UCD POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL Transmittal Notice 4/30/98

The attached UCD Policy & Procedure Manual sections have been approved by the appropriate vice chancellor and by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. After inserting these sections in your manual, please annotate the Table of Contents to reflect the changes, then post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of these policies. If any pages are missing, contact Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu). UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are also available electronically on the World Wide Web via: http://www.mrak.ucdavis.edu/web-mans/manuals.htm 1. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-07, Suspension of Individuals During Declared State of Emergency, and Exhibit A. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-07, Emergency Suspension of Individuals, and Exhibit A, dated 3/26/91. (DISCARD/RECYCLE.) PURPOSE: Changes title for clarification; defines "campus representatives" who have authority to impose emergency suspension of individuals; updates designations of administrators to whom appeals can be made regarding emergency suspension; updates references. 2. TRANSMITTED: Section 290-25, Health Services for Individuals Having Animal Contact. SUPERSEDES: Section 290-25, dated 3/18/96. (DISCARD/RECYCLE.) PURPOSE: Defines participation of animal contact workers in Occupational Health Program based on assessed risk rather than category of employment, as required by AAALAC; explains requirements for students, including those who have minimal exposure to animals in classroom instruction or who may be exposed to increased risk equal to that of employees; clarifies departmental costs for students who are required to participate in the Occupational Health Program; provides for supervisors to contact EH&S for assistance in conducting training for employees and students at increased risk; editorial revisions for clarity. 3. TRANSMITTED: Exhibit A, Mileage Reimbursement Rates for Privately Owned Vehicles and Aircraft, of Section 300-10, Travel Policies and Regulations. SUPERSEDES: Exhibit A, dated 3/20/98, of Section 300-10. (DISCARD/RECYCLE Exhibit A only.) PURPOSE: Changes mileage reimbursement rate from 31.5 cents to 32.5 cents per mile, effective April 15, 1998, as announced in UCD Directive 98-030. 4. TRANSMITTED: Section 330-11, Departmental Financial Administrative Controls and Segregation of Duties. SUPERSEDES: Section 330-11, dated 6/8/90. (DISCARD/RECYCLE.) PURPOSE: Revises for compatibility with implementation of UC Davis Financial Information System (DaFIS); requires physical inventory of inventorial equipment at least once every two years (rather than annually); describes required segregation of duties involving independent consultant services, consistent with Section 380-70; updates unit names. 5. TRANSMITTED: Section 330-63, Expenditure Adjustments (Cost Transfers). SUPERSEDES: Section 330-63 and Exhibits A-C, dated 9/23/91. (DISCARD/RECYCLE.) PURPOSE: Extensive revision to simplify the process; updates language consistent with University policy and for compatibility with DaFIS; specifies that the expenditure adjustment request must reference the original source document; changes requirement for approval signature on Federal grants/contracts from department head or "other academic official" to "other program official"; provides for Accounting & Financial Services to review expenditure adjustments on a statistical sampling basis; requires Accounting & Financial Services review only for transfers charging Federal or Federal flow-through funds, and permits departments to establish their own criteria for transfers of restricted non-Federal/ non-Federal flow-through funds or unrestricted University funds, so long as specified criteria are met; updates references; deletes Exhibits A-C. 6. TRANSMITTED: Section 380-05, Temporary Personnel Services. SUPERSEDES: Section 380-05, dated 9/23/91. (DISCARD/RECYCLE.) PURPOSE: Revises for general streamlining and updating; adds description of contract employees; adds information about campus Temporary Employment Pool's (TEP) special hire service and restriction that a TEP employee cannot be transferred to the employing department during the first 3 months of the TEP assignment; clarifies that contract casual farm labor is now obtained through the Purchasing Department rather than Agricultural Services; simplifies material on independent contractors and consultants and directs the reader to Business Contracts or Purchasing, as appropriate; adds section regarding independent contractor/consultant services by University employees; notes that additional compensation to employees is limited; updates references. Dott Burton Coordinator of Administrative Policy 98-044