Transmittal Notice


The following policies have been issued by the Office of the Chancellor. After inserting these sections in your department's manual, please post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of UCD Procedure in these areas. If any pages are missing from this transmittal, notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office, (530)752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu.

New and revised sections are published by the Office of the President and the Office of the Chancellor on the World Wide Web as they are approved. UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are available electronically via <http://manuals.ucdavis.edu>. You may also register at this site to be notified by email when policies and procedures change.

1.   TRANSMITTED: Table of Contents, 12/1/01.

SUPERSEDES: Table of Contents, 5/22/01.

2.   TRANSMITTED: Index, 12/1/01.

SUPERSEDES: Index, 12/22/99.

3.   TRANSMITTED: Exhibit A, Student Employees, 10/17/01, of UCD Procedure 3.

SUPERSEDES: Exhibit A only, 10/24/97, of UCD Procedure 3.

PURPOSE: Modifies and streamlines the recruitment processes used for non-UCD students (spouses/domestic partners, students from other UC campuses, and non-UC students); changes criteria for positions reserved for students from "less than 50% or less than a year" to "less than 50% or any position that falls entirely within summer quarter"; simplifies retention of student employees for one quarter after graduation; adds new procedure on how to hire a special student assistant.

4.    TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 32, Overtime, 12/1/01.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 32, 7/1/96.

PURPOSE: Adds notes on the procedure for approval of overtime that describe existing practice; adds summary of overtime meals reimbursement provisions of UC Business & Finance Bulletin G-32; adds description of forms; adds note on scheduling of compensatory time that describes existing practice; general streamlining and simplification.

5.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 34, Incentive Awards, 5/18/01.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 34, 10/24/97.

PURPOSE: Eliminates the Universitywide Incentive Award Program, but not the local awards; clarifies the delegation of authority to establish and run local awards programs; gives schools and colleges the option to increase the limit to $500; clarifies status of local award programs for represented employees; describes how to process the awards for payment; adds a cross-reference to a forthcoming Policy & Procedure Manual section on non-cash awards.

6.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 35, Protective Clothing, Equipment, and Uniforms, 11/1/01.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 35, 7/1/96.

PURPOSE: Removes 4 notes regarding protective clothing, equipment, and safety glasses (these were incorporated into Policy & Procedure Manual Section 290-05); adds "lunch and rest breaks" to list of times when employees can wear their uniforms while off duty; delegates authority to set uniform allowance rates from Compensation Services to department heads; changes contact from Compensation Services to Employee & Labor Relations to ensure appropriate collective bargaining notice; adds new provision allowing police and fire to replace uniform items damaged in the line of duty; general streamlining and simplification.

7.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 40, Holidays, 11/7/01.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 40, 7/1/96.

PURPOSE: Adds cross-reference to the list of UCD holiday dates; clarifies handling of holiday pay and alternative days off for part-time employees; adds note on holiday pay for part-time biweekly employees, which reflects existing practice; adds note that clarifies decision-making authority when an employee's day off falls on a holiday; adds note describing special provisions for certain healthcare employees; general streamlining and simplification.

8.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 42, Sick Leave, 12/1/01.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 42, 7/1/96.

PURPOSE: Adds note to encourage departments to contact Disability Management Services (campus) or Vocational Rehabilitation (UCDHS) if the absence is likely to be a lengthy one; removes note on multiple appointments to give departments full discretion in this area; delegates the authority to make exceptions to the 30-day limit to the department head; adds note reminding users to consider designating under the Family and Medical Leave Act where possible; various editorial changes to streamline and simplify.


Dott Turner
Coordinator of Administrative Policy