Transmittal Notice

The attached UCD Policy & Procedure Manual sections have been approved by the appropriate vice chancellor and by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. After inserting these sections in your manual, please annotate the Table of Contents to reflect the changes, then post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of these policies. If any pages are missing, contact Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (530-752-9745 orilfecht@ucdavis.edu).

Manual sections are published on the World Wide Web as they are approved. UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are available electronically on the World Wide Web viahttp://manuals.ucdavis.edu. You may also register at this site to be notified by email when policies and procedures change.

1.   TRANSMITTED: Section 200-05, 2004-05 Academic and Administrative Calendar, 8/10/01.

SUPERSEDES: New section. (Delete previous years' calendars as they become outdated.)

2.   TRANSMITTED: Section 200-06, 2001-02 Academic and Administrative Deadlines, 7/1/01.

SUPERSEDES: New section. (Delete previous years' lists as they become outdated.)

PURPOSE: Provides UCD personnel with list of deadlines for various academic, administrative, and fiscal reports required during 2000-01 so they may better plan for possible workload fluctuations.

3.   TRANSMITTED: Section 210-65, Postdoctoral Study, 6/20/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 210-65, 8/5/82.

PURPOSE: Updates definition of "postdoctoral scholar"; changes "enrollment" to appointment" throughout; requires department to submit Postdoctoral Appointment Data Sheet; changes limit of enrollment period from 3 years to 5 years; reflects change in UC Patent Policy (required form is now "Patent Acknowledgment"); updates position titles and unit names; updates and adds references; makes editorial changes for clarity.

4.   TRANSMITTED: Section 290-35, Environmental Protection, 8/7/01.

SUPERSEDES: New section.

PURPOSE: Outlines policy and procedures related to environmental protection of air, water, and soil that are administered through the Office of Environmental Health & Safety; defines responsibilities of units whose actions have the potential to affect these aspects of environmental protection.

5.   TRANSMITTED: Section 330-31, Administration of Contract and Grant Projects, 8/15/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 330-31, 7/27/00.

PURPOSE: Revised to clarify that responsibility for the technical, administrative, and fiscal management of a project lies not only with the principal investigator but also with the project director and/or another designated UCD official; clarifies that Business Contracts processes all contracts for services provided by campus to non-University entities; makes minor updates for clarity; adds web addresses in references.

6.   TRANSMITTED: Section 330-55, Departmental Cashiering Operations, 7/4/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 330-55 and Exhibit A, 8/1/97.

PURPOSE: States financial control requirements; specifies that only departments with approved recharge rate, business contract, or sales and service authorization may bill for sales or services; requires that all requests for payment to the University must be recorded through Banner or DaFIS; provides that departments that are not subcashiering stations cannot accept payment for receivables; requires that mail remittances shall not be opened, verified, and processed by the same employee; requires that cash must be locked and secured when not in use; requires review of proposed purchases of cash recording equipment by Internal Audit; includes additional procedures for statements of cash collections; adds information on checks drawn on foreign banks; provides for periodic audit of change and petty cash funds; clarifies reporting losses; updates references; deletes Exhibit A; makes editorial revisions for clarity.

7.   TRANSMITTED: Section 330-89, Billing for Accounts Receivable, and Exhibits A and B, 6/28/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 330-89 and Exhibits A and B, 5/18/88.

PURPOSE: Extensive revisions; provides requirements for use of Banner UC Davis Invoice, Banner UC Davis Credit Memo, and DaFIS Accounts Receivable Invoice; expands policy on issuing invoices and bills and on granting of credit; provides Accounts Receivable Customer Number Request form (Exhibit A) and Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail Account Code Request (Exhibit B); updates unit names; updates references. Note: Revisions regarding Banner were previously issued by UCD directive 93-087.

8.   TRANSMITTED: Section 330-90, Collection of Accounts Receivable, 6/28/01.

SUPERSEDES: Sections 330-90, 5/18/88, and 330-90X1, Accounts Receivable Write-Off, 6/17/92. Note: Section 330-90X1 was previously issued as a "limited distribution" policy; most departments will not have this section in their manual.

PURPOSE: Extensive revision; clarifies that portions of the policy apply to UCDMC and School of Medicine patient care accounts receivable; adds policy on write-off of uncollectible accounts receivable (formerly in Section 330-90X1); adds requirements for aging outstanding bills and claims; includes collection efforts through Banner and DaFIS; establishes special collection schedules for government agencies; updates unit names; updates references.

9.   TRANSMITTED: Section 360-10, Building and Directional Signs, and Exhibit A, 7/5/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 360-10 and Exhibits A and B, 6/19/91.

PURPOSE: Extensive revision: defines types of outdoor signs; updates design standards consistent with Outdoor Signage Program; includes authority, administration of signage, and responsibilities; updates and clarifies procedures; combines Exhibits A and B on outdoor signage specifications; editorial revisions for clarity.

10.  TRANSMITTED: Section 380-12, Sexual Harassment, 8/5/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 380-12 and Exhibits A and B, 6/15/93.

PURPOSE: Extensive revision; adds material on voluntary/consensual relationships, academic freedom, third-party harassment, faculty-student relationships, peer harassment, and same-sex harassment; adds new requirement that department heads consult with Sexual Harassment Education Program when a complaint has been received; adds summary of California law and administrative complaint processes; simplifies the relationship between the grievance and informal review processes; adds warning on time limits for filing complaints and clarifies union contract, EEOC, and State court time limits; adds "adjustments to harasser's environment" as a possible remedy for harassment; changes record keeping requirements; eliminates exhibits.

11.  TRANSMITTED: Section 380-65, Income Tax Withholding and Reports of Earnings for Citizens and Resident Aliens, 8/7/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 380-65, 10/15/92.

PURPOSE: Updates department names; updates references and adds web addresses; makes editorial revisions for clarity.

12.  TRANSMITTED: Section 380-66, Income Tax Withholding and Reports of Earnings for Nonresident Aliens, and Exhibits A and B, 8/7/01.

SUPERSEDES: Section 380-66 and Exhibits A, B, C, and D, 10/31/96.

PURPOSE: Updates department names; updates references and adds web addresses; incorporates DaFIS procedures; includes current lists of tax treaties; makes editorial revisions for clarity.

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy