UCD POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL Transmittal Notice 2/10/97

The attached UCD Policy & Procedure Manual sections have been approved by the appropriate vice chancellor and by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. After inserting these sections in your manual, please annotate the Table of Contents to reflect the changes, then post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of these policies. If any pages are missing, contact Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu). UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are also available electronically via: http://www.mrak.ucdavis.edu/web-mans/manuals.htm 1. TRANSMITTED: Section 210-73, Ownership, Use, and Sale of Copyrightable Materials Produced Under University Auspices, and Exhibit A. SUPERSEDES: Section 210-73 and Exhibit A, dated 6/19/92. PURPOSE: Specifies that the University may require that a portion of royalty income be allocated to a departmental or central campus account for support of future projects; reflects changes in unit names and position titles; updates reference; updates instructions for proposal for development/distribution of copyrightable material (Exhibit A). 2. TRANSMITTED: Section 320-30, Legal Notices. SUPERSEDES: Section 320-30, Receipt of Legal Notices, dated 9/25/87. PURPOSE: Provides for faxing claims and summons & complaints, followed by sending originals via campus mail, to Property Liability Unit to expedite the process; specifies that employees who are served for claim/lawsuit involving University business should notify Property & Liability to discuss legal representation; updates unit names; editorial revisions for clarity. 3. TRANSMITTED: Section 340-30, Disposal of Agricultural By-Products. SUPERSEDES: Section 340-30 and Exhibit A, dated 6/8/90. PURPOSE: Provides for departments to dispose of crops, with prior approval; updates procedures, including preapproval of sales by dean's office, policy compliance review by Office of Administration, and reconciliation of sales documents and post-audit review by Accounting & Financial Services; updates position titles. 4. TRANSMITTED: Section 350-21, Departmental Purchase Delegations, and Exhibit A. SUPERSEDES: Section 350-21 and Exhibit A, dated 3/30/94. PURPOSE: Clarifies that certain UCDMC departments are delegated authority for direct purchasing, and reflects related instructions in policy and procedure; incorporates revisions based on audit requirements, including clarification on prohibitions on acceptance of gifts and gratuities, purchases for non-University purposes, and conflict of interest; specifies policy regarding vendor rebates; includes preventive maintenance agreements within the D-M3/D-MC3 delegations, and describes recordkeeping procedures; adds electronic media that do not require a signed license agreement to authorized D-U3/D-EX (published materials) purchases; permits campus departments to issue D-OV orders up to $1,000, and authorized UCDMC departments up to $500, per vendor per day, including short-term rental agreements up to 31 (previously 5) days; clarifies that departments cannot sign vendor agreements under D-OV authorization; specifies that computer software requiring a signed license agreement and hazardous chemicals cannot be purchased under D-OV delegations; specifies that purchasing blankets for preventive maintenance will be established only for equipment costing more than $500, and that departments cannot negotiate with vendors to modify any purchasing blanket; editorial revisions for clarity. 5. TRANSMITTED: Section 350-25, Procurement Through the Purchasing Department, and Exhibits A and B. SUPERSEDES: Section 350-25 and Exhibit A, dated 6/23/95. PURPOSE: Provides Sole Source Justification and Disclosure Statement (Exhibit B); clarifies that employees involved in decisions for sole source purchases or selection of vendors submitting competitive bids must disclose whether or not there is a potential or actual conflict of interest; requires department to define any rebate programs on purchase order contract; editorial revisions for clarity. 6. TRANSMITTED: Section 350-55, Care and Control of Equipment. SUPERSEDES: Section 350-55, dated 6/23/95. PURPOSE: Reflects change in distribution of Annual Report of Assigned Inventorial Equipment by Equipment Management and record keeping by department; clarifies that University funds are not used to purchase component parts or assemblies for installation in employee-owned equipment; editorial revisions for clarity. 7. TRANSMITTED: Section 370-10, Student Off-Campus Trip Insurance. SUPERSEDES: Section 370-10, dated 11/11/88. PURPOSE: Revises list of students ineligible for coverage (removes category of students in IM sports, and specifies that students who are not currently registered are ineligible, unless special approval has been obtained from Property & Liability); clarifies language under terms of policy; specifies that expenses incurred after more than one year are not covered; updates procedures; reflects unit name changes; editorial revisions for clarity. 8. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-13, Near Relatives. SUPERSEDES: Section 380-13, Employment of Near Relatives, dated 6/8/90. PURPOSE: Simplifies definition of "near relative"; clarifies that policy applies within UCDHS divisions; specifies that department must note the working relationship of the near relative proposed for appointment; for approved request, requires department to keep copy of request and response in department personnel files; removes requirement that dean must certify all regulations are fulfilled; replaces references to staff, A&PS, MAP, and Executive policies with references to Personnel Policies for Staff Members; editorial revisions for clarity. 9. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-22, Drug and Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees. SUPERSEDES: Section 380-22, dated 6/23/95. PURPOSE: Updates consistent with Federal regulations and to refine local policy/procedure; specifies that Unitrans employees are covered by separate Federal Transportation Regulations and Unitrans policy; includes definitions of Medical Review Officer, Program Manger, and Substance Abuse Professional; clarifies that employee is financially responsible for treatment and follow-up testing; provides that University can obtain verification of an applicant's previous participation in drug-testing program instead of requiring initial drug testing; clarifies protocol for testing following an accident and for random and follow-up testing; specifies requirements for University re testing non-University drivers; clarifies departmental charges for testing; requires training for supervisors who designate testing for reasonable suspicion; updates procedures, including expanded guidelines for verified positive results; editorial revisions for clarity. Dott Burton Coordinator of Administrative Policy 97-015