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Search results will include documents from the three UC Davis Administrative Policy Manuals (PPM, PPSM, APM), the two systemwide personnel policy manuals (PPSM, APM), the Collective Bargaining Agreements, UC Business and Finance Bulletins, and the UC Accounting Manual.

UC Davis Directives are not included in this search.

Search Tips

  • When you enter a phrase, the query will return only documents that contain all of the words you entered. Searches can be focused differently by using the terms below:
    • OR--search for any of the words
    • " "--search for exact phrase contained inside quotes
    • ~--searches for synonym of the word following the title
  • When reviewing APM or PPSM sections, the UCD procedure supplements the UCOP policy. Always be sure to read both.
  • When searching for policy information for a specific employee, be sure to confirm if the employee is covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

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