Salary Administration
Section UCD-666, Additional Compensation/Lectures and Similar Services
Approved: 5/16/08
Supersedes: 6/12/95

Responsible Department: Academic Affairs
Source Document: UC APM-666

666-18 Payment

a. An academic appointee may be paid for actual expenses incurred in presenting lectures or similar services on UC campuses other than the home campus.

b. The honorarium paid for presenting lectures or similar services may be subject to negotiation, but may not exceed $1,000 per event, which may include several related activities which take place during an employee's visit.

c. A request for payment to an employee from the home campus consistent with APM 666-8-b or -c shall be reviewed by the department chair and dean, then forwarded to the Vice Provost--Academic Affairs for approval.

d. Payment to an employee from another campus shall be made on a Temporary Intercampus Appointment/Intercampus One-Time Payment form (see PPM Section 380-75).

666-22 Funds

State funds may not be used to pay additional compensation for lectures or similar services. Payment from gifts, endowments, contracts and grants with specifically budgeted provisions for such honoraria, Chancellor's discretionary funds, or similar sources is allowed.

666-24 Approval Authority

Authority to approve additional compensation for lectures or similar services is delegated to the Vice Provost--Academic Affairs.

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