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2006 PPSM Revisions

December 2006

UCD Procedure 3, Exhibit A, Student Employees; Exhibit B, Student Employee Pay Plan, 12/27/06.
Technical update: corrects Web addresses; updates student employee pay rates.

UCD Procedure 70, Complaint Resolution; Exhibit A, Employee Complaint Form, 12/18/2006.
Reorganized for clarity; eliminates obsolete reference to expedited arbitration; eliminates reference to classification appeals as these are handled by a different procedure; updates timelines for filing and processing appeals to be consistent with union contracts; clarifies fact-finding procedures; eliminates obsolete reference to sexual harassment informal review procedures.

August 2006

UCD Procedure 23, Performance Management, 8/21/2006.
Editorial changes to reflect changes made to UC PPSM 23; clarification in Note 1 that the supervisor is obligated to conduct an annual performance evaluation regardless of mitigating factors; updated references to career/regular employee status for consistency; clarification regarding the processing and filing of appraisal forms; updates titles of UCDHS executive directors.

UCD Procedure 40, Holidays, 8/21/2006.
Defines pay status, full-time, and part-time; clarifies vacation pay for full-time exempt and non-exempt employees; provides additional information regarding part-time exempt employees; removes table formerly used to determine holiday pay and provides mathematical formula and examples for clarification; clarifies that the maximum holiday compensation is 8 hours per holiday; editorial changes for clarity.

July 2006

Policy 66, Medical Separation, 7/1/06.
Requires University to engage in interactive process described in Policy 81 before initiating a medical separation; clarifies that written review may be completed by an appropriate representative other than a vocational rehabilitation counselor and must determine that no reasonable accommodation exists without causing undue hardship; allows for law enforcement and firefighting employees may received leave with full salary for up to a year before being medically separated; requires proof of employee disability or medical condition, subject to verification by a University-appointed healthcare provider; requires documentation related to the interactive process to be part of the written notice provided to the employee.

Policy 81, Reasonable Accommodation, 7/1/06.
Provides policy for an ongoing, interactive process between the employee and University representative regarding options for reasonable accommodation; clarifies that the University shall pay the costs of any medical exams requested or required by the University; removes information regarding disability benefits.

May 2006

UCD Procedure 44, Work Incurred Illness and Injury, 5/11/06.
Scheduled update; minor editorial revisions for clarity.

March 2006

UCD Procedure 50, Note 2, Professional Development, rev. 3/9/06.
Effective January 1, 2006, 50.A Note 2 (which provided up to 40 hours of leave with pay for training) was withdrawn due to incorporation of this topic into Policy 50.B (which provides up to 80 hours of such training).

February 2006

Appendix II-71, Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program, 1/23/06.
Provides for contributions to be made to the Retirement Benefit Program (Supplemental Benefit Program) in lieu of the benefit provided under the Senior Management Severance Pay Plan in effect as of December 31, 2004 (SMSPP). The SMSPP has been amended to comply with requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and related guidance from the Internal Revenue Service.

January 2006

UCD Procedure 3, Exhibit A, rev. 1/3/06.
Revises section numbers updated in UCOP policy.

UCD Procedure 30, rev. 1/3/06.
Title of manual updated.

UCD Procedure 36.B, Note 7, rev. 1/3/06
Revises section numbers updated in UCOP policy.

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