Transmittal Notice

After inserting these sections in your department's manual, then post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of policy in these areas. If any pages are missing from this transmittal, notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu).

New and revised sections are published by the Office of the President and the Office of the Chancellor on the World Wide Web as they are approved. UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are available electronically via http://manuals.ucdavis.edu. You may also register at this site to be notified by email when policies and procedures change.

  1. TRANSMITTED:   Table of Contents, 5/22/01.

SUPERSEDES:  Table of Contents, 6/29/00.

The Office of the President has issued the following revised Universitywide policies.

TRANSMITTED:  Policies numbered 2-15 below, effective 1/1/01.

PURPOSE:  Reflects changes to provide improved access to career status for employees who meet certain service requirements:  (1) establishes new appointment types:  "limited" supersedes the former "casual" designation and "floater" is created for use in the Temporary Employment Pool; (2) provides that limited appointees become career employees after 1,000 hours on pay status within a year with no break in service of more than 120 days; (3) changes calculation of FMLA leave entitlement from 12 workweeks within a rolling leave year to 12 workweeks within a calendar year.

REPLACE the superseded UC policies (printed on white paper) with the new sections listed below.  RETAIN UCD procedures (printed on buff paper) that accompany these policies.

  1. Policy 3, Types of Appointment.

  2. Policy 20, Recruitment.

  3. Policy 22, Probationary Period.

  4. Policy 24, Per Diem Positions.

  5. Policy 30, Salary.

  6. Policy 41, Vacation.

  7. Policy 43, Leave of Absence.

  8. Policy 60, Layoff and Reduction in Time for Professional and Support Staff Career Positions.

  9. Policy 61, Release During the Probationary Period or from Limited, Casual/Restricted, and Floater Appointments.

  10. Policy 64, Termination of Career Employees--Professional and Support Staff.

  11. Policy 65, Termination of Career Employees--Managers and Senior Professionals, Salary Grades I Through VII.

  12. Policy 67, Termination of Career Employees--Managers and Senior Professionals, Salary Grades VIII and IX.

  13. Policy 80, Staff Personnel Records.

  14. Policy 81, Reasonable Accommodation.

  1. TRANSMITTED:  Policy 45, Military Leave, 3/1/01.

SUPERSEDES:  Policy 45, 3/14/97.

PURPOSE:  Revises 45.C, Pay for Leave, to provide consistency with an amendment (SB 1950) to the California Military and Veterans Code, which requires pay for inactive duty training.

The Office of the Chancellor has issued the revised UCD procedures listed below following appropriate review and approval.
  1. TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit B, Student Employee Pay Plan, 3/9/01, of UCD Procedure 3, Types of Appointment.

SUPERSEDES:  Exhibit B, 6/11/98. RETAIN UC Policy 3 (white paper) and UCD Procedure 3 and Exhibit A (buff paper).

PURPOSE:  Updates student pay rates; deletes references to PAF and RCAS forms and substitutes the Payroll/Personnel System; notes that special student assistant rates may not be exactly the same as student assistant rates.

  1. TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit A, Monthly Working Hours, 12/18/00, of UCD Procedure 31, Hours of Work.

SUPERSEDES:  Exhibit A, 12/21/99.  RETAIN UC Policy 31, UCD Procedure 31.

PURPOSE:  Provides new schedule of working hours for July 2000-June 2002.

  1. TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit B, Alternate Work Arrangements, 5/18/01, of UCD Procedure 31, Hours of Work.

PURPOSE:  New exhibit; provides summary of booklet UC Davis Alternate Work Arrangements, which is published on the Web; covers alternate work schedules, flex time, and telework (previously "telecommuting").  In addition, the associated form on the Web has been revised.

RETAIN UC Policy 31, UCD Procedure 31 and Exhibit A.

  1. TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 34, Incentive Awards, 5/18/01

SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 34, 10/24/97.

PURPOSE:  Eliminates the Universitywide Incentive Award Program, but not the local awards; clarifies the delegation of authority to establish and run local awards programs; gives schools and colleges the option to increase the limit to $500; clarifies status of local award programs for represented employees; describes how to process the awards for payment; adds cross-reference to a forthcoming Policy & Procedure Manual section on non-cash awards.

  1. TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 36, Classification of Positions, 1/23/01.

SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 36 and Exhibit A, 7/1/96.

PURPOSE:  Extensive revisions:  discontinues maintenance of class specifications at Shields Library as they are now on the web (Note 1); updates role of compensation advisory committees (Note 2); adds statement of employee rights (Note 3); narrows circumstances in which classification review is required; adds web addresses and cross-references; adds summary of delegations of classification authority and clarifies that it applies to determining FLSA exemption status and collective bargaining unit (Note 6); replaces use of "acting appointments" with stipends (old Notes 3 and 4, new Note 7, deletes Exhibit A); new note on use of supervisor titles; clarifies how employees request classification review, clarifies UCDHS procedures, removes references to PAFs and RCAS forms, adds steps on union notice, background checks, determination of new salary, changes procedure for appeal/reconsideration of classification decision (Procedure 36.1); adds new procedure on MSP reclassification process (Procedure 36.2).

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy