Policy Publication and Access

The information in the Administrative Policy Manuals is public information and must be made available to all employees.

Procedures for Publication and Notification

Upon final approval, the new or revised policy is published on this website and the revision history is made available on the policy's corresponding revisions document.

Electronic notification of new and revised policy sections is sent out to registered users the day after approval. UC Davis affiliates can register to receive updates by logging into the Policy Library using their UC Davis username using the generic password the first time logging in. Users will be asked to reset the password. Upon login, navigate to the preferences page by clicking on your name in the top right corner, then select "Notify if new documents/revisions have been published yesterday" under the email options.

This procedure applies to the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual and UCD Procedures for the Personnel Policies for Staff Members.

Standards for Employee Access
  • Departments

    Departments are responsible for providing access to policy information to their employees. Generally, this can be implemented electronically. Other options may include posting a notice of changes, sending campus or U.S. mail to off-campus sites, printing paper copies, or other appropriate methods.

    For business purposes, the department head must designate an employee to subscribe to receive notification of policy updates.

  • Central administrative offices

    It is recommended that central administrative offices (for example, deans' and vice chancellors' offices) maintain a hard-copy manual in case of power outage, server failure, or other cases where employees may not have electronic access to manuals.

  • Central campus/UC Davis Health access

    UC Davis libraries, both on campus and at UC Davis Health, can provide access to the manuals, both by paper and electronically.