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2004 PPSM Revisions

October 2004

UCD Procedure 12, Nondiscrimination in Employment, 10/1/04.
Streamlined and simplified; updates department names and Web addresses. Streamlined and simplified; updates department names and Web addresses.

UCD Procedure 14, Affirmative Action, 10/1/04.
Streamlined and simplified; updates department names and Web addresses; removed redundant information; reduced number of places Affirmative Action Plan is kept in paper format, since most users access it via the Web; replaced Provost's Office with Human Resources as primary point of contact for nonacademic staff.

September 2004

UCD Procedure 41, Vacation, 9/27/04.
Streamlines and simplifies; adds note to clarify the use of vacation during probation period (41.A.1); relocates vacation earning rates table to Human Resources Web site (41.B.3); employees with split appointments can now use leave in one appointment that was accrued under the other (41.B.6); moves note on payout of vacation during extended military leave to UCD 45.E.2 and adds cross-reference (41.D.1); adds note on payment of vacation hours upon separation (41.D.2); adds note on employee transferring to lower maximum accruing title (41.E.1); and adds information re PPS Report (Procedure 41.1).

UCD Procedure 45, Military Leave, 9/27/04.
Streamlines and simplifies; relocates Note 41.3.1 regarding terminal vacation pay for extended military leave (45.E.2); increases the length of time employee can keep his or her accrued vacation on record (45.E.2).

July 2004

UCD Procedure 3, Types of Appointment, 7/23/04.
Adds cross-reference to the policy on background checks in Note 7 (volunteers); adds Notes 8 (floaters) and 9 (independent contractors and consultants) containing material formerly in UCD Policy and Procedure Manual Section 380-05, which is being deleted from the manual.

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