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2005 PPSM Revisions

December 2005

Policy 20, Recruitment, effective 1/1/06.
Adds exception to recruitment for employee who is competitively selected for an internship program; clarifies that there must be a formal request for waiver of recruitment if a limited or contract appointment for which an open recruitment was conducted is to be designated as career; adds career ladder recruitment and reclassification process.

Policy 50, Professional Development, effective 1/1/06.
Adds paid professional development leaves of 80 hours (non-exempt) or 10 workdays (exempt); requires the employee to develop a professional development plan when requesting such leave.

UCD Procedure 23, Performance Management, rev. 12/05/05.
Terminology updated to reflect changes to UC Policy.

UCD Procedure 36, Classification of Positions, rev. 12/05/05.
Terminology updated to reflect changes to UC Policy.

Policy 23, Performance Management, 12/1/05.
Changes name of policy from "Performance Appraisal" to "Performance Management" to encourage dialogue between supervisor and employee as an ongoing process; adds definition of performance management; adds list of general topics to be covered in the annual performance appraisal.

Policy 36, Classification, 12/1/05.
Adds description of factors used in classification decisions; describes the reclassification process; establishes that reclassification requests can be initiated by either the department or the employee.

April 2005

UCD Procedure 31, Hours of Work, and, Exhibit A, Alternate Work Arrangements, 4/27/05.
Streamlines and simplifies, deletes Exhibit A (Monthly Working Hours), which has been moved to the Human Resources Web site, and renumbers Exhibit B (Alternate Work Arrangements) in its place; redelegates authority to approve individual flexible work arrangements from department head to supervisor; adds requirement to check with Human Resources before approving schedules that require other than a 40 hour week; redelegates authority at UCDHS to approve department work schedule changes and individual alternate work schedules from executive director to the Employee and Labor Relations Analysts; adds a requirement at UCDHS that the supervisor consult with Employee and Labor Relations prior to approving any alternate work arrangements; removes requirement for review at the end of an alternate work arrangement; adds information on how to report use of accrued leave for exempt employees who are on an alternate work schedule; adds cross-references.

UCD Procedure 60, Layoff and Reduction in Time, 4/7/05.
Streamlines and simplifies, updates department names; changes the contact for both employees and departments from a centralized unit to the Employee & Labor Relations analysts; adds information on seniority points; requires that the department notify Human Resources if an employee with recall rights is not hired for a vacancy; requires at least one performance evaluation during trial employment; adds information on severance pay procedures; requires 15 days notice of temporary layoff; requires departments to notify an employee if he or she is being laid off outside of seniority order; adds a 5-day deadline for the request for reconsideration of order of layoff.

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