Transmittal Notice

The following UCD procedures have been approved by the Provost and Executive
Vice Chancellor.  After inserting these sections in your department's manual,
please post or circulate this transmittal notice so employees will be aware of
policy in these areas.

If any pages are missing from this transmittal, campus departments should notify
Irene Fecht, Chancellor's Office (752-9745 or ilfecht@ucdavis.edu); UCDMC
departments notify Administrative and Patient Care Standards (734-2504).

Personnel Policies for Staff Members, other Universitywide policies, and UCD
policies and procedures are also available electronically on the World Wide Web

1.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Table of Contents, 12/22/99.

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Table of Contents, 6/11/99.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

2.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Index, 12/22/99.

     SUPERSEDES:  New section.

     PLACEMENT:  Insert the UCD Index following the UC Policy Alphabetical
     Index (white page) and immediately preceding the UC Introduction (white

3.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 30, Salary, 12/21/99.

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 30, 2/12/97.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

     PURPOSE:  Eliminates references to step-based ranges; adds delegation to
     Associate Vice Chancellor--Human Resources & Risk Management to adjust
     local salary ranges; adds description of the merit process; deletes
     requirement that department heads obtain Human Resources approval for
     reclassification and promotional increases of more than 15%; authorizes
     department head to "red circle" salary following downward
     reclassification; eliminates six-month increases; gives department heads
     increased authority for casual increases, upon completion of written
     performance evaluation; clarifies that stipends should not exceed one year
     in duration; updates unit names and contact information; updates cross-
     references and web addresses; editorial revisions for clarity.

4.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 31, Hours of Work, and Exhibit A, 12/21/99.

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 31, 7/1/96, and Exhibit A, 6/11/98.  (DISCARD/

     PURPOSE:  Adds new language concerning exempt employees who work more than
     their standard workweek; adds selected "attendance records" provisions
     from former Staff Personnel Manual 606; updates position titles, unit
     names, and contact information; updates cross-references and web
     addresses; updates Exhibit A, Monthly Working Hours; editorial revisions
     for clarity.

5.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 41, Vacation, 12/22/99.

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 41, 7/1/96.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

     PURPOSE:  Clarifies that new accrual rates begin the first day of the
     month during which the qualifying service is completed; removes note
     defining qualifying service, which was added to the Universitywide policy;
     authorizes department heads to make vacation exceptions for holiday
     closures; adds note on Family School Partnership Act; provides for payment
     of terminal vacation to persons on extended military leave, consistent
     with Universitywide requirement; removes note on vacation after last day
     of work, which is contrary to University policy; requires employee who
     requests catastrophic leave to exhaust all accrued leave first, and
     specifies that compensatory time off cannot be donated; adds procedure on
     departmental responsibilities when employee nears maximum vacation
     accrual; updates web addresses; editorial revisions for clarity.

6.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 60, Layoff and Reduction in Time from
     Professional and Support Staff Career Positions, and Exhibits A and B

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 60, 7/1/96, and Exhibits A and B, 10/24/97. 

     PURPOSE:  Describes Employment Resource Program; clarifies the terms
     "layoff unit," "layoff unit head," "department," and "department head"
     throughout Policies 60 and 21.B; clarifies that UCDHS associate directors
     review layoffs; provides information on unemployment insurance; calls
     attention to reassignment provisions; specifies that funding source is not
     considered in selecting employees for layoff; specifies that appointment
     of a qualified employee with right to recall to a position is mandatory;
     specifies that there is no trial employment following preferential rehire
     unless the department requires it, consistent with University policy, and
     that the employee must be notified prior to starting work; clarifies that
     employees reduced in time have preference for jobs up to their pre-layoff
     percent of time; increases special skills appeal time from 2 to 5 working
     days; updates unit names and contact information; updates cross-references
     and web addresses; editorial revisions for clarity.

7.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 70, Complaint Resolution, and Exhibit A,

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 70, and Exhibit A, 7/1/96.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

     PURPOSE:  Authorizes Employee & Labor Relations to extend time limits at
     department's request; removes reference to use of discrimination complaint
     procedure (authorization withdrawn by UCOP); clarifies time limit to file
     under Policy 70 for sexual harassment complaints; specifies that an
     employee who requests factfinding at Step II gives up the right to hearing
     at Step III; extends existing limits on hearing officer's actions at Step
     III to the Complaint Resolution Officers at Step II; changes authority to
     combine complaints from Complaint Resolution Officer to the Employee &
     Labor Relations managers; eliminates 10-day time limit on requesting
     expedited arbitration, and simplifies the request process; enables parties
     to save money and time if they can agree on a hearing officer (former A&PS
     190.22); changes American Arbitration Association to State Mediation and
     Conciliation Service; provides for administrative leave for parties, their
     representatives, and their witnesses; adds note on issue statements;
     standardizes Professional and Support Staff and Manager and Senior
     Professional factfinding descriptions; provides option to allow the
     parties to read draft of factfinder report; requires University decision
     maker to base decision on the factfinding report; changes authority to
     determine whether a complaint is eligible for Step III from Complaint
     Resolution Officer to Employee & Labor Relations; changes time limit from
     "45 days to schedule the hearing" to "45 days to contact the complainant
     about selecting the hearing officer"; updates position titles, unit names,
     and contact information; updates cross-references and web addresses;
     editorial revisions for clarity.

8.   TRANSMITTED:  UCD Procedure 81, Reasonable Accommodation, and Exhibit A,

     SUPERSEDES:  UCD Procedure 81 and Exhibit A, 1/17/97.  (DISCARD/RECYCLE.)

     PURPOSE:  Revises definition of "reasonable accommodation" for
     compatibility with Policy 81.A and EEOC regulations; defines "qualified"
     consistent with EEOC regulations; adds information on modified duty and
     encourages non-industrial modified duty; provides information about
     obtaining medical documentation; adds note on monthly evaluation during
     trial employment; clarifies departmental responsibility for providing
     accommodation; provides for the Vocational Rehabilitation candidate to
     request to be on the Employment Opportunities Bulletin mailing list or to
     opt for Internet access; updates unit names and contact information;
     updates cross-references and web addresses; editorial revisions for

Dott Burton
Coordinator of Administrative Policy