UCD POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL Transmittal Notice 3/18/96

The attached UCD Policy & Procedure Manual sections have been approved by the appropriate vice chancellor and by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. After inserting these sections in your manual, please annotate the Table of Contents to reflect the changes, then post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of these policies. If any pages are missing, contact Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu). 1. TRANSMITTED: Section 200-10, UCD Administrative Organizational Chart 1995-96, dated 1/1/96. SUPERSEDES: Section 200-10, dated 9/1/94. 2. TRANSMITTED: Section 210-72, Use of Copyrighted Materials in General, and Exhibits A-D. SUPERSEDES: Section 210-72 and Exhibits A-E, dated 1/30/87. PURPOSE: Adds cross-references to other policies; requires department (rather than Business Contracts & Analysis) to retain original of request for copyright owner's permission to use his/her work; specifies that department is responsible for reviewing the need to pay license fee for use of copyrighted material and for sending paperwork directly to Accounts Payable to process payment of license fee; updates unit names and references; editorial revisions for manual updating. 3. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-15, Safety Management Program, and Exhibits A and B. SUPERSEDES: New section. PURPOSE: Outlines policy for UC Davis Safety Management Program; provides procedures and responsibilities for implementing the Safety Management Program. 4. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-25, Health Services for Individuals Having Animal Contact. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-25, dated 6/8/90. PURPOSE: Deletes information in definition of "individuals having animal contact" regarding individuals with irregular contact with warm-blooded animals; exempts individuals who work only with laboratory rats and mice for less than 20 hours per week; updates name of Animal Contact Medical Review Form; provides for training of employees and students regarding risks; updates unit names; editorial revisions. 5. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-30, Use and Care of Animals in Teaching and Research. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-30, dated 3/17/87. PURPOSE: Clarifies that the annual report of the investigator/instructor with a Protocol for Animal Use and Care is due to the Campus Veterinarian each October; explains Federal law that requires an annual review of all currently approved protocols by the Animal Use and Care Administrative Advisory Committee; updates position titles and references; editorial revisions for clarity. 6. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-40, Environmental Sanitation. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-40, dated 11/10/89. PURPOSE: Updates current practices/programs in meeting public health requirements; reflects changes in departmental names; editorial revisions for clarity and manual updating purposes. 7. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-65, Hazardous Chemical Use, Storage, Transportation, and Disposal. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-65, dated 6/27/89. PURPOSE: Specifies that emergencies involving chemicals must be immediately reported to the Fire Department; reflects the responsibility of EH&S, in coordination with the Fire Department, to provide safety information and training; includes the obtaining of all hazardous waste treatment permits as a responsibility of EH&S; includes departmental responsibility for preparing annual inventory of hazardous chemicals; clarifies that off-site hazardous waste disposal contractors must be approved by EH&S; explains use of acids in approved hoods; editorial revisions for clarity. 8. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-90, Dogs on Campus. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-90, dated 6/3/87. PURPOSE: Prohibits unleashed dogs (except police dogs and service dogs) in all areas of campus, except during approved sponsored events or training classes; deletes requirement for documentation of a disability requiring a service dog; editorial revisions for clarity. 9. TRANSMITTED: Section 330-09, Agency Account Services, and Exhibit A. SUPERSEDES: Section 330-09 and Exhibit A, dated 1/15/88. PURPOSE: Specifies that the University individual acting as the principal's representative or authorized signatory is responsible for removing any deficits in the agency account; clarifies the methods by which any cash balance will be disbursed; provides for early review of requests for agency account by Vice Chancellor--University Relations if any transactions are of a charitable gift nature; updates unit names and position titles; updates references. 10. TRANSMITTED: Section 330-43, Official University Bank Accounts. SUPERSEDES: Section 330-43, dated 4/22/87. PURPOSE: Review for manual updating purposes; updates unit names, position titles, and references. Dott Burton Coordinator of Administrative Policy 96-029