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Employee Development

Separation Actions

Complaint Resolution


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Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)

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Systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members

Systemwide policies are issued by the Office of the President, apply to all campuses and laboratories, and are available at http://policy.ucop.edu/.

UC Davis Procedures

UCD procedures are developed by Human Resources, are issued by the Administrative Policy Office, and apply to all units under the jurisdiction of UC Davis, located in Davis, Sacramento, and all off-site locations.


UCD Introduction

2, Definition of Terms

3, Types of Appointments

Exhibit A, Student Employees

Exhibit B, Student Employee Pay Plan


12, Nondiscrimination in Employment

20, Recruitment

21, Appointment

Exhibit A, Medical Examinations

Exhibit B, License Requirements

Exhibit C, Verification of License

Exhibit D, Background Checks

22, Probationary Period

Exhibit A, Probationary Period Report

23, Performance Management


30, Salary

Exhibit A, Alternate Work Schedules/Flexible Work Arrangements

35, Protective Clothing, Equipment, and Uniforms

36, Classification of Positions

Employee Development

50, Professional Development

51, Reduced Fee Enrollment

Separation Actions

60, Layoff and Reduction in Time from Professional and Support Staff Career Positions

61, Release

62, Corrective Action

63, Investigatory Leave

64, Temination and Job Abandonment

66, Medical Separation

Exhibit A, Medical Separation Review

Complaint Resolution

70, Complaint Resolution

Exhibit A, Employee Complaint Form


80, Staff Personnel Records

81, Reasonable Accommodation

Exhibit A, Reasonable Accommodation Record of Action


2.210.III.B, Vacation (PPSM 41)

2.210.III.C, Sick Leave (PPSM 42)

2.210.III.D, Work-Incurred Illness and Injury (PPSM 44)

2.210.III.H, Holidays (PPSM 40)

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