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PPM Revisions

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2014 Revisions


Section 260-15, Solicitation and Acceptance of Private Support; 12/18/14.
Technical update: Updates department name, web links, and examples of mass solicitation.

Section 360-10, Building and Directional Signs; Exhibit A, Outdoor Signage; 12/17/14.
Updates authorities; updates department responsible for fabrication and maintenance of signs; updates contact information for further information; updates standards for outdoor signage.

Section 310-27, Posting of Information; 12/17/14.
Minor editorial changes for streamlining and clarity; allows TAPS to post on campus directional sign boards; provides contact information for further information; updates references.

Section 390-25, Suspension of Individuals During Declared State of Emergency; Exhibit A, Notice of Emergency Suspension; 12/10/14.
Includes list of positions holding authority within the policy (UCD DA 600 to be retired);updates position titles; minor editorial changes.

Section 310-21, Computer Vulnerability Scanning Policy; 12/10/14.
Adds threats to availability of campus network as reason to deny access to computers containing security vulnerabilities; clarifies that devices must be free of security vulnerabilities; updates references.

Section 390-30, Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace; 12/9/14.
Reissued with updates to web references.

Section 390-55, Video Security; 12/10/14.
DELETED: Policy is no longer in effect.


Section 290-10, Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus; 11/21/14.
Technical update: Adds exemption for ceremonial activities.

Section 200-50, Name Changes for Campus Administrative Units; 11/13/14.
Updates Administrative and Resource Management to Finance and Resource Management, for coordination of name change requests.


Section 330-31, Administration of Contract and Grant Projects; 10/15/14.
Updates references to responsible officials; updates PI/project director/responsible official responsibilities; updates Office of Research responsibilities; updates Accounting and Financial Services responsibilities; updates reference to the Contract and Grant manual.

Section 200-51, Naming Properties, Programs, and Facilities; 10/6/14.
Updates position titles, department names, and references; changes office of record to Campus Planning, Facilities, and Safety; designates that naming rights can be limited to a specific period of time; provides additional clarification regarding naming when no gift is involved; requires initiators to submit proposal for naming associated with gifts to Vice Chancellor-Development and Alumni Relations for preliminary review.


Section 390-55, Video Security; 9/25/14.
New; this section sets forth requirements and standards for the installation and use of video security devices on all property owned or maintained by UC Davis.

Section 290-91, Support and Service Animals; 9/12/14.
New; this section describes the policy and procedures regarding use of service and support animals on campus.

Section 290-90, Animal Control on Campus; 9/2/14.
Provides reference to Section 290-91 regarding service and support animals; removes definitions contained in Section 290-91.


Section 400-01, Freedom of Expression; 8/30/14.
New; this section describes the policy and procedures for the protection and encouragement of free and open expression, association, discussion, and debate on campus.


Section 310-75, Whole Disk Encryption; 7/24/14.
Reissued with update to position title.

Section 290-50, Protective Clothing and Equipment; 7/15/14.
Major revision; simplifies and streamlines policy, providing appropriate reference to systemwide policy on personal protective equipment, includes requirement that required PPE be listed on class syllabi; provides responsibilities; updates references.

Section 380-20, Employer Pull Notice System; 7/1/14.
Clarifies that department heads are responsible for taking appropriate personnel actions for convictions of motor vehicle violations; requires Add/Delete forms be submitted to the Shared Services Center for those departments served by the Center; updates references.


Section 320-10, Records Management Program; 6/23/14.
Updates name of UC Records Retention Manual.

Section 400-20, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence; Exhibit A, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Compliant Form; Exhibit B, Sexual Harassment Procedures Flow Chart; 6/19/14.
Renumbers policy to be included in Campus Climate chapter of PPM; updates policy to address sexual violence, including definitions of sexual violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and consent; includes section identifying acts prohibited under this policy; provides list of individuals or department to whom sexual violence can be reported; removes section on false reports; specifies that mediation will not be used to resolve complaints of violence or assault; clarifies that an administrative investigation may occur simultaneously with a criminal investigation; updates Title IX Officer responsibilities; updates SHO responsibilities; removes Mediation Services as a confidential resource; updates references; updates complaint form to reference sexual violence; updates flow chart to specify that sexual violence allegations are not generally handled through early resolution.

Section 230-07, Public Health Service Regulations on Objectivity in Research; 6/18/14.
Revises disclosure threshold for travel; updates references.


Section 290-35, Environmental Protection; 5/21/14.
Specifies that the Utilities Department is responsible for the campus water supply, wastewater treatment plant, and the closed solid waste landfill; adds information about air emissions, certificates of environmental compliance for federally funded research, stormwater discharges, sewer system management and overflow reporting, storage tanks, and wastewater discharges; updates responsibilities for departments and EH&S, adds contact information, adds references.

Section 310-22, UC Davis Cyber-Safety Program; Exhibit A, UC Davis Security Standards; 5/14/14.
Provides information regarding exceptions; includes responsibilities of the Ethics and Compliance Risk Committee; provides additional information regarding authentication; requires departments that develop applications hosting personal information develop a risk management plan; makes anti-spyware software a requirement; clarifies definition of personal information.


Section 310-10, Telecommunications Services; 4/16/14.
Reinstatement of policy/major revision; updates definitions; updated policy statements to focus on security and privacy; provides responsibilities for Communication Resources and for campus units; includes contact information for further information; updates references.

Section 290-30, Care and Use of Animals in Research and Teaching; 4/14/14.
Specifies that teaching and research activities involving live vertebrate animals must be approved; requires a new review/resubmission of the protocol every three years; reassigns EHS responsibilities to the IACUC office; provides authority to the Attending Veterinarian to immediately suspend activities that cause welfare or health concerns for animals; adds responsibility for PIs to ensure training of personnel working on their protocols; updates links; updates references.


Section 220-02, Human Stem Cell Research; 3/26/14.
Reissued with updates to committee name and department name.

Section 240-51, Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects Review Committee); 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-52, Experimental Subjects Bill of Rights; 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-54, Activities that Require Departmental Review but are Exempt from Review by Human Subjects Review Committee; 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-55, Activities That Do Not Require Review; 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-56, Minimal Risk Activities; 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-57, Responsibilities of Researchers and Others After Protocol Approval; 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-60, Medical Emergency--No Approved Protocol; 3/21/14.
DELETED: See Section 240-50.

Section 240-50, General Policy Regarding Human Research; 3/13/14.
Major revision; describes the policies governing human research, including the oversight authority and responsibilities of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the responsibilities and requirements of Investigators engaged in human research.

Section 240-61; Distribution of Investigational Drugs, Devices, or Biologics; 3/13/14.
New; describes the appropriate use of investigational drugs, devices, or biologics to ensure the safety of human subjects.

Section 290-56, Chemical Safety; 3/7/14.
Technical update: Clarifies that CLSC has authority to enforce the policy; editorial corrections.


Section 290-27, Hazardous Chemicals Communication Program; 2/28/14.
Updates terminology to be consistent with regulations; includes employee responsibilities; updates inventory procedures; removes procedures for CUPA self-audits; removes procedures for ordering chemicals with a departmental purchase order; includes requirements for providing employees with information and training; updates department names; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 290-56, Chemical Safety; 2/25/14.
Updates committee responsibilities and charge; department chair head/responsibilities; PI responsibilities; and employee, student, visitor, volunteer responsibilities; adds department safety coordinator responsibilities; structural and editorial changes for clarity; updates references and links.


Section 340-25, Recharge Activities; 1/25/11, rev. 1/9/14.
Technical update: Updates the references and related policies.

Section 290-10, Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus; 1/2/14.
Major revision to bring campus policy in line with UCOP directive; provides definitions of University properties and what constitutes smoking or tobacco use; updates policy to prohibit all smoking or tobacco use on University properties; updates information on educational services available; updates roles and responsibilities; provides reference to informational website; updates references.

Previous Revisions

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