Transmittal Notice


The attached UCD Policy & Procedure Manual sections have been approved by the appropriate vice chancellor and by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor.  After inserting these sections in your manual, please post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of these policies.  If any pages are missing, contact Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (530-752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu).

Manual sections are published on the World Wide Web as they are approved.  UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are available electronically on the World Wide Web via <http://manuals.ucdavis.edu>.  You may also register at this site to be notified by email when policies and procedures change.

1.  TRANSMITTED: Table of Contents, 5/23/01.

SUPERSEDES: Table of Contents, 1/14/00.

2.  TRANSMITTED: Index, 5/23/01.

SUPERSEDES: Index, 1/14/00.

3.  TRANSMITTED: Section 260-45, Gifts Presented to Nonemployees, 5/23/01.


PURPOSE: Outlines policy and procedures regarding presentation of noncash gifts for business purposes to non-University individuals or organizations on behalf of the University.

4.  TRANSMITTED:  Section 270-45, Ticket Sales, 12/14/00.

SUPERSEDES: Section 270-45, 5/10/90.

PURPOSE: Adds information about automated ticketing equipment; updates unit names; adds references; editorial revisions for clarity.

5.  TRANSMITTED: Section 290-55, Biological Safety, 5/15/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 290-55, 7/8/98.

PURPOSE: Expands scope to include release of recombinant plants or organisms as part of research; describes research activities using biological agents and requirements for use, such as training, prevention plans, permits, specific authorizations; updates responsibilities of Vice Chancellor—Administration, Biological Safety Administrative Advisory Committee, department head, principal investigator, Occupational Health Physician, Cowell Student Health Center, EH&S, and Facilities Services Department; expands references and web addresses; editorial revisions for clarity.

6.  TRANSMITTED: Section 300-10 (Travel) Exhibit H, Declaration of Lost Evidence That a Payment Was Made on Behalf of The Regents of the University of California, 2/20/01.

SUPERSEDES: ONLY Exhibit H, 5/21/99, of Section 300-10.

PURPOSE: Removes "Davis, California" from the "city and state" field for the convenience of off-campus locations; requires signature of declarant's supervisor.

7.  TRANSMITTED: Section 330-05 (Business Contracts), Exhibit B, Business Agreement Request and Data Sheet, revised 3/14/01.

SUPERSEDES: ONLY Exhibit B, 4/15/99, of Section 330-05.

PURPOSE: Requests email addresses for involved parties; updates unit names.

8.  TRANSMITTED:  Section 330-65, Fiscal Year-End Closing, 12/14/00.

SUPERSEDES: Section 330-65, 5/18/88.

PURPOSE: Revises information about disposition of unexpended fund balances, consistent with University and UCD policy and State guidelines; updates position titles and unit names.

9.  TRANSMITTED: Section 330-80 (Entertainment), Exhibit D, Declaration of Lost Evidence That a Payment Was Made on Behalf of The Regents of the University of California, 2/20/01.

SUPERSEDES: ONLY Exhibit D, 4/21/99, of Section 330-80.

PURPOSE: Removes "Davis, California" from the "city and state" field for the convenience of off-campus locations; requires signature of declarant's supervisor.

10. TRANSMITTED: Section 350-18, Government Excess and Surplus Property, 3/9/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 350-18, 6/19/91.

PURPOSE:  Clarifies that department must pay handling, service, packing, and shipping costs for Federal excess and surplus property; incorporates DaFIS in procedures; specifies that departments must authorize only one representative to screen/purchase surplus property; clarifies that acquiring Federal surplus inventorial equipment requires a Purchase Requisition or, for noninventorial equipment, a Departmental Purchase Order, and State Form GSSP-3, Distribution Document; clarifies that only one excess/surplus property screen per department will be approved; updates position titles and unit names; updates references; editorial revisions for clarity.

11. TRANSMITTED: Section 350-24, Equipment Screening and Sharing, 3/9/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 350-24, 6/23/95.

PURPOSE: Revises procedure to incorporate DaFIS; updates references to other manual sections.

12. TRANSMITTED: Section 350-32, Miscellaneous Vehicles, and Exhibit A, 3/14/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 350-32 and Exhibit A, 5/8/95.

PURPOSE: Removes specific times of core area lock-down; includes insurance availability; adds information for operation of off-highway vehicles on University roadways; updates information on use of four-wheel scooters, utility vehicles, forklift trucks, and golf carts; updates references and provides Web links; updates Exhibit A; editorial revisions for clarity.

13. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-76, Honoraria and Other Additional Compensation, 3/9/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 380-76, 6/28/96.

PURPOSE: Changes title; adds information about additional compensation for other types of activities outside the scope of an employee's regular responsibilities; defines "independent contractor"; revises procedures to include DaFIS processes and references to current forms; updates department names and telephone numbers; updates references; editorial revisions for clarity.

14. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-80, Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse, 1/12/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 380-80, 12/22/89.

PURPOSE: Major revision for updating purposes consistent with State law; shortens title, simplifies and streamlines complex language and legal requirements, and adds references to the law; calls for School of Medicine employees to follow UCDHS Procedure 1531, regardless of location; updates definitions and reporting time limits; updates information on employee notification and signature forms; adds information on legal protections from retaliation and civil liability; updates reporting procedure and contacts.

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy