Transmittal Notice

The following UCD procedures have been approved by the Provost
and Executive Vice Chancellor.  After inserting these sections in
your department's manual, please post or circulate this
transmittal notice so employees will be aware of policy in these

If any pages are missing from this transmittal, campus
departments should notify Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office
(752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu); UCDMC departments notify
Administrative and Patient Care Standards (734-2504).

Staff personnel policies, other Universitywide policies, and UCD
policies and procedures are also available electronically on the
World Wide Web via:

1.   TRANSMITTED:  Table of Contents, dated 6/11/98.

     SUPERSEDES:  Table of Contents, dated 10/24/97.  

2.   TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit B, Student Employee Pay Plan, of UCD
     Procedure 3, Types of Appointment, dated 6/11/98.

     SUPERSEDES:  Exhibit B, dated 10/24/97.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

     PURPOSE:  Includes hourly pay rate effective 7/1/98, as
     announced in UCD Directive 98-020, issued March 17, 1998.

3.   TRANSMITTED:  Exhibit A, Monthly Working Hours, of UCD
     Procedure 31, Hours of Work, dated 6/11/98.

     SUPERSEDES:  Exhibit A, dated 2/12/97.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

     PURPOSE:  Provides new schedule of monthly working hours for
     July 1997-June 1999.

The following UCD procedures are new; all are dated 6/11/98. 
Place each procedure immediately following the corresponding
policy (printed on white).

4.   UCD Introduction and Exhibits A and B.

5.   UCD Procedure 2, Definition of Terms.

6.   UCD Procedure 3, Types of Appointment.
     Note:  Exhibits A and B, regarding student employment, were
     issued prior to UCD Procedure 3.  RETAIN Exhibits A (dated
     10/24/97) and B (dated 6/11/98).

7.   UCD Procedure 12, Nondiscrimination in Employment.

8.   UCD Procedure 14, Affirmative Action.

9.   UCD Procedure 46, Administrative Leave.

10.  UCD Procedure 80, Staff Personnel Records.

11.  UCD Procedure 82, Conflict of Interest.

12.  UCD Procedure 83, Death Payments.

13.  SPM and A&PS:  With the publication of these procedures, the
     transition of UCD procedures from the Staff Personnel Manual
     (SPM) and the Administrative & Professional Staff (A&PS)
     Manual to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members Manual is
     complete.  Most SPM and A&PS procedures have already been
     superseded for non-exclusively represented employees, and
     those that have not are withdrawn effective immediately. 
     SPM and A&PS manuals should be retained, however, as they
     are still applicable to the HX (Health Care Professionals),
     RX (Research Support Professionals), and PA (Police) units
     until contracts have been negotiated.

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy