Transmittal Notice



This transmittal, which includes policies issued through June 30, 2003, is the final paper copy issued for the UCD Policy & Procedure Manual.

As previously announced, departments will continue to be responsible for providing access to policy information to their employees.  For business purposes, the department head must designate an employee to subscribe to the electronic notification of policy changes at http://manuals.ucdavis.edu.  This is an open subscription, so other employees may register if they wish.

For additional information on this new procedure, please refer to http://manuals.ucdavis.edu/newproc.htm.  If you have questions, contact Irene Fecht at ilfecht@ucdavis.edu or (530)752-9745, or me at cdturner@ucdavis.edu or (530)752-2407.

1.   TRANSMITTED:  Section 260-45, Gifts Presented to Nonemployees, 6/23/03.

SUPERSEDES:  Section 260-45, 5/23/01.

PURPOSE:  Clarifies that gifts may not be presented to any elected official, candidate for public office, organization, or committee, when the gift is a contribution to a political campaign or referendum; permits gifts to elected or appointed with certain restrictions and documentation, consistent with UC policy; revises for clarity and streamlining.

2.   TRANSMITTED:  Section 340-09, Sales and Reimbursement of University Supplies and Services, and Exhibit A, 6/10/03.

SUPERSEDES:  Section 330-50 and Exhibit A, 8/1/97.

PURPOSE:  Changes section number from 330-50 to 340-09 to better reflect the policy category; changes the section title to include reimbursement; clarifies that proceeds from sales are credited using a revenue object code and reimbursement proceeds are credited using a reimbursement object code; clarifies that payments should be collected when the goods or services are provided, but credit may be granted under certain circumstances; explains the process for recording payments and reimbursements; updates unit names; adds related policies; editorial revisions for clarity.

 3.  TRANSMITTED:  Section 380-22, Drug and Alcohol Testing of Drivers, 6/9/03.

SUPERSEDES:  Section 380-22, 2/10/97.

PURPOSE:  Streamlined and simplified; changes the section title; designates all hours of work as a safety-sensitive function unless the employee has been restricted to non-safety-sensitive duties; moves administration of this program from Risk Management to Employee Health Services; updates III.A to follow changes in federal law; eliminates the option of substituting past participation in a drug testing program for actual testing at UCD; simplifies the criteria for when post-accident testing is required; expanded description of records confidentiality requirements.

Dott Turner
Coordinator of Administrative Policy