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Unit Policy Coordinators

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Unit Policy Coordinators

Updated and new policy sections should be reviewed by the appropriate unit policy coordinator prior to submission to the Administrative Policy Unit.

Coordinator Name Unit Phone
Michele C. Hassett Finance, Operations and Administration 530-754-7363
Caroline M. Bergeron Development and Alumni Relations 530-754-2294
John King Graduate Studies 530-752-4111
Carolyn K. Nordstrom Information and Educational Technology 530-754-6373
Cindy Kiel / Monica Woltman Office of Research 530-754-1184
Duane J. Lindsay Student Affairs 530-752-1736
Nikki L. Smith UC Davis Health 916-734-8727
Helen Frasier Undergraduate Education 530-752-9496
Rita Bunch University Extension 530-757-8657
Jim Rix Global Affairs 530-752-0799


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