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2007 PPSM Revisions

For questions regarding the Personnel Policies for Staff Members Manual, contact Human Resources.


UC Appendix II--Senior Management Personnel Policies, 6/1/07.
Adds section, Outside Professional Activities: Policies, Guidelines, and Letters of Clarification.


UCD Procedure 3, Exhibit A, Student Employees, 3/19/07.
Major revision; provides new title codes in procedures to designate the corresponding non-UC Student Assistant Series codes; moves responsibility for recruitment of non-UC Student Assistants from Human Resources to the Student Employment Center; updates corresponding procedures; provides procedures and requirements for hiring high school students; updates references; editorial revisions for clarity.


UC 83, Death Payments, 1/29/07.
Adds domestic partners to the beneficiary order of succession for a death payment.

UC 21, Appointment, 1/29/07.
Adds domestic partners as part of the group of "near relatives" prohibited from being employed in the same department.

UC 2, Definition of Terms, 1/29/07.
Adds definition of "domestic partner".

UCD Procedure 3, Exhibit B, Student Employee Pay Plan, 1/9/07.
Technical update: removed "Current Rate" column from Hourly Pay Rate table.

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