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PPM Revisions

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2016 Revisions


Section 390-20, Maintenance of Order; 12/30/16.
Minor editorial changes for clarity; adds links; updates designee titles; removes Executive Associate Dean, School of Medicine delegation.


Section 310-65, Use of the University's Name and Seal, and Other Trademarks; 11/30/16.
Major revision to simplify; updates commercial use requirements; deletes “affiliate logo” and replaces it with broader “wordmark or logos.”; clarifies organizations and officials who provide oversight or who can grant permission for various privileges; removes wording included in delegation of authorities and adds links to the DAs; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 330-24, Budgeting for Employee Benefits; 11/17/16.
Deleted: Information can be found on the Accounting & Financial Services website http://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/costing-policy-e-analysis/composite-benefit-rates/index1.html.

Section 200-50, Name Changes for Campus Administrative Units; 11/13/14, rev. 11/17/16.
Technical update: updates unit and department names; editorial changes.

Section 290-86, Hazardous Operations; 11/4/16.
Removes lockout tagout and fall protection requirements as they are included in new PPMs 290-84, Lockout Tagout & 290-88 Fall Protection; adds state requirement to identify and label confined spaces; adds provision for storage and movement of cylinders; updates hyperlinks; editorial changes for clarity.

Section 380-70, Consultant Agreements; 2/8/16, rev. 11/3/16.
Technical update: updates responsible department, job and reference titles; adds hyperlinks; minor editorial changes for clarity.


Section 310-40, University Communications: Publications, Graphic Standards, Marketing, Social Media, and Media Relations; 10/27/16.
Major update; updates title, responsible department, department and job titles, links, marketing procedures to include exclusions, publication procedures; removes redundant areas of policy and links to the primary policies; reduces scope of Strategic Communications oversight, including such areas as reviewing all videos and select publications, including fundraising communications, created by administrative units before they are published; reduces requirements for logo change review; removes mention of publications that no longer exist; adds UCDHS policies; adds IET as a partner in managing the campus CMS systems; clarifies that campus athletic marks can only be used in limited circumstances; adds DEVAR role; adds links, and editorial changes for clarity.    

Section 250-01, Copyright; 9/30/16.
Minor changes for clarity; updates references to KFS and hyperlinks.

Section 290-88, Fall Protection; 10/17/16.
New policy. Fall protection requirements will be removed from PPM 290-86. This section provides policy and responsibilities for the safety of individuals involved in maintenance work or construction activities exposed to a potential fall, in accordance with Cal-OSHA regulations, where conventional fall protection is not applicable.

Section 290-84, Lockout Tagout; 10/17/16.
New policy includes requirements for lockout tagout program and meets Cal/OSHA requirements for the program elements.

Section 270-21, Sales, Service, and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages; 10/7/16.
Major update. Updates requirements for sales, service without sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, authorities, job titles and reference title; removes procedures on permit to serve alcoholic beverages; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.


Section 300-30, University Owned On-Road Licensed Vehicles; 9/19/16.
Updates to allow programs within the division of student affairs to seek approval from their designated vice chancellor for travel more than 100 miles outside California; adds links and minor editorial changes for clarity.


Section 210-15, University Extension Programs--Distribution of Concurrent (Open Campus) Course Income; 8/26/16.
Updates source document, annual planning and current-year allocation procedures, and Further Information to add link and phone number; adds references; minor editorial changes for clarity.

Section 320-21, Privacy and Disclosure of Information from Student Records; 8/17/16.
Major revision to simplify; adds definition of campus official; updates information of legitimate educational interest; clarifies departmental responsibilities; clarifies dispute and resolution process; removes former exhibit E.

Section 200-25, Establishment and Revision of Academic Programs; 8/16/16.
Updates references, links, and position titles; adds Further Information section to include
contact information; editorial changes.

Section 270-05, Campus Organizations; 8/15/16.
Updates reference titles, links and minor editorial changes throughout including Exhibits A, B, and C.

Section 280-20, Voluntary Campus-Based Student Fees; 8/15/16.
Adds Vice Chancellor—Student Affairs responsibility to provide direction to RSOs or CIGs related to placing voluntary student fees to referendum ballot; adds links; updates references; minor editorial changes.

Section 250-05, Digital Millennium Copyright Act; 5/7/12, reissue 8/15/16.
Reissue. Adds links; minor editorial changes.

Section 280-15, Compulsory Campus-Based Student Fees and Referendum Elections; 8/1/16.
Adds requirement for students planning a student referendum to obtain a copy of the “Guide to Creating a Student Fee Initiative” and follow the specific tasks prior to submitting a request to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs; adds requirement for students to present the proposed fee to the Council of Student Affairs and Fees (COSAF) prior to submitting to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs; updates PPM references; adds web links; editorial changes throughout.

Section 230-10, Publication Rights; 3/28/12, reissue 7/26/16.
Reissue. Updates links; adds Further Information section to include link and phone number for Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research.

Section 210-16, Continuing Education; 8/14/09, reissued 8/2/16.
Reissue with minor editorial changes.

Section 310-18, Mass Electronic Messaging; 8/1/16.
Updates responsible department to current department name, Strategic Communications; updates reference and department titles; clarifies what constitutes mass electronic messaging; adds an exception in which a mass electronic email can be sent; minor editorial changes for clarity.

Section 380-55, Acceptance or Offering of Gifts and Gratuities by University Employees; 8/1/16.
Clarifies types of family members who may give gifts and gift exceptions; removes gift limit amount and adds link to campus counsel website; adds/updates links and PPM titles; minor editorial changes.


Section 360-55, University Airport Use and Leasing; 5/14/12, reissued 7/25/16.
Reissue with minor updates to job title, links, references and editorial changes.

Section 200-40, UCDMC Hospital & Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures; 7/15/16.
Updates the Governance Advisory Council membership; minor editorial changes.

Section 230-03, Indirect Costs/Facilities and Administration (F&A) Costs; 8/26/11, reissued 7/13/16.
Reissue with minor updates to links, references and editorial changes.

Section 290-80, Diving Safety Program; 11/17/09, reissued 7/13/16.
Reissue with minor updates to links and editorial changes.


Section 330-06, Short-term Investment Pool Income--Distribution and Uses; 6/13/16.
Major update. Updates name of responsible department to Business & Institutional Analysis (BIA); Removes exhibit A; clarifies and updates outdated referenced to UCOP with respect to determination of STIP distribution and allowable uses, made by the central campus; updates the old DAFIS Sub Group Type (SFGT) account names and exceptions list(s) as it relates to the distribution of STIP to the originating fund, Campus Investment Fund, Capital Advancement Finance Pool; clarifies conditions under which certain STIP funds may be used to cover increased project costs as determined by the Capital Asset Accounting and approved by BIA; clarifies how STIP positive or negative are to be allocated or returned in accordance with distribution rules; deletes outdated sections; updates links; minor editorial changes.

Section 360-35, Security Alarms; 6/9/16.
Changes “Crime Prevention” to “Security Unit”; clarifies that alarms are used for security-related incidents and not medical emergencies; adds subscriber responsibilities to review billing and contact information on an annual basis; adds the requirement for alarm users to call 911 when on the scene with an active crime or incident to provide additional details to support the alarm activation; clarifies that police response can’t be canceled for panic or robbery button activations but users should contact the Communications Center with false alarm information to alert responding officers; updates links and further information; editorial and structural changes for clarity.

Section 350-29, Nonstandard Furnishings; 6/9/16.
Reissue with minor updates to links, references and editorial changes.

Section 360-50, Key/Access Card Control; 1/29/12, reissued 6/6/16.
Reissue with minor updates to links, department title, references and editorial changes.

Section 290-45, Pest Management; 6/6/16.
Updates to include all campus departments to work as an integrated team solving pest management issues on campus using an integrated pest management strategy which encourages practices to mitigate pest management results by using anticoagulant baits as a last resort; identifies Facilities Management as the primary point of contact on campus for the program and establishes a campus advisory committee to evaluate and oversee campus practices; updates policy title; adds links; updates titles of references; editorial changes throughout.

Section 200-20, Establishment and Revision of Academic Units; 6/2/16.
Updates references, links, and position titles; adds Further Information section to include contact information; editorial


Section 200-60, Assignment of Administrative Authorities; 5/25/16.
Revises policy to require campuswide delegation only when the authority is passed to campus through a Presidential delegation; requires campus policies to reference related campuswide delegations; provides for authorities to be documented in campus policy as appropriate to reflect changes UCOP requirements for copies of delegations.

Section 250-15, Patents and Material Transfers; 5/19/16.
DELETED. Information is now available at the UCOP intellectual property website.

Section 230-01, Private Support of Research; 5/19/16.
References to OMB Circular A-21 was changed to “Uniform Guidance” due to change in federal regulations; clarifies definition of “Residual funds;” updates URL for federally negotiated F&A cost rates, “Extramural Funds Accounting” to “Contracts and Grants Accounting,” and links; minor editorial changes.

Section 320-40, Data Administration Policy; 5/16/16.
Re-orders definitions alphabetically; provides guidance on determining if data can be publically released; updates references and removes references to deleted policies; updates links; minor editorial changes.

Section 230-06, Advanced Account Request; 5/16/16.
Updates “Extramural Funds Accounting” to “Contracts and Grants Accounting,” “Assistant Vice Chancellor—Finance” to “Associate Vice Chancellor/Controller,” consistent with change of title of that campus position; updates links; minor editorial changes.

Section 230-04, Approval Requirements of The Regents and the Office of the President; 5/10/16.
Based on the change in UCOP policy, the delegation level of the campus for submitting proposals was increased from $5,000,000 to 10,000,000 annual direct costs; links updated; minor editorial changes.


Section, 350-35, Receipt, Delivery, and Inspection of Shipments; 4/27/16.
Changes responsible department from Materiel Management to Distribution Services due to Reorganization; updates to include that inspections occur “upon and” after delivery; updates link in Further Information from Material Management to new A&FS link; updates references; removes all references to Contracting Services.

Section 230-02, Eligibility to Undertake Sponsored Research; 4/22/16.
Updates links, referenced delegations of authorities; adds/updates references; clarifies eligibility exception; minor editorial changes.

Section 310-55, University Stationery and Business Cards; 4/1/16.
Updates titles/department names and PPM titles; adds hyperlinks; minor editorial changes.

Section 400-20, Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment; 4/1/16.
Reinstates policy deleted on 1/4/16.


Section 400-15, Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment; 3/23/16.
New policy. Combines PPMs 280-05 and 380-15 into a single policy addressing all complaints of harassment or discrimination. This section provides procedures for academic appointees, staff and students to report allegations of discrimination or harassment, and procedures for responding to those reports. Complaints of sexual harassment will be handled under Section 400-20.

Section 280-05, Student Complaints of Prohibited Discrimination or Arbitrary Treatment; 3/23/16.
DELETED: Information is now available in 400-15, Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment.

Section 380-15, Staff Complaints of Discrimination; 3/23/16.
DELETED: Information is now available in 400-15, Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment.

Section 290-52, Heat Illness Prevention; 3/21/16.
Adds definitions; requires written plans to be onsite; adds provisions for different types of rest periods; adds provision for employees to take preventative cool-down rest period as needed; clarifies requirement for availability of water; updates references.


Section 330-89, Billing for Accounts Receivable; 2/22/16.
DELETED: Information is now available in 330-90, Accounts Receivable.

Section 330-90, Accounts Receivable; 2/22/16.
Major revision; combines 330-89 (Billing for Accounts Receivable) and 330-90 into single policy; simplified and streamlined for clarity; updates definitions, policy, further information, references; removes exhibits, detailed procedure; adds roles and responsibilities and adds links including to procedures maintained on A&FS website; updates terminology due to the change in financial systems from DaFIS to KFS; editorial changes.

Section 380-70, Consultant Agreements; 2/8/16.
Removes exhibits; references UCDHS and Health Systems Contracts; updates Business & Revenue Contracts’ procedures; removes consultant agreement processing procedures; clarifies sole source requirements and documentation; adds further information on DCM; updates website addresses and links to PPMs.

Section 330-63, Expenditure Adjustments (Cost Transfers); 2/8/16.
Removes duplicate language found in UCOP policy, corrects/updates unit names and contact, removes procedures found online, editorial changes.

Section 310-15, Mail Services; 2/8/16.
Deletes reference to political and personal mail that originates from University departments, adds BUS-65 components related to USPS regulations with non-profit mailings, removes official reference to BUS-65, adds verbiage and link about campus collection boxes, removes reference to recharge ID numbers & special collection to special messenger service, updates references and links, minor editorial changes.

Section 360-30, Operation and Maintenance of Buildings; 2/8/16.
Re-instatement of policy.

Section 330-09, Agency Account Services; 2/8/16.
Major revision; replaces information found in Business and Finance Bulletin A-54 with link to policy; streamlines for clarity; updates list of required approvers; includes roles and responsibilities; provides link to accounting web site for procedures on establishing account; updates references.

Section 330-10, Approval Authorization for Departmental Transactions; 2/5/16.
Removes definitions for Category I and II transactions; removes limit on re-delegation; clarifies Department heads re-delegation authority; updates phone number and links for further information; removes references.

Section 350-80, Disposition of Excess Property; 2/5/16.
Defines De Minimis Value; updates Bargain Barn’s name and URL to Aggie Surplus; converts DaFIS and CAMS verbiage to KFS references; changes the former Materiel Management name with Distribution Services, and Contracting Services; clarifies requirements for out of date equipment transfers; updates references.


Section 400-20, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence; 1/4/16.
DELETED: Information can be found in the UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment.

Section 380-10, Affirmative Action in Employment; 1/4/16.
Major revision; removes exhibit A; transfers responsibility to the Compliance and Policy Unit; reorganizes and streamlines for clarity; removes performance appraisal requirements, clarifies responsibilities of Affirmative Action Officer, Department heads, managers and supervisors, personnel offices, AEVC Office of Campus Community Relations and Chief Compliance Officer; updates references; updates further information to include contacts removed from Exhibit A.

Section 220-03, Anatomical Specimens; 1/6/16.
Updates definitions; changes name to Body Donation Program (BDP); adds Department of Pathology responsibility; updates AMRC responsibilities; adds HASTOC responsibility for reviewing and recommending action on requests for specimens that cannot be obtained directly from BDP; adds and updates links; editorial changes.

Section 320-36, Access to Protected Health Information for Research; 1/14/16.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Section 370-10, Student Off-Campus Trip Insurance; 1/22/16.
DELETED: Policy is obsolete.

Previous Revisions

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