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PPM Revisions

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2013 Revisions


Section 380-71, Independent Contractor Agreements; 12/10/13.
Updates department names; provides reference to BFB BUS-43 for information regarding contracts that must be competitively bid; removes procedures covered by BFB-BUS 43; removes payment process; adds responsibilities for department heads, Contracting Services, Materiel Management, and Accounting and Financial Services/Shared Service Center; updates contact information for further information; updates references and related policies.

Section 330-55, Departmental Cashiering Operations; 12/10/13.
Removes sections redundant with systemwide policy and refers reader to BUS-49 where local policies are no different; adds clarification on when dual custody is required; adds requirements for spare key security; removes references to "subcashiering stations" and "cashiers" as policy applies to all departments and employees handling cash, unless otherwise specified; removes procedures specific to the Main Cashier's Office; updates Tax Services phone; adds "Further Information" section; adds the following information from Section 330-59 (which will be deleted): security requirements for locations collecting $7,500 or more in a day; departmental responsibilities for security; section on Reporting Losses.

Section 330-59, Departmental Cashiering Operations Physical Security; 12/10/13.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.


Section 380-21, Employee Organization Access Regulations; 11/19/13.
Reissued with no changes.

Section 290-06, Safety Standards and Interactions with Regulatory Agencies; 11/18/13.
Clarifies that responsibilities rest with department chairs or unit heads; clarifies it is at the discretion of the Associate Vice Chancellor - Safety Services to accompany regulatory agencies; updates references.


310-70, World Wide Web Standards; 10/22/13.
Major revision; updates definitions; requires websites that provide online service to children under 13 or who collect personal information from children comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act; clarifies domain name requirements; requires websites that collect personal information from donors or alumni to be approved by Development and Alumni Relations; explicitly prohibits websites from publishing confidential information; removes detailed accessibility standards; includes information regarding instructional Web content; updates the disclaimer required on affiliated and personal websites; updates contact information for further information; updates references and related policies. No changes to Exhibit A.

200-30, Administrative Unit Reviews; 10/13/13.
Requires administrators to provide an annual report to the Chancellor and Provost regarding strategic and service improvement goals; clarifies areas a review might address; requires a waiver from the Chancellor and Provost to forgo a review once every five years; clarifies purpose of administrative review reports; provides information regarding annual reports; provides contact information for further information; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

Section 290-32, Minors in University Facilities; 10/3/13.
Removes information contained in UC Policy on Minors in Laboratories and Shops and provides reference to the systemwide policy; requires minors to complete online UC Lab Safety Fundamentals course to enter lab unescorted; updates responsibilities; updates references. No changes to exhibits.



Section 290-75, Radiological Safety - Health Physics; 9/18/13.
Adds information regarding lasers and the Laser Safety Manual; updates position titles; adds contact information for further information; updates references.

Section 290-16, Ergonomics Program; 9/18/13.
Updates department names; requires department heads to provide appropriate equipment to employees with RMIs; minor editorial changes.

Section 310-30, Announcements and Directives; 9/17/13.
Editorial changes for clarity; updates name of Friday Update to Dateline UC Davis; removes deadline for directives, providing link to informational website for that information.

Section 300-31, Davis-Berkeley Intercampus Bus; 9/11/13.
DELETED: Information on the Davis-Berkeley shuttle is available at http://fleet.ucdavis.edu/Bus/jitney.

Section 310-24, Electronic Communications - Privacy and Access; Exhibit A, Request to Inspect, Monitor, or Disclose Electronic Records -Access With Consent; Exhibit B, Request to Inspect or Disclose Records - Access Without Consent; 9/6/13.
Reissued with no edits.

Section 310-19, Email for Official Communications with Students; 9/6/13.
Reissued with minor structural changes.

Section 310-23, Electronic Communications-Allowable Use; Exhibit A, Acceptable Use Policy; 9/6/13.
Reissued with no edits.

Section 290-40, Public Health and Sanitation; 9/3/13.
Major revision to structure of policy; updates definition of public health; changes information on drinking water to apply to domestic water; changes information on swimming pools to apply to all recreational water facilities; updates various department names; updates information on food service and sanitation and clarifies that regulations apply to all organizations that prepare, store, serve, or sell food on campus; updates contact information, references, and related policies.

Section 270-50, Alumni Relations Programs; 9/3/13.
Updates department name; requires alumni groups to have a written purpose statement; provides additional privileges to groups including use of multimedia channels and insurance coverage for events; updates references.


Section 380-60, Loyalty Oath; 8/29/13.
Technical Update: updates object code to use for damage claims.

Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures; 8/14/13.
Technical Update: minor editorial changes.

Section 260-50, Gift Fee Assessment and Distribution; 8/14/13.
Updates department name; updates reference to financial system.


Section 380-15, Staff Complaints of Discrimination; 7/25/13.
Updates position who can received reports of discrimination; clarifies that complaint and grievance procedures cannot be used to challenge discipline; updates position that coordinates early resolution; specifies that confidentiality admonitions will be made when appropriate; updates position to whome Designated Officials report complaints; eliminates Discrimination Case Management Team and Early Resolution Discrimination Advisors; specifies Mediation Services as a confidential resource for UCDHS.

Section 380-12, Sexual Harassment; Exhibit C, UC Davis Complaint and Grievance Procedures Information, 7/25/13.
Updates policy to designate one Title IX Officer, designates a Deputy Title IX Officer; clarifies that complaint and grievance process cannot be used to challenge discipline; clarifies that confidentiality admonitions will be made when appropriate; clarifies that the investigation report is provided only to the Title IX Officer; updates the position title and contact information for requesting a copy of the final report; clarifies the responsibilities of the Title IX Officer and the SHOs; updates the membership of the Sexual Harassment Case Management Team; updates complaint resolution information provided in Exhibit C (no changes to other exhibits).

Section 330-86, Course Materials and Services Fees; 7/18/13.
Adds graduate courses to the types of course for which a fee can be established; requires fees to be lowered if the fiscal close account balance exceeds 50% of the expenditures for the course; allows courses to be grouped for fee purposes with the approval of the Committee; specifies that fees do not include textbooks; adds the Director - Financial Aid to the Committee.

Section 330-31, Administration of Contract and Grant Projects; 7/22/13.
Added record retention reference to policy section; removed transfer requirements already covered in referenced section 330-63; adds closeout review responsibility to PI/project director/other official responsible for award; adds responsibilities for subawards; minor edits for clarity and links added.


Section 290-82, Boating Safety; 6/21/13.
NEW: Describes the policy and procedures governing the safe use of motorized watercraft (boats) for all research or educational activities, regardless of the location of the activity, source of funding, or boat ownership.

Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures; 6/5/13.
Updates authorities and responsibilities; reorganized for clarity.


Section 310-10,Telecommunications Services; 5/8/13.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Section 310-17, Wireless Communications; 5/8/13.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Section 380-05, Employee/Affiliate ID Cards.
DELETED: Information regarding employee ID cards is available at http://employeeid.ucdavis.edu/.

Section 270-45, Ticket Sales; 5/3/13.
Updates timelines for arranging ticket sales and a minimum length of ticket sales through the Mondavi Center; updates position titles; updates when official box office audit will be available; includes information about KIS system tickets through the UC Davis Ticket Office; removes information about hardstock tickets.

Section 330-40, Disbursement Procedures; 5/7/13.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Section 350-45, Shipment of Goods; 5/7/13.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.


Section 200-26, Self-Supporting Degree Programs; Exhibit A, Approval Process for Self-Supporting Degree Programs; 4/11/13.
New; This section describes the formal steps to be taken in preparation, transmittal, review, and implementation of proposals for the establishment, transfer, transition, or discontinuation of a self-supporting degree program.

Section 270-60, Support Groups
; 4/2/13.
Streamlined and simplified by providing reference to systemwide Administrative Guidelines for Support Groups and removing information contained there; updates position titles and department names; includes contact information for further information; updates references.

Section 380-40, Death of an Employee; 3/22/13.
Editorial and structural updates; updates contact information for departments; clarifies procedures for notifications and payments; adds Further Information section; updates and adds references.

Section 380-06, Employment Eligibility Verification; 3/22/13.
Streamlines policy; moves appropriate information information to Roles and Responsibilities; adds (from UCOP Employment Eligibility Verification Form): (1) In 2008, acceptable documents for the employment eligibility verification process were revised, and (2) the University must give the State Privacy Notice to individuals who are asked to supply information about them; adds employers must comply with the requirements in the USCIS Handbook for Employers (Form M-274); updates locations of hardcopy Form I-9; incorporates E-Verify requirement for some grants; updates contacts in Further Information; updates and adds references.


Section 360-05, Parking Regulations; 3/22/13.
Updates positions responsible for parking administration; adds West Village to list of housing areas; removes information specific to Night, Remote Lot, and Motorcycle permits; moves Visitor permit information out of section regarding annual permits; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 260-40, Memorial/Commemorative Funds; 3/19/13.
Updates positions to review and approve funds and announcements; updates department name.

Section 290-55, Biological Safety; 3/7/13.
Major revision; clarifies the authority of the Institutional Biosafety Committee and the Biological Safety Officer; provides an overview of the Biological Use Authorization process; specifies requirements for the IBC review of human gene transfer projects and projects involving blood borne pathogens; specifies the requirements for IBC review of core facility and teaching laboratory activities involved with recombinant DNA or other biological hazards specifies the responsibilities of the select agent Responsible Official.


Section 260-35, Donor Recognition; 1/28/13.
Reissued with update to unit name.

Section 310-50, Communications with Government Officials; 1/30/13.
Updates matters that are covered by this policy; updates position titles; updates link to systemwide policy.

Section 200-15, Administrative Decision-Making Process; 1/15/13.
Removes reference to the Administrative Plan; adds Chief Compliance Officer to the list of administrative officers responsible for affirmative action; updates title of Vice Provost--Academic Affairs and Vice Chancellor--Development and Alumni Relations; updates description of administrative advisory committees; editorial and structural changes for streamlining and clarity; updates references.

Previous Revisions

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