Transmittal Notice

The following UCD procedures have been approved by the Provost
and Executive Vice Chancellor.  After inserting these sections 
in your department's manual, please annotate the Table of Contents 
to reflect the changes, then post or circulate this transmittal 
notice so employees will be aware of policy in these areas.

If any pages are missing from this transmittal, campus departments 
should notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (752-9745 or 
ilfecht@ucdavis.edu); UCDMC departments notify Administrative and 
Patient Care Standards (734-2504).

Staff personnel policies, other Universitywide policies, and UCD
policies and procedures are also available electronically on the
World Wide Web via:

1.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Table of Contents.

     SUPERSEDES:  UC Table of Contents (white pages i-ii), dated
     7/1/96, and UCD Table of Contents (buff page), dated 7/1/96.

     PURPOSE:  Provides a combined Table of Contents that lists
     both University policies and UC Davis procedures.  (Note: 
     Insert immediately following the title page and preceding 
     the alphabetical index.)

2.   TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit A, Monthly Working Hours, of UCD Procedure
     31, Hours of Work.

     SUPERSEDES:  Exhibit A, dated 7/1/96.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE Exhibit
     A only.)

     PURPOSE:  Provides new schedule of monthly working hours for
     July 1996-June 1998.

The following UCD procedures are new and supersede related
sections in the Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS)
Personnel Manual and Staff Personnel Manual.  Place each procedure 
immediately following the corresponding policy (printed on white).

3.   UCD Procedure 22, Probationary Period, and Exhibit A.

4.   UCD Procedure 61, Release of Casual and Probationary

5.   UCD Procedure 62, Corrective Action--Professional and
     Support Staff.

6.   UCD Procedure 63, Investigatory Leave.

7.   UCD Procedure 64, Termination of Career Employees--
     Professional and Support Staff.

8.   UCD Procedure 65, Termination of Career Employees--Managers
     and Senior Professionals.

9.   UCD Procedure 66, Medical Separation, and Exhibit A.

10.  UCD Procedure 81, Reasonable Accommodation, and Exhibit A.

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy