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New Format for PPSM Table of Contents

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New Format for Personnel Policies for Staff Members Table of Contents

Each personnel policy manual consists of Universitywide policies, developed and maintained by Office of the President (OP), and campus specific procedures, developed by the appropriate personnel office and issued by the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost.

To clarify the difference between systemwide and campus policies and simplify browsing, the table of contents for the PPSM now provides a single link to the systemwide manual, and individual links to each campus procedure. Separate links are also provided to the systemwide manual and campus manual on the policy home page.

Providing a link directly to the primary source of the systemwide information (the Office of the President Web site) will better ensure consistent and complete campus access to the systemwide policies when the systemwide manuals are modified. This structure is also consistent with the way the PPM is maintained, creating a more consistent (and therefore, easier) user experience.

This change in format will also significantly reduce the length of the table of contents page, making it easier for users to find the campus procedure they need.

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