Transmittal Notice

After inserting these sections in your department's manual, please post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of policy in these areas. If any pages are missing from this transmittal, notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office, (530)752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu.

UC Davis policies and procedures and Universitywide policies are available on the Web at http://manuals.ucdavis.edu. You may also register at this site to be notified by email when policies and procedures change.

1.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Table of Contents, 7/15/03.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Table of Contents, 6/3/02.

2.   TRANSMITTED: UC Policy 22, Probationary Period, 10/1/02.

SUPERSEDES: UC Policy 22, 3/1/02.

PURPOSE: Incorporates changes to the probationary period pertaining to employees who are appointed to Police Sergeant and Police Lieutenant positions; requires a 12-month probationary period for external candidates and continues the 6-month probationary period for internal candidates; clarifies that internal candidates do not lose their regular status rights while serving a probationary period upon promotion.

3.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 31, Exhibit A, Monthly Working Hours, 3/4/03.

SUPERSEDES: Exhibit A, 2/27/02.

PURPOSE: Provides new schedule for monthly working hours for the period July 2002-June 2004.

4.   TRANSMITTED: UC Policy 43, Leave of Absence, 1/1/03.

SUPERSEDES: UC Policy 43, 3/1/02.

PURPOSE: Revises Policy 43.C to extend family and medical leave coverage to employees who need to care for a seriously ill domestic partner; clarifies that employees who are granted military leave are eligible for family and medical leave.

5.   TRANSMITTED: UC Policy 60, Layoff and Reduction in Time of Career Professional and
         Support Staff, 7/1/03.

SUPERSEDES: UC Policy 60, 4/1/02.

PURPOSE: Limits reassignment requirement to active vacant positions in the same classification (60.C); requires the University to inform employees who are impacted by indefinite layoff as soon as feasible (60.E); clarifies that trial employment may be used for reassignments as well as preferential rehires (60.F.3); states that recall and preference rehire rights are no longer terminated by retirement (60.H); changes severance pay from department option to employee option, increases the maximum to 16 weeks, and eliminates the minimum (60.J).

6.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 62, Corrective Action, 5/5/03.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 62, 1/17/97.

PURPOSE: Streamlines and simplifies, updates web addresses, department names, and titles, renumbers several notes; redelegates authority to the direct supervisor after consultation with Employee & Labor Relations, subject to any limitations imposed by a higher level; changes the appointing authority for the official reviewer from the person taking corrective action to the department head, and clarifies that the official reviewer makes the final decision; clarifies recordkeeping requirements; adds requirement that if a corrective action does not take place, the notice of intent is removed from the personnel files.

7.   TRANSMITTED: UCD Procedure 63, Investigatory Leave, 2/5/03.

SUPERSEDES: UCD Procedure 63, 1/17/97.

PURPOSE: Streamlines and simplifies section; updates web addresses, department names, and titles; changes authority to impose investigatory leave from the supervisor to the department head; adds requirement that employee must cooperate with the investigation during business hours; adds requirement that Skelly procedures must be followed if the leave is without pay; changes authority to extend leave at UCDHS from E&LR Analysts to E&LR Manager; changes note title from "Leave for Medical Evaluation" to "Fitness for Duty"; changes coordinating office for UCDHS fitness for duty examinations from campus to UCDHS; adds cross-reference to violence in the workplace.

Dott Turner

Coordinator of Administrative Policy