrasing of II.D.

Section 230-04, Approval Requirements of The Regents and Office of the President; 8/26/11.
Minor changes for clarity.

Section 230-03, Indirect Costs/Facilities and Administration (F&A) Costs; 8/26/2011.
Reorganizes document for clarity; updates procedures to reflect current position titles.

Section 330-63, Expenditure Adjustments (Cost Transfers); 8/29/11.
Removes DaFIS-specific information; specifies that transfers will be processed to Federal and Federal flow-through accounts later than 120 days from the close of the ledger in which the original charge posts to the ledger; updates links to references.

Section 310-15, Mail Services; 8/25/2011.
Removes reference to the daily mail delivery; minor changes for clarity; references Mail Division Web site for more detailed procedures.

Section 290-70, Controlled Substances; 8/25/11.
Technical Update: Adds procedural information regarding semi-annual inventory verifications.

Section 350-95, Sharing of Scientific Equipment; 8/25/11.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Section 350-96, Funding for Major Repairs of Scientific Equipment; 8/25/11.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Section 210-65, Postdoctoral Study; 8/4/11.
DELETED: See the collective bargaining agreement at http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/employees/policies_employee_labor_relations/collective_bargaining_units/post_docs/agreement.htm.

Section 350-27, Furniture Program; 8/2/11.
DELETED: Information regarding the furniture program is available on their Web site (http://furniture.ucdavis.edu/).


Section 340-09, Sales of University Goods and Services to Non-University Users; 7/25/11.
Streamlines the process for sales to non-University users; increases the annual sales amount that a department can authorize from $500/year to $5,000/year; provides links to resource information regarding determination of Unrelated Business Income; eliminates redundant procedures and instead points to relevant policy sections.

Section 320-10, Records Management Program; 7/13/11.
Reissued with no changes.

Section 320-22, Collection and Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers; 7/13/11.
Reissued with no changes.

Section 290-70, Controlled Substances; Exhibit A, Controlled Substance Transfer; Exhibit B, Personnel Screening Program, Authorization Form; 7/8/11.
Significant revision to maintain compliance with systemwide policy; definitions added to provide clear understanding and guidance; responsibilities section rewritten to provide clear guidance to all employees involved with controlled substances; minor revisions to the procurement section; training program requirements changed to include all individuals who have access or use controlled substances; requirement to implement a Faculty Screening Program has been added to the policy; requirement for staff background checks has been added to the policy; minor revisions to the storage and use section; minor revisions to the biennial inventory section; minor revisions to the disposal section; requirements for imports, exports, intrastate and Intrastate use of controlled substances added; procedure for terminating use of controlled substances added; procedure for reporting an illicit activity added; requirements for research involving human subjects and controlled substances added; requirement for auditing and monitoring of the controlled substance storage sites has added.


Section 350-80, Disposition of Surplus Property; 6/21/11.
Major revision to align with updated systemwide policy BUS-38; eliminates additional requirements for items with an original acquisition value of $10,000 or more; adds information about clearing electronic storage media; clarifies procedures for the various disposal methods; removes R-4 from role in donation process; editorial and structural changes for clarity; updates references.

Section 290-52, Heat Illness Prevention; 6/21/11.
New; outlines the policy and procedures for the prevention of heat illness to ensure all employees working outdoors are protected from heat illness and are knowledgeable regarding methods of prevention.


Section 340-21, Service Agreements Between Campus Units; 5/23/11.
DELETED: Contact Jason Stewart for unit-specific information.

Section 290-27, Hazardous Substances Communications Program; 5/9/11.
Updates definition of hazardous substance by providing reference to California Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 339; requires departments engaged in incidental or routine use of hazardous substances to maintain a written hazardous communication program; adds responsibility for department head to prepare and maintain a written program and communicate the program to employees; clarifies that Environmental Health and Safety administers the Hazard Communication Program for field stations, remote areas, and for the teaching and research functions located in Sacramento; updates Web site addresses.


Section 200-06, 2011-12 Academic and Administrative Deadlines; 4/8/11.
Provides deadlines for various reports and materials required throughout the 2011-12 academic year to help personnel plan for possible workload fluctuations.

Section 330-55, Departmental Cashiering Operations; 4/15/11.
Combines Sections 330-55 through 330-58 and 330-60 into a single, streamlined document (330-59 maintained separately); removes information appropriately established in other policy sections and provides references to those sections; removes redundant information; clarifies that in-person delivery of coin and currency deposits must be made in dual custody; moves information related to security of cash and cash equivalents to Section 330-59; updates references and related policies.

Section 330-59, Departmental Cashiering Operations Physical Security; 4/15/11.
Streamlines policy by providing direct reference to information already contained in Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-49; includes information from Sections 330-55 through 330-58 regarding physical security of cash and cash equivalents, including information regarding employment requirements and reporting loss or fraud; provides appropriate references.


330-24, Financial and Budgeting Services - Budgeting for Employee Benefits; 4/13/06, rev. 3/23/11.
Technical update: Updates link to information regarding Central Benefits Pool.

330-86, Course Materials and Services Fees; 330-86a, Departmental Request for Course Materials and Services Fee Waiver; 3/11/11.
Streamlines policy, providing reference to DA 2557 for definition of course materials and service fees; reorganizes procedural information for review and approval of fees; provides reference to the Budget and Institutional Analysis Web site, and to the Class Schedule and Registration guide for additional information; updates exhibit to include submission deadline of 20th day of instruction; transfers policy responsibility from Undergraduate Studies to Budget and Institutional Analysis.


340-25, Recharge Activities; 1/25/11.
Major revision; provides information regarding the approval and review of recharge activities; removes specific information regarding development of rates, providing reference to separate documents maintained on the Budget and Institutional Analysis Website; updates references and related policies.

230-02, Eligibility to Undertake Sponsored Research; 1/14/11.
Refers to DA 2036 for solicitation authority; updates the list of individuals eligible by special request to be consistent with systemwide policy; updates the process for requesting eligibility by exception, clarifying required endorsements, approvals, and responsibilities; provides references.

200-10, UCD Administrative Organizational Chart; 1/27/11.
DELETED: The Administrative Organizational Chart is now maintained at http://www.ucdavis.edu/administration/. Direct link: http://www.ucdavis.edu/downloads/ucdavis_organization.pdf

380-17, Improper Governmental Activities/Whistleblower Protection; 380-17a, Improper Activities Report; 380-17b, Retaliation or Interference Complaint; 1/18/11.
Structural and editorial changes for clarity; identifies the Chief Compliance Officer-General Campus as the Locally Designated Official and Retaliation Complaint Officer; provides authority to the Chief Human Resource Officers to render final decisions in whistleblower retaliation complaints when the respondent is a staff member and to the Vice Provost-Academic Personnel when the respondent is an academic appointee (replaces UCD DA 636); updates information for reporting complaints to the LDO; provides time limits for filing reports; removes information provided in the systemwide policies; updates complaint forms to request complainant's email address; other editorial changes for clarity.

380-50, Employee Non-Cash Awards; 1/5/11.
Streamlines policy by providing link to Business and Finance Bulletin G-41 for information regarding appropriate awards, restrictions, and gift limits; clarifies department head responsibilities in reviewing and approving expenditures and reimbursements, and in ensuring the security of pre-purchased gift cards or gift certificates; updates references.

380-08, Volunteer Service; 1/7/11.
New; This section provides guidance for the use of volunteer services, promoting safety, reducing risk, and protecting the interests of the University, its volunteers, and the community it serves. Additional requirements for UCDHS volunteers are available in Hospital Policies and Procedures Section 3228.

330-75, University Payment of Membership Fees; 1/3/11.
Streamlines policy, providing reference to Business and Finance Bulletin G-43 for the systemwide criteria and restrictions on membership; reorganizes section to clarify the types of membership fees that must be approved by the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor-University Relations, and the membership fees that may be approved by deans or vice chancellors; clarifies approval procedures and records required for social organizations; updates references.

Previous Revisions

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