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PPM Revisions

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2017 Revisions


PPM 200-15, Administrative Decision-Making Process; 11/15/17.
Updates policy statement to simplify the decision making authority and responsibility flow, and responsibilities to act on behalf of the Chancellor for administration functions; includes each organizational unit has responsibility for promoting UC Davis Principles of Community; clarifies task force definition; adds links.

PPM 270-50, Alumni Relations Programs; 11/14/17.
Clarifies the Association’s membership policies as they relate to the non-profit status; updates recognition requirements as there is no longer a formal registration process since networks are replacing chapters due to alterations in the Association’s insurance regulations; adds expectations surrounding representation of regional, special interest, and academic groups and chapters; adds links; updates Further Information and References; editorial changes.

PPM 330-12, Departmental Check Distribution; 11/13/17.
Updates instructions for agent authorization procedure, definitions, and further information; adds UC Davis references, and links; editorial changes for clarity.


PPM 320-21, Privacy and Disclosure of Information from Student Records; 10/20/17.
Technical update. Updates to reflect systemwide change to Section 130.251, Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students to remove physical address from the definition of directory information for student records that may be disclosed without student consent.

PPM 260-50, Gift Fee: Assessment and Distribution; 10/12/17.
Streamlines the Payment, Deferral, and Exceptions section; updates department title, definitions, further information and reference titles; editorial changes for clarity.


PPM 400-20, Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment; 9/8/17.
Technical update: provides additional detail regarding current reporting procedures, and roles and responsibilities; updates contact information and references.


PPM 380-17, Improper Governmental Activities/Whistleblower Protection; 8/31/17.
Technical update. Updates agency name and phone number to report improper governmental activities, reference titles and links; removes outdated references; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 340-25, Recharge and Rate Based Activities; 8/31/17.
Updates policy and procedure for rate based activities, clarifies roles, responsibility, and procedures for rate establishment and modification; updates title, definitions, policies for activities that affect federal customers and Reserves for Improvement (RFI) funds, procedures regarding equipment deprecation, further information, and references and related policies; expands procedure for rate modifications and new rates for clarity; adds and updates links; editorial changes for clarity.  These updates better align current practices and provide better oversight on self-supporting recharge activities.

PPM 270-45, Ticket Sales; 8/28/17.
Updates department name, position title and streamlines procedures; Removes automated ticketing requirements for UC Davis Ticket Sales, and outdated references; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 210-50, Religious Accommodation; 8/22/17.
New Policy. This section provides the requirements and procedures for granting schedule changes for examinations to students requesting accommodation for religious creed.

PPM 260-25, Gift Processing and Receipting; 8/21/17.
Updates title, position titles, department names, procedures, Further Information, and reference titles; includes the new system for formal acceptance of gifts and gift processing, and differentiating between acknowledging and receipting gifts; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 390-40, Fire Safety; 10/21/15, rev. 8/14/17.
Technical update. Adds language to explicitly prohibit the use of open flames on campus and links; minor editorial changes for clarity.


PPM 200-40, UCDMC Hospital and Clinics Operating Policies and Procedures; 7/31/17.
Updates position title to separate Vice Chancellor--Human Health Sciences from Dean--School of Medicine; adds Dean--School of Medicine to the Governance Advisory Committee members; minor editorial change for clarity.

PPM 220-50, Curation and Repatriation of Native American Human Remains and Cultural Items; 7/31/17.
New Policy. This section provides the campus procedures to ensure compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and treatment of Native American (including both Indian tribes and native Hawaiian organizations) human remains and cultural items within campus control. NAGPRA provides a process for determining the rights of lineal descendants and Indian tribes to certain Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural patrimony with which they are affiliated.

PPM 200-26, Self-Supporting Degree Programs; 4/11/13, reissued 7/27/17.
Reissue. Adds links; updates reference titles; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 320-19, Access to Public Records; 7/17/17.
New Policy. Access to Public Records requirements have been removed from PPM 320-20. This section provides the policy and procedures regarding requests to access public records in accordance with the California Public Records Act.

PPM 320-20, Privacy and Access to Information; 7/17/17.
Removes access to public records requirements as they are now included in PPM 320-19, Access to Public Records; updates title; removes reference to BFB RMP8 which has been rescinded; adds links; corrects references and titles; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 320-22, Collection and Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers; 12/7/15, rev. 7/18/17.
Technical Update. Changes responsible department from Campus Counsel to Compliance and Policy; updates position title, contact information in Further Information section, reference title; removes RMP 8 reference; adds reference to 320-19.


PPM 260-15, Solicitation and Acceptance of Private Support; 6/28/17.
Increases dollar amount for solicitations that require approval through PMATS; increases the minimum principal required to establish an endowment; includes the new system for formal acceptance of gifts; changes DA 2011 to 2588; removes DA 2169 and adds the systemwide guideline; updates titles, department names and references; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 270-60, UC Davis Support Groups; 6/12/17.
Updates title, position titles, name of UC Davis Health newsletter, and contact information in Further Information; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 260-40, Memorial / Commemorative Gifts and Funds; 6/12/17.
Updates title, source document, approval authorities, department names, contact phone number; clarifies process for establishing memorial funds; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 260-35, Donor Recognition; 4/28/08, reissued 1/28/13.
Deleted: Information on individual recognition to donors who have contributed to approved campus programs or special projects at exemplary levels can be found in Sections 200-51 and 260-40; Information on acknowledgement and acceptance of private support can be found in Sections 260-15 and 260-25; Information on recognition through announcements in appropriate campus publications or news media can be found in Section 310-14.


PPM 310-18, Mass Electronic Messaging; 5/15/17.
Adds authority of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost—Information and Educational Technology to approve mass electronic messages related to Information Technology infrastructure or services; adds Further Information section; editorial changes for clarity.

PPM 230-03, Indirect Costs/Facilities and Administration (F&A) Costs; 7/13/16, rev. 5/8/17.
Technical update. Updates procedure to include a link to DA2592.


PPM 300-30, University Owned On-Road Licensed Vehicles; 4/27/17.
Updates approval requirements for use of vehicles within the continental U.S., but 100 miles outside of California for all other campus units besides those within the Division of Student Affairs; updates Risk Management Services department name.

PPM 290-52, Heat Illness Prevention; 3/21/16, rev. 4/17/17.
Technical update. Updates link to the Heat Illness Prevention Procedures Manual.


PPM 310-30, Announcements and Directives; 9/17/13.
Deleted: Submit announcements of general interest to the campus to dateline@ucdavis.edu, for consideration for insertion in the Dateline UC Davis e-newsletter distributed to faculty and staff on Tuesdays, generally on a weekly basis (with some exceptions in summer and during the winter holidays). The deadline is generally 10 a.m. Thursday prior to posting with Dateline. See Development and Management of Campus Administrative Policies for information on interim policy changes.

PPM 400-20; Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment; 4/1/16, rev. 3/17/17.
Technical update. Adds reference to PPM 380-13.

PPM 380-13, Near Relatives and Consensual Relationships; 3/17/17.
Complete rewrite to incorporate consensual relationship in title, policy, procedure and responsibilities.


PPM 330-86, Course Materials and Services Fees; 2/21/17.
Adds criteria for including personnel costs; updates the DA2557 to 2559; allows for the dean to designate an associate dean or representative to participate in the committee; removes Exhibit A; adds links; editorial changes for clarity.


Development and Management of Campus Administrative Policies; 1/30/17.
Updates Campus Coordinator title with Administrative Policy Office throughout, and updates exhibits A, B, C, D; clarifies roles, responsibilities and procedures; adds procedures for interim changes to policies, need to complete a development plan for new policies and submit list of individuals consulted; editorial changes for clarity.

Previous Revisions

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