Issuing Redelegations

General Information

Campuswide delegations of authority originate from UC Office of the President in the form of a Presidential delegation or a systemwide policy that grants certain specific authorities to the Chancellor.

When authority is passed to the campus in this manner, it can continue to be redelegated, within the parameters of the original delegation from the President, only through this same mechanism.

All Presidential delegations to the Chancellor, and any official redelegations throughout the campus, are publicly available at the Administrative Policy website.

All campuswide delegations of authority must be copied to the Campus Policy Coordinator to be officially issued. The Compliance and Policy unit is the office of record for campuswide delegations of authority.

Redelegations are drafted and distributed by the delegator's office, following the appropriate format described in PPM Section 200-60. Redelegations from the Chancellor or the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor are drafted and distributed by the Compliance and Policy unit.

Process for Issuing

  1. The delegator reviews the redelegation issued to him/her to confirm any limitations or restrictions on redelegation.
  2. The delegator's office drafts the redelegation as described in PPM Section 200-60.
  3. The delegator's office submits a draft of the redelegation to the Campus Policy Coordinator for review prior to issuance.
  4. The delegator signs the final version of the redelegation.
  5. The delegator's office distributes an electronic copy of the redelegation to the delagate, the unit policy coordinator, the Campus Policy Coordinator, and any other individual designated as requiring a copy.*
  6. The Compliance and Policy unit posts the official delegation on the Delegations of Authority page.


* Effective 11/12/10, copies of campuswide redelegations no longer require copies to individuals at UC Office of the President (see DA 2558).