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PPM Revisions

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2015 Revisions


290-58, Shop Safety Program; 12/16/15.
New policy. Outlines campus Shop Safety Program and the procedures to be followed for the various units that must implement the program (development of a written shop-specific safety plan that includes required elements as specified in the Shop Safety Manual).

320-22, Collection and Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers; 12/7/15.
Reissue. Adds and updates hyperlinks, updates titles in references and related policies, minor editorial changes.


380-16, Conflict of Interest; 11/13/15.
Technical update: minor editorial changes.

380-17, Improper Governmental Activities/Whistleblower Protection; 7/17/15, rev. 11/30/15
Technical update: removes exhibits A & B, adds links to forms and ethics website.

380-14, Employment of Nonresidents; 11/30/15.
Updates title & definitions; changes terminology from aliens and noncitizens to residents; adds SISS responsibilities and contact information; deletes UC group insurance regulations; edits hyperlinks; editorial changes.


200-60, Assignment of Administrative Authorities; 10/27/15.
Technical update: adds links; minor editorial changes.

390-40, Fire Safety; 10/21/15.
Updated to reflect the separation of Fire Prevention Services from the UCD Fire Department; removes references to UCDMC; adds responsibilities for campus Fire Marshal; organizational and editorial changes for clarity.

310-26, Distribution of Periodical Publications; 10/13/15.
Updates position titles; minor editorial changes.

290-35, Environmental Protection; 10/7/15.
Adds language to clarify that it is the policy of the University to protect storm water from pollution and address any sources of pollution in a timely manner, as required by the California Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System General Permit.

330-05, Business & Revenue Contracts; 10/7/15.
Removes reference to Health System Contracts; updates procedures and websites.

330-11, Departmental Financial Administrative Controls and Separation of Duties; 10/7/15.
In addition to the changes reviewed in November 2012; removes Dafis references; payroll roles updated to incorporate all time reporting systems; procedures for the ledger review made more general; updates links to new A&FS website.

330-31, Administration of Contract and Grant Projects; 10/7/15.
Limits the PI minimum effort requirement to research projects; eliminates the 1-2% minimum, leaving the amount of effort to the PI's discretion and encouraging PIs to direct charge their effort; adds references.

330-35, Credit and Debit Card Merchants; 10/7/15.
In addition to changes reviewed in 2013, provides email contact for requesting a merchant account to better determine the needs of the department; removes exhibits; clarifies responsibility of credit card compliance coordinator and merchants.

350-10, Procurement; 10/7/15.
Major revision; includes content from Sections 350-21, 350-24, and 350-25 (which have been deleted); updates content and procedures to reflect new financial information system; updates web links and references.

350-21, Departmental Purchase Delegations; 10/7/15.
DELETED: The information is now available in 350-10, Procurement.

350-24, Equipment Screening and Sharing; 10/7/15.
DELETED: The information is now available in 350-10, Procurement.

350-25, Procurement Through the Purchasing Department; 10/7/15.
DELETED: The information is now available in 350-10, Procurement.


270-05, Campus Organizations; 9/30/15.
Technical update: Website reference updated.

290-91, Service and Support Animals; 9/30/15.
Technical update: Website references updated.

290-53, Hearing Conservation; 9/29/15.
Responsibility for maintaining training records moved from the Occupational Health Services/Employee Health Services section to the Department heads, supervisors, Principal Investigators sections; modifies text to reflect baseline and annual audiometric exams are now at no cost to the department; updates references; minor editorial updates.

300-30, University Owned On-Road Licensed Vehicles; 9/29/15.
Major revision; streamlines policy for clarity; clarifies responsibilities and restrictions on use; provides contact information for further information; updates references and related policies.

380-17, Improper Governmental Activities/Whistleblower Protection; 9/30/15.
Technical update: Website reference added and updated other website references.

400-01, Freedom of Expression; 9/30/15.
Technical update: Website references updated.

400-20, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence; 9/30/15.
Technical update: Website references added and updated other website references.

290-95, Pesticide Applications; 9/21/15.
Adds definitions for agricultural and non-agricultural pest control use in section II; adds clarification on notice of intent to apply restricted materials in section V.B; expands section E to include transportation, storage and disposal details; deletes reference to Medical Surveillance Pesticide Use form in section F-form does not exist; deletes section E.4. referring to the campus landfill.

340-09, Sales of University Goods and Services to Non-University Users; 9/21/15.
Clarifies limitations to department head approvals and when departments must complete transactions through Business Contracts; updates department names and weblinks; formalizes need for rate approval documentation.

350-05, Waste Prevention and Recycling; 9/21/15.
Updates department/unit names; corrects broken links; adds reference and link to the Solid Waste Management Policy (LEED EBOM); minor edits to clarify guidance toward achieving Zero Waste by 2020 goal.

380-22, Drug and Alcohol Testing of Drivers; 9/21/15.
Updates definition of transportation employee to align with federal regulations; minor editorial updates.

380-77, Seasonal Farm Labor; 9/21/15.
Updates links to websites; provides roles and responsibilities; minor editorial changes.

360-16, Display of Flags; 9/17/15.
Updates office names; includes Student Affairs as office that provides death notifications to Strategic Communications; updates information to be included on memoriam cards for students; structural and editorial changes for clarity.

200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures; 9/9/15.
Technical update: revises medical committee name; minor editorial correction.


270-05, Campus Organizations; 8/31/15.
Technical update: Add Postdoctoral Scholars Association as campus constituent group.

310-25, Distribution of Information and Literature; 8/31/15.
Removes the ARC as a tabling space; removes Special Services as a resource for table rental; change to MU Guest Services instead of MU Information Desk; change for Silo reservations to be made through University Dining Services; updates references.

330-75, University Payment of Membership Fees; 8/21/15.
Removes policy statement now found in BFB G-43, updates procedures; minor editorial changes.

350-22, Purchasing Cards; 8/23/15.
Updates references for delegations from 350-21 to 350-10; updates system/document references to reflect new financial system (Kuali); adds best practice of attaching backup documentation to Kuali PCDO document; includes references to websites for detailed lists of allowable and unallowable items; editorial revisions.


200-05, Academic and Administrative Calendar; 7/27/15.
Replaces calendars, currently found on the Registrar’s website, with the policy and procedures for establishing the official academic calendar, and the guidelines used in developing the calendar prior to approval.

280-01, Student Rights and Responsibilities; 7/27/15.
Updates authorities, department names, and references.

280-10, Death of a Student, Former Student, or Applicant; 7/20/15.
Student death notices now routed through the Student Affairs Vice Chancellor’s Office; expands scope to include students with Deferred Enrollment status; next of kin to be contacted by the Vice Chancellor or designee, instead of the CAPS Director; offices added to notification list in death of a registered student including California Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA), and the Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) Director; formal specification of student information to be sent to campus units; notifications to campus for death of an undergraduate applicant expanded.

380-16, Conflict of Interest; 7/21/15.
Provides reference to related policies within document and removes Exhibit A; updates references; minor editorial updates.

380-17, Improper Governmental Activities; Exhibit B, Whistleblower Retaliation Complaint; 7/17/15.
Provides reference to systemwide policy for definition of terms; updates references to systemwide policies; updates authority for rendering final decision in whistleblower retaliation complaints when the respondent is a staff member; specifies that decisions in complaints against the Audit Director and Chief Campus Counsel are made at Office of the President; organizational and editorial changes for clarity; updates Exhibit B (no changes to Exhibit A).


300-10, General Travel Policy; 6/18/15.
Removes information found in BFB G-28; provides roles and responsibilities; includes approval authorities previously found in UCD DA 137 (to be retired); updates contact information.

380-81, Child Abuse; 6/11/15.
DELETED; See http://policy.ucop.edu/doc/4000603/CANRA and http://www.hr.ucdavis.edu/Elr/supervisor/canra/index.html for information on reporting child abuse.

350-17, Use of Agricultural Field Support Services; 6/8/15.
Updates Responsible Department; removes references to irrigation services; removes detailed equipment rental procedures; updates responsibilities from Buildings and Grounds to Transportation Services; updates contact information for further information.

330-45, Petty Cash Funds; 6/8/15.
Removes exhibits; provides links to forms on Accounting web site; updates references to financial information system documents to reflect new system language; references to Accounting & Financial Services more specific to the appropriate unit; updates petty cash auditing requirements; general edits for clarity.


320-30, Legal Notices; 5/21/15.
Updates to reflect OP policy to accept Small Claims Actions at Risk Management; updates definitions of types of legal documents; revises categories for types of legal documents to more clearly explain policy expectations.

200-45, Development and Review of Administrative Computing Systems; 5/13/15.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.


290-15, Safety Management Program; 4/26/15.
Specifically references providing appropriate resources, Emergency Action Plan, Hazard Communication plan and chemical inventory responsibilities; adds additional information about Department Safety Coordinator roles and responsibilities; provides additional program elements and correct PPM and supporting document references; updates references; minor editorial changes. No changes to Exhibit A.

290-60, Occupational and Preventive Medicine; 4/26/15.
Updates department names; clarifies services provided to employees, volunteers, and students, removes reference to recharge, editorial changes.

290-85, Electrical Safety; 4/26/15.
Includes requirements, as applicable, for new electrical installations to conform to NFPA 70e requirements and safety-related work practices by either IEEE 1584 table-derived hazard class determination or arc flash and shock hazard assessments; establishes for electrical conductive equipment the limited, restricted and prohibited boundaries distances and labeling plus the PPE requirements; . requires qualified electrical employees as needing the NFPA 70e training; adds Cal/OSHA lockout/tag out requirements for having a written lockout/tag out program, conducting annual training, having written SOP’s for individual equipment lockouts  and maintaining a supply of the necessary field equipment for effective lockouts were added to the policy; updates references from A&E to DCM and definitions of qualified and authorized; adds Utilities Power & Light as a responsible party.

380-50, Employee Non-Cash Awards; 4/26/15.
Provides reference to 330-10 for approval authorizations; provides information regarding use of the requisition/PO/PREQ for vendor payments if the pcard is not an option; updates references.

290-25, Health Services for Individuals Having Animal Contact; 4/13/15.
Removes language regarding charges to department for preventive medicine services; adds information on the use of the Occupational Health Surveillance; updates referenced online links; clarifies care of individual personal protective equipment.

330-80, Entertainment and Hospitality with University-Controlled Funds; 4/7/15.
Removes definitions for terms no longer in policy; removes policy statements and description of expenses found in systemwide policy; incorporates information found in UCD DA 130 (which will be retired); updates responsibilities for department head; removes procedures; updates contact information; updates references.

380-25, Lactation Accommodation; 3/18/15.
Reissued with minor updates to references.


390-10, Campus Emergency Policy; 2/25/15.
Adds definitions for “Emergency Action Plan” and “mission continuity;” updates departments identified as emergency responders; clarifies that EAPs must be submitted to Emergency Management; requires cell phone numbers for University-purchased cell phones to be included in WarnMe; provides responsibilities for the Event and Crisis Management Team; updates references.

290-53, Hearing Conservation; 2/25/15.
Removes requirement that audiometric database analysis procedures be performed as defined in ANSI Standard S12.13 1991.

240-30, Data Safety Monitoring Plans; 2/3/15.
Reissued with no changes.

220-05, Integrity in Research; 2/3/15.
Reissued with minor updates to references.

350-19, Procurement, Use, and Maintenance of Microscopes; 2/2/15
Updates name of Rate Group; changes authority to approve rental rates from the Vice Chancellor to the Associate Vice Chancellor; changes individual who must be notified by department of decision to replace rather than pay for lost microscopes to the Manager—Microscope Services; changes deadline for transfer of replacement microscope to six months; updates procedures for rental of microscopes; editorial changes for clarity.

290-56, Chemical Safety; 2/2/15.
Clarifies location of Chemical Hygiene Plan; clarifies responsibilities for CLSC and department heads; clarifies and updates responsibilities for PIs, lab managers, lab safety officers, and supervisors; clarifies responsibilities for employees, students, visitors, and volunteers; updates references.


Section 360-30, Operation and Maintenance of Plant; 1/12/15.
DELETED: Information on campus maintenance can be found at http://facilities.ucdavis.edu.

Section 390-15, Emergency Alert and Notification; 1/9/15.
Updates title of policy; requires public safety dispatch personnel to consult with the ranking officer on duty prior to activating emergency communications; changes responsibility for the content of urgent communications and activation of the system to Strategic Communications, in consultation with public safety officials; updates reason for sending informational communications to be for events that will affect operations; changes responsibility for the content of informational communications and activation of the system to Strategic Communications, in consultation with public safety officials; removes authority to send notifications for specific campus buildings; removes subgroups with authority to send notices to their own operations; provides authority to Emergency Manager to activate the system without requiring consultation; provides authority to Emergency Manager to authorize specific individuals to send notifications to subgroups; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 380-64, Conditions of Visas for Alien (Noncitizen) Students, Scholars, and Visitors; 1/7/15.
DELETED: Information can be found on the SISS website at http://siss.ucdavis.edu/index.html.

Previous Revisions

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