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UC Davis PPSM Procedures Revisions

For questions regarding the Personnel Policies for Staff Members Manual, contact Human Resources.



51, Exhibit A, Employee-Student Reduced Fee Authorization; 12/19/11.
Technical Update: Updates form to provide information regarding the reporting of educational assistance on the employee's W-2.


51, Reduced Fee Enrollment; 8/25/11.
Technical Update: Removes procedure for employee-student to take approved copy of form to Cashier's Office.


62, Corrective Action; 5/3/11.
Clarifies language regarding investigatory leave; provides description of just cause; provides detailed description of role and responsibility of the Skelly Reviewer; editorial changes for clarity.


30, Salary; 4/10/11.
Updates references from Recruiter to Employment Consultant; clarifies that the Director-Compensation Services consults with the Associate Vice Chancellor-Human Resources to establish and adjust local salary ranges for non-represented employees; removes information regarding demotion or downward reclassification; provides authority to Deans and Vice Chancellors for approval of equity increases for PSS staff, and to Director-Compensation Services for MSP staff; removes requirement to contact Associate Vice Chancellor-Human Resources for exceptions to 25% annual increase limit and for approval of administrative stipends for MSP employees; corrects section numbering.

36, Classification of Positions; 4/10/11.
Updates Web site for classification specifications and standards, removes information regarding Compensation Advisory Committees; instructs Davis campus users to enter position descriptions in PeopleAdmin; updates Web site for finding position description forms for UCDHS; updates reference for authority to approve classification, collective bargaining unit, and FLSA exemption status; updates Web site for information regarding Supplemental Guidelines for Supervisor Classes; standardizes PSS and MSP classification review.


70, Complaint Resolution; Exhibit A, Employee Complaint Form, 1/3/11.
Includes evidentiary fact finding procedures at Step II from MSP employees; revises response and appeal time frames; updates department names, titles, and references to information on the Web.

21, Appointments; Exhibit A, Medical Examinations; Exhibit B, License Requirements; Exhibit C, Verification of License; Exhibit D, Background Checks, 1/3/11.
Updates links to web pages; revises preferential rehire process under the Layoff and Reasonable Accommodation policies; includes E-Verify regulations; application process using PeopleAdmin on campus; updates exhibits.

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