Transmittal Notice


The attached UCD Policy & Procedure Manual sections have been approved by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. After inserting these sections in your manual, please annotate the Table of Contents to reflect the changes, then post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of these policies. If any pages are missing, notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (ilfecht@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-9745).

Manual sections are published on the World Wide Web as they are approved. UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are available electronically on the World Wide Web via http://manuals.ucdavis.edu. You may also register at this site to be notified by email when policies and procedures change.

1. DELETE: Section 200-15, Administrative Decision-Making Process, 10/31/94. The information in this section is available in the UC Davis Administrative Plan on the Office of the Chancellor Web site at http://chancellor.ucdavis.edu.

2. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-40, Public Health and Sanitation, 3/25/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 290-40, Environmental Sanitation, 3/18/96.

PURPOSE: Changes title; updates definition; cites applicable public health and sanitation laws and regulations; specifies departments that have responsibilities for public health and sanitation; updates procedures consistent with requirements and practices; makes editorial revisions for clarity and completeness; adds references from UCDHS Hospital Policies and Procedures Manual.

3. TRANSMITTED: Section 310-10, Telecommunications Services, 1/15/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 310-10, 6/23/95.

PURPOSE: Updates and adds to definitions; includes general responsibilities of the Communications Resources (CR) office within the definition of "telecommunications services"; refers to Section 310-16 regarding privacy and access to electronic records; provides policy regarding monitoring or recording telephone conversations, consistent with Federal law; expands on authorized access to distribution closets; clarifies that multi-line telephone sets must be approved and provided by CR, and that departments may select their single-line sets or purchase through CR; provides policy on personal use of telecommunications resources, consistent with the UC Electronic Communications policy; removes procedures, which are available on the CR web site; adds references; editorial revisions for clarity and streamlining.

4. TRANSMITTED: Section 310-16, Electronic Communications Policy, and Exhibits A,B, C, and D, 3/29/02, revised 5/3/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 310-16, Electronic Mail, and Exhibits A-B, 9/24/99; Acceptable Use Policy, published on the Web 12/15/98; UCD Directive 99-016, Emergency Network Security Policy, 2/12/99.

PURPOSE: Expands the policy to cover electronic communications instead of only email, consistent with the UC Electronic Communications Policy; adds the updated Acceptable Use Policy as Exhibit A; includes network security information that was previously covered in UCD Directive 99-016.

5. TRANSMITTED: Section 330-89, Billing for Accounts Receivable, and Exhibits A and B, 4/24/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 330-89 and Exhibits A and B, 6/28/01.

PURPOSE: Specifies that detail code inquiries are now handled by General Accounting instead of Student Accounting; updates contact information in Exhibit B.

6. TRANSMITTED: Section 340-06, Exhibit A, Computation of Sales Tax, 1/1/02.

SUPERSEDES: Exhibit A, 6/28/96. RETAIN 340-06, State Sales and Use Tax Collections (6/28/96).

PURPOSE: Provides sales and use tax rates for all California counties, effective 1/1/02. This was previously announced in UCD Directive 01-172, 11/20/01.

7. TRANSMITTED: Section 360-50, Key/Access Card Control, and Exhibits A, B, and C, 4/17/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 360-50, Key Control, and Exhibits A-C, 10/15/92.

PURPOSE: Extensive revision for updating, clarity, and general streamlining; adds policy and procedure for electronic access control cards; authorizes department head to approve keys/access cards for nonemployees who are affiliated with University-sponsored programs or in a contract relationship with the department; clarifies that departments are responsible for collecting keys and access cards from those who no longer need access; provides for periodic audits and annual inventory of key/access card control records; requires separation of duties to verify annual inventories; clarifies that costs for first issue of keys and access cards are borne by the capital project or departmental relocation account, and that additional keys, access cards, and rekeying of lock cylinders and control systems are charged to the department; updates procedures for collection and refund of key deposits in DaFIS; provides several alternatives for submitting key requests; updates unit names; updates exhibits.

8. TRANSMITTED: Section 360-55, University Airport, 2/20/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 360-55, 6/23/95.

PURPOSE: General review for updating purposes; minor editorial revisions.

9. TRANSMITTED: Section 370-20, Workers' Compensation, 2/20/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 370-20, 10/31/96.

PURPOSE: Updates department names and Web addresses; claims by School of Medicine faculty and staff employees will now be handled by UCDHS instead of campus; extends coverage to all volunteers regardless of whether they have filled out the required form; clarifies procedures when an employee has designated a private physician; streamlines and clarifies claims reporting and medical release procedures; adds note reminding supervisors to designate the leave under the Family & Medical Leave Act.

10. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-50, Employee Non-Cash Awards, 4/15/02.

PURPOSE: New section; outlines policy and procedures related to non-cash awards presented on behalf of the University to its academic and staff employees, and to provision of gifts to employees as an expression of sympathy.

11. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-81, Child Abuse, 4/22/02.

SUPERSEDES: Section 380-81 and Exhibit A, 12/22/89

PURPOSE: Updates to comply with 1/1/01 changes to the law; adds encouragement of voluntary reporting; changes definition of "mandated reporter" and clarifies that departments are responsible for determining whether an employee is a mandated reporter upon hire, promotion, reclassification, or transfer; eliminates Exhibit A by moving the form to the Web; clarifies procedure for reporting abuse; adds the Counseling Center and Academic & Staff Assistance Program as resources.

Dott Turner
Coordinator of Administrative Policy