Transmittal Notice

The following UCD procedures have been approved by the Provost
and Executive Vice Chancellor.  After inserting these sections in
your department's manual, please post or circulate this
transmittal notice so employees will be aware of policy in these

If any pages are missing from this transmittal, campus
departments should notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office
(752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu); UCDMC departments notify
Administrative and Patient Care Standards (734-2504).

Staff personnel policies, other Universitywide policies, and UCD
policies and procedures are also available electronically on the
World Wide Web via:

1.   TRANSMITTED:  Table of Contents.

     SUPERSEDES:  Table of Contents, dated 2/12/97.

2.   TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit A, Student Employees, and Exhibit B,
     Student Employee Pay Plan, of UCD Procedure 3, Types of
     Note:  UCD Procedure 3 is in progress and will be issued at
     a later date.  Insert these exhibits immediately following
     Policy 3, Types of Appointment (dated 7/1/96).

     PURPOSE:  New exhibits.  Incorporates changes to Assistant
     Series as announced in UCD directive 97-071, issued May 30,
     1997; combines previous SPM sections on Work-Study and on
     student employment; includes procedure for on-line vacancy
     listings; revises Pay Plan; removes Classification Plan,
     which is available elsewhere.

3.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 23, Performance Appraisal.

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Simplifies procedures; delegates
     authority to approve alternative forms; requires source of
     information used in an appraisal to be named upon request.

4.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 33, Shift and Weekend

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Provides new UCD definitions of
     evening, night, and weekend shifts.

5.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 34, Incentive Awards.

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Renames Universitywide incentive
     award program for UC Davis to "Recognition Awards"; renames
     local award program from "Employee Recognition Program"
     (formerly SPM 305.27) to "Achievement Award Program";
     specifies that award units must publish guidelines annually
     and announce recipients by June 30 of each year; authorizes
     deans and vice chancellors to increase Achievement Award
     limit from $100 to $250.

6.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 43, Leave of Absence.

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Prohibits use of compensatory time
     with Family and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability
     Leave; requires employee to provide medical evidence of
     ability to return to work; delegates authority to department
     head (campus) or Assistant Director--Human Resources (UCDHS)
     to extend personal leaves beyond 6 months.

7.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 45, Military Leave.

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Delegates authority to supervisors
     to approve leave; requires employee to provide a copy of
     military orders.

8.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 50, Professional Development.

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Provides for 40 hours of training
     and development per year when employee and supervisor have
     agreed on activities; adds requirement that new employees
     attend New Employee Orientation; allows department heads to
     delegate authority to approve requests and require
     attendance for training and development activities.

9.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 51, Reduced Fee Enrollment, and
     Exhibit A.

     PURPOSE:  New section.  Includes simplified application
     form; delegates campus authority from Staff Development &
     Professional Services to supervisors to certify eligibility;
     adds warning on penalty for enrolling in more than 9 units.

10.  TRANSMITTED:  Exhibits A and B of UCD Procedure 60, Layoff
     and Reduction in Time from Professional and Support Staff
     Note:  RETAIN UCD Procedure 60, dated 7/1/96.

     PURPOSE:  Adds shortened and simplified forms for proposals
     for temporary and indefinite layoffs.

11.  MAP MANUAL:  The Universitywide policies for the Management
     and Professional (MAP) Personnel Program were replaced by
     Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) on July 1, 1996. 
     Most UCD procedures in the MAP manual were superseded when
     replacement UCD procedures were published in the PPSM.  The
     remaining MAP procedures are withdrawn effective September
     30, 1997.
     Please discard or recycle the entire MAP binder and its

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy