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2008 PPSM Revisions

For questions regarding the Personnel Policies for Staff Members Manual, contact Human Resources.


UCD Procedure 2, Definition of Terms, 10/31/03, reissued 12/19/08.
Department verifies that policy does not require update and should be reissued as is.


UCD Procedure 22, Probationary Period; Exhibit A, Probationary Period Report, 8/25/08.
Editorial and structural changes for clarity; requires supervisors to define performance standards and objectives for employees; removes information regarding leave of absence.

UCD Procedure 61, Release, 8/25/08.
Editorial changes for clarity; provides links to sample letters on Web.

UCD Procedure 31, Hours of Work; Exhibit A, Workplace Flexibility Arrangements, 8/25/08.
Updates link to payroll calendars; rebrands "alternate work arrangements" as "flexible work arrangements;" defines compressed work week; updates link to checklist for developing arrangements.


UC 12, Nondiscrimination in Employment, 7/1/08.
Updates protected categories; prohibits retaliation.

UC 14, Affirmative Action, 7/1/08.
Updates protected categories.


UCD Procedure 81, Reasonable Accommodation; Exhibit A, Reasonable Accommodation Record of Action, 6/12/08.
Editorial changes for clarity; provides specific reference to systemwide procedure for guidance on the interactive process; clarifies that no central accommodation fund exists; updates information on undue hardship to mirror systemwide policy; requires departments to contact Disability Management Services prior to requesting documentation regarding employee functional limitations; updates information regarding Workers’ Compensation medical documentation; removes information regarding trial employment and special selection; provides definition of qualified.

UCD Procedure 66, Medical Separation; Exhibit A, Medical Separation Review, 6/10/08.
Editorial changes for clarity; clarifies that departments shall attempt to modify jobs, when possible, to meet medical restrictions; clarifies that the interactive process continues through a campuswide search; provides information regarding documentation required for medical separation; provides information regarding departmental requests for additional medical documentation.


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