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2012 Revisions


Section 380-76, Honoraria; 11/29/12.
Major revision; simplified and streamlined for clarity; references UC Accounting Manual Chapter D-371-35 for the types of activities for which honorarium payments can be made; provides reference to The American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 regarding payments to nonresident aliens; updates and simplifies procedures; includes information requiring nonresident aliens to have obtained or applied for a Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number to receive an honorarium payment; updates department contacts for further information; updates references.

Section 330-80, Entertainment and Hospitality with University Controlled Funds; 11/9/12.
Technical Update: Removes exhibits and provides links to appropriate systemwide policy information.


Section 270-16, Fund Raising on University Property; 10/28/12.
Reorganizes policy section; updates department names and acronyms, and position titles; clarifies that the appropriate vice chancellor or dean has approval authority for the fundraising activities of constituent organizations, support groups, or alumni organizations; updates references.

Section 270-21, Sales, Service, and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages; 10/22/12.
Updates locations for which alcohol permits can be approved; updates hours for which service can be approved.

Section 330-65, Fiscal Closing; 10/3/12.
Changes title to "Fiscal Closing"; adds policy statements for additional guidance; adds information regarding reporting suspected improper governmental activities; removes specific information on fiscal closing operations under the jurisdiction of BIA; adds information on Fiscal Close Certification Letters; updates Further Information; adds section on References and Related Policies.

Section 330-43, University Bank Accounts; 10/2/12.
Major revision; provides clear policy statements; updates procedures for establishing and changing accounts, and for closing accounts; provides responsibilities for departments, internal control, and the Vice Chancellor-Adminstrative and Resource Management; updates authorities; provides contact information for further information; updates references.


Section 390-20, Maintenance of Order; 9/5/12.
Minor editorial changes for clarity; updates references; updates designee titles.


Section 330-46, Cashiering Change Funds; 8/27/12.
Corrects title of BUS-49 to "Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received;" deletes Exhibits and adds links to forms on the updated website; simplified and reorganized for clarity; defines procedures and responsibilities of the change fund custodian, department head, and Internal Control; removes information on petty cash funds; adds procedures for transferring change funds, reporting loss and misuse to a change fund, and a temporary change fund including a maximum amount of $1,200; adds section on Further Information and corrects phone number for Internal Control; updates references.

Section 380-18, Substance Abuse; 8/21/12.
Reorganized and streamlined for clarity; provides specific responsibilities for employees and departments related to reporting substance abuse problems, consulting with appropriate campus offices, and providing reasonable accommodation; includes responsibility for Human Resources and Student Affairs to provide training programs and send annual notice to employees and students; updates references.

Section 370-30, Property Insurance; 8/21/12.
Streamlined for clarity; removes detailed information regarding coverage, deductibles, and limits and provides link to that information maintained on the Risk Management Web site; removes exhibits; includes information from Section 370-35 regarding fine arts insurance; updates information regarding the calculation and funding of premiums; specifies that the police department must be notified if a crime is suspected related to a loss or damage; specifies that equipment management must be notified if a loss or damage occurs to inventorial equipment, and the sponsoring agency must be notified if government equipment is involved; updates references.

Section 350-85, Loss of or Damage to University Property; 8/21/12.
DELETED: Relevant information is available in Section 370-30.

Section 370-35, Fine Arts Insurance; 8/21/12.
DELETED: Relevant information is available in Section 370-30.

Section 330-86, Course Materials and Service Fees; 8/21/12.
Adds language requiring departments to provide students with a list of all materials and services for which they will be charged the fee for the course; requires the syllabus to name an individual to hear concerns from students regarding the fee.

Section 210-05, Affiliation Agreements; 8/14/12.
Major Revision; clarifies purpose of the policy; updates definition of affiliation agreement, removing reference to memorandum of understanding; includes section on requirements for affiliation agreements; updates and streamlines procedures; provides further information and references and related policies; deletes attachment.

Section 290-86, Hazardous Operations; 8/14/12.
Updates definition of fall protection; updates hyperlinks throughout policy; updates requirement for forklift operators to complete refresher training every three years.

Section 230-07, Public Health Service Regulations on Objectivity in Research; 8/24/12.
This Policy implements the 2011 Public Health Services (PHS) regulations on Promoting Objectivity in Research and is applicable to all PHS Research Activities with an award issue date of August 24, 2012, or later, and to proposals for research activities submitted to PHS on or after August 24, 2012.

Section 230-05, Individual Conflicts of Interest Involving Research; 8/24/12.
Technical Update: Revises policy to reflect implementation of Section 230-07.

Section 350-90, Employee-Vendor Transactions; 8/13/12.
Corrects Source Document to BFB BUS-43, Part 7; simplifies and streamlines pertinent policy; expands section on exceptions to an employee-vendor relationship per BFB BUS-43 including student employees whose additional campus activities are outside of the scope of their primary university employment (per Public Contract Code, Section 10516); updates Vice Chancellor-- Administrative and Resource Management authority; incorporates new procedures for campus and UCDHS departments, Business Contracts and Health Systems Contracts, and administrators; adds a new link to the Report of Proposed Transaction Involving Potential Conflict of Interest form; adds section on Further Information; updates references including UCD DA 0777.

Section 350-20, Procurement and Use of Tax-Free Alcohol; 8/13/12.
Changes title to Procurement and Use of Tax-Free Alcohol (by deleting “Ethyl”); deletes Exhibit A and adds a link to this document; adds (1) department records shall be maintained at the permit premises for a period of not less than three years, (2) before a department purchases, uses, and stores tax-free alcohol, they must have a designated department alcohol custodian on file with Materiel Management (see DA 0124), (3) losses and claims must be reported in accordance with BUS-2, (4) links to forms including the revised the Tax-Free Alcohol Custodians form that can be accessed online and submitted to Materiel Management, (5) Tax-free alcohol is available in UCD Buy from the Supply Express and Central Storehouse catalogs, (6) procedure to efface containers immediately after emptying per 27 CFR 22.33, (7) section on Further Information; updates references.

Section 350-30, Lease, Rental, and Lease-Purchase of Equipment; 8/7/12.
Corrects Responsible Department to Materiel Management;  adds link to UCDHS policy Section 2211 that includes equipment leases; adds pertinent definitions; updates authority of (1) External Finance Department (Capital Markets Finance Office) and (2) its Executive Director per UCOP letter dated October 1, 2010; adds BFB G-38 requirements regarding the University’s exemption/refund for personal property tax; adds link to Master Lessor List, acceptable lessors, , and link to straight lease and lease-purchase documents to procedures; adds requirement that departments must report long term (6 months or more) lease/rental of equipment to Accounts Payable on the updated Long Term Rental/Lease/Loan Reporting Form (which should result in additional personal property tax refunds to the University); adds section on Further Information; adds new references including BFB G-38 and updates others.

Section 350-75, Fabrication and Modification of Equipment; 8/7/12.
Changes Responsible Department to Accounting and Financial Services; corrects definition of fabrication from $1,500 or more to $5,000 or more; updates definition of inventorial equipment; incorporates BFB BUS-29 and the Accounting Manual Chapter P-415-32 into the policy section; updates and simplifies procedures, adding links to pertinent documents; specifies property decal should be attached to the fabrication.

Section 330-55, Departmental Cashiering Operations; 8/8/12.
Technical Update: Revises policy to remove DaFIS-specific references.

Section 350-65, Loans, Gifts, and Transfers of Equipment; 8/6/12.
Incorporates BFB BUS-38 as a Source Document; changes definition on inventorial equipment from $10,000 or more to $5,000 or more; deletes information about equipment less than $5,000; adds new links to required forms; simplifies pertinent policy; adds section on Procedures that clarifies responsibilities; removes dean's approval for transfers of non-federally funded equipment and for external loans; changes references from "Dean" to "Dean, equivalent officer, or designee" for consistency with BUS-38; changes "Equipment Manager/Designee" approval to "Equipment Management" approval; removes Material Manager's approval for external transfer of federally funded equipment and replaces with the Director of sponsored projects' approval; specifies movement of University property, must follow procedures detailed in the applicable policies; adds section on Further Information; updates references.


Section 260-45, Gifts Presented to Nonemployees; 7/31/12.
Simplifies and streamlines providing reference to BFB G-42 where appropriate; corrects title; adds one exception to the non-cash gift policy; clarifies responsibilities of the departments, department head, and Associate Vice Chancellor-Finance/Controller with some additional responsibilities and forms; adds link to dollar limits for gifts to elected officials; adds section on Further Information; updates references.

Section 350-55, Care and Control of Equipment; 7/31/12.
Changes Responsible Department to Accounting and Financial Services: adds definition of inventorial equipment; adds to policy: (1) The University must take care of and control equipment in accordance with the specific circumstances described in BUS-29 and (2) Government property and University property shall not be commingled except when commingling represents the best use of the property in carrying out the terms of the contract and prior approval of the government agency's property administrator is obtained; provides responsibilities; provides more concise procedures ; removes references to DaFIS and CAMS and replaces with the University's equipment tracking system; includes links to all updated forms and references; includes Further Information.

Section 340-30, Sale and Disposal of Agricultural By-Products; 7/31/12.
Structural and editorial changes for clarity; updates definitions; removes requirement that additional advertising methods be approved in advance; adds buyers insurance and liability requirements; provides approval authority to department heads and exceptional approval to vice chancellor/vice provost/dean; clarifies responsibilities; adds references and related policies.

Section 350-70, Movement of University Property; 7/31/12.
Changes Responsible Department to Accounting and Financial Services; simplifies policy and procedures; deletes relocation and loan information that is not pertinent to this policy; adds the written authorization may be discarded after the property has been moved; updates references.

Section 350-50, Classification of Inventorial Equipment; 7/31/12.
Editorial changes; removes references to CAMS; provides section on responsibilities; updates references.

Section 310-15, Mail Services; 7/30/12.
Technical Update: Clarifies that postage-free use of the University mail system is not permitted for items advocating an individual's or organization's religious or political position.


Section 330-12, Departmental Check Distribution; 6/25/12.
Includes the requirement that unclaimed checks shall be returned promptly to campus Accounting and Financial Services with an explanation of the department's inability to distribute the checks; removes exhibit A, adding form to Accounting and Financial Services website; adds section on Further Information.

Section 350-51, Identification of Equipment; 6/25/12.
Adds definition of inventorial equipment; simplifies pertinent policy and procedures; changes name of the "asset number decal" to the "property decal" in order to be consistent with 350-65; deletes engraving information since Engraving Services no longer exists; updates Further Information and references.

Section 340-20, Billing Procedures for Service Activities; 6/25/12.
Specifies that paper documentation of services is not acceptable unless the services provided are sensitive or confidential; adds section on Roles and Responsibilities; replaces DaFIS with Kuali procedures; adds procedures on charges posted by electronic feed directly into the General Ledger (Decision Support) including contacting A&FS Systems Operations so that appropriate conversions to General Ledger accounts are made; moves information in Billing Detail and Standards to other sections in the policy or to the General Accounting Web site; includes links to references and departments; updates Further Information.

Section 250-02, Copyright Registration; Section 250-03, Use of Copyright-Protected Materials in General; Section 250-04, Distribution of Copyright-Protected Materials Produced Under University Auspices; 6/19/12.
DELETED: See Section 250-01, Copyright, for information.

Section 250-01, Copyright; 6/19/12.
Combines current sections 250-01 through 250-04 into a single policy section; simplifies and streamlines information to clarify procedures; removes general information and FAQs appropriately maintained on departmental Web site, provides appropriate links to systemwide site for information established by UCOP; removes exhibits and provides links to Office of Research web site; modifies definitions; modifies policy statements; revises procedures for distribution of materials owned by The Regents and for independent contractors or consultants.

Section 380-60, Loyalty Oath; 6/4/12.
Technical Update: Clarifies information regarding payment of damage claim.


Section 360-55, University Airport Use and Leasing; 5/14/12.
Major update; changes title to reflect new scope of policy; reorganizes policy to clarify roles and responsibilities; includes new information regarding leasing regulations, including aircraft storage, commercial use, crop dusting, and non-aeronautical use of airport facilities; updates references.

Section 250-05, Digital Millennium Copyright Act; 5/7/12.
Editorial and structural changes for clarity; updates references and corresponding hyperlinks.

Section 200-25, Establishment or Revision of Academic Degree Programs; 5/15/12.
Technical Update: updates references and links to Compendium of Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, and Research Units.


Section 380-65, Income Tax Withholding and Reports of Earnings for Citizens and Resident Aliens; 4/30/12.
DELETED: See http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/TXReporting/index.cfm or http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/acctman/ for information on income tax withholding.

Section 380-66, Income Tax Withholding and Reports of Earnings for Nonresident Aliens; 4/30/12.
DELETED: See http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/TXReporting/index.cfm or http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/acctman/ for information on income tax withholding.

Section 340-06, State Sales and Use Tax Collections; 4/30/12.
DELETED: See both http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/sutm/ or http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/TA/salesanduse.cfm for information on sales and use tax.

Section 370-10, Student Off-Campus Trip Insurance; 4/16/12.
Updates eligibility list; removes details of coverage, providing general guidance and reference to contact Risk Management for details regarding plan coverage; provides responsibility for students to register out of state travel through UC Trips; changes responsibility to forward claim reports to Risk Management from Student Health Services to the sponsoring department; updates Risk Management phone number.

Section 370-20, Workers' Compensation; 4/16/12.
Provides policy statement and reference to 380-08; updates department name to Occupational Health Services and location to Cowell Building; clarifies that employees outside of Davis may go to any medical provider for treatment; minor editorial and structural changes for clarity.

Section 370-25, Vehicle Insurance; 4/16/12.
Editorial and structural changes for clarity; removes obsolete references to Section 300-10; updates department name; removes reference to UCDHS Risk Management; revises information regarding insurance coverage for University-owned vehicles; updates contact information; updates references.

Section 370-40, University Liability for Personal Property; 4/16/12.
Removes requirement for claimants to submit medical bills for injury claims; updates procedures for UCDMC patient claims; updates contact information.

Section 210-80, Sales of Instructional Materials; 4/4/12.
Updates department names; updates policy reference; clarifies information regarding responsibilities to obtain copyright clearance.


Section 380-13, Near Relatives; 3/29/12.
Reissued with no changes.

Section 230-10, Publication Rights; 3/28/12.
Reorganizes policy for consistency and clarity; provides reference to UCOP policy regarding details of possible exceptions; clarifies procedures or requesting exceptions.

Section 370-05, Student Off-Campus Events, Programs, and Travel; 3/26/12.
DELETED: Information on event planning is available in Section 270-20. Information on reporting incidents is available in Section 370-10.

Section 380-20, Employer Pull Notice System; 3/20/12.
Updates name of policy; structural and editorial changes to simplify and for clarity; states that individuals with poor driving records or considered "negligent" by the DMV cannot be employed as drivers; clarifies responsibilities of the Police Department, Fire Department, Unitrans, and Fleet Services; updates contact information for Fleet Services, updates references.

Section 260-15, Solicitation and Acceptance of Private Support; 3/14/12.
Updates unit name and position titles throughout document; specifies that signature for department approval is not required for gifts under $25,000.

Section 350-60, Management of Supply Inventories; Exhibit A, Sample Inventory Representation Letter; 3/13/12.
Clarifies that policy applies only to supply inventories valued $50,000 or higher; reorganized and significantly streamlined to focus on responsibilities under the policy, providing references to other policies as appropriate; clarifies that supply inventories are for University use only; details responsibilities of Accounting and Financial Services; removes detailed information regarding annual report, providing sample inventory letter as exhibit; provides contact for further information; updates references.

Section 350-18, Government Excess and Surplus Property; 3/16/12.
DELETED: Information regarding acquisition of government excess and surplus property is available from the following sites: Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-29, Management and Control of University Equipment (http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/bfb/bus29.html); U.S. General Services Administration (http://gsa.gov/portal/category/21179; http://gsa.gov/portal/content/104591); California Department of General Services (http://www.dgs.ca.gov/ofam/Programs/StSurplus/CFSPP.aspx; http://www.dgs.ca.gov/ofam/Programs/StSurplus.aspx).

Section 380-30, Rehire of Retirees; 3/14/12.
DELETED: Policy regarding the rehire of retirees is available at http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/employees/policies_employee_labor_relations/re-emp_ret_emp.pdf.

Section 380-60, Loyalty Oath; 3/7/12.
Simplified and streamlined for clarity; provides reference to Accounting Manual Section P-196-21 for conditions under which damages can be claimed; clarifies that the department is responsible for administering the loyalty oath prior to filing damage claims; updates references.

Section 330-62, Basic Costing Policy; 3/1/12.
DELETED: Information is available in Business and Finance Bulletin A-47, University Direct Costing Procedures, and at http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/EX/ChargesPractices.pdf.


Section 290-65, Hazardous Chemical Use, Storage, Transportation, and Disposal; 2/27/12.
Adds references to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard, including requirements that Chemicals of Interest be inventoried, allowable quantities not be exceeded, and theft or diversion immediately reported; provides information for shipping of hazardous chemicals; requires employees using fume hoods to complete training; minor editorial and structural changes; updates references.

Section 290-45, Pest Control; 2/22/12.
Simplifies, streamlines and reorganizes section, providing clear policy statement and highlighting responsibilities of department heads and Facilities Management in pest control.

Section 350-16, The Storehouses; 2/28/12.
DELETED: Information regarding the storehouses is available at http://materiel.ucdavis.edu/storehouse/.

Section 260-25, Gift Processing and Acknowledgement Procedures; 2/16/12.
Updates office names; reduces number of copies of check and acknowledgement form required for gift reporting; changes review requirements for acceptance of gifts for research; streamlines acceptance procedures for gifts under $25,000; updates location of UDEV 100-3.

Section 350-40, Inspection of Shipments and Damage Claims; 2/17/12.
DELETED: Relevant information is available in Section 350-35, Receipt, Delivery, and Inspection of Shipments.

Section 350-35, Receipt, Delivery, and Inspection of Shipments; 2/17/12.
Incorporates information from 350-40; removes internal procedures for Receiving; streamlines and reorganizes document to clarify responsibilities of Receiving and the ordering department; specifies that delivery of controlled substances and radioactive materials must follow the procedures detailed in the applicable policies; updates references.

Section 330-81, Department Administrative Retreats; 2/15/12.
DELETED: Relevant information is available in Section 300-10, General Travel Policy; or Section 330-80, Entertainment and Hospitality with University Controlled Funds.


Section 200-25, Establishment or Revision of Academic Degree Programs; Exhibit A, Flow Chart---Approval Process for Academics Programs; 1/30/12.
Clarifies that degree programs must be offered under the jurisdiction of departments, colleges, schools, graduate divisions, or other academic agencies; requires proposal to specify the academic agency offering the program.

Section 200-60, Assignment of Administrative Authorities; 1/26/12.
Updates department names; clarifies that departmental delegations of authority are signature authorities; provides reference to UCOP Principles of Delegation of Authority and Protocols Web page.

Section 360-50, Key/Access Card Control; Exhibit A, Key/Access Card Eligibility Criteria; 1/29/12.
Updates department names; structural and editorial changes for clarity; updates responsibilities of Facilities Management Key Control; updates procedures for key/access card holders; removes exhibits B and C and provides Web sites where information is currently located; removes additional process that is properly located on department Web site; adds references.

Section 330-86, Course Materials and Service Fees; 1/4/12.
Technical update: Raises fee caps to $65.00 for courses where the actual costs of materials are $160 or less, and $80.00 for courses where the actual costs of materials are more than $160.

Previous Revisions

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